150mm air hammer, along with some more specialist and niche accessories and add-ons including both male and female nipples and 10 sanding sleeves.
This kit has been produced specifically to make air compression tools simple to use, efficient, and cost effective. For tools that require a high CFM air supply, such as impact wrenches and air hammers, we recommend using a hose with a minimum diameter of 8mm and a compressor with a 14 CFM air supply to make full use of the tools capabilities.
A Price Which Won't Be Beat!Please browse all our categories and if you are interested in a few items In our shop please contact us as we ALWAYS GIVE GENEROUS DISCOUNT to those buying a few items. If you see items which friends and family may be interested in, its worth your while getting together to buy for massive savings, just call us, email or even text with your list and we can reply promptly with a price which wont be beat, and if it is, then it must be stolen, that is how confident we are.
Please refrain from selling items here, advertisments will be deleted without warning or notice. I have started looking into doing the same, I've bought an ARB pressure switch (about ?40) and a tank so far but I'm slowing thinking through the rest. No need to apologise, no reason NOT to put that link in as it answers the question very nicely.
A far easier way is to get an air suspension compressor and air receiver from a Range Rover with air suspension.

Cruiser wrote:A far easier way is to get an air suspension compressor and air receiver from a Range Rover with air suspension. This 7000 RPM wrench simply requires the air supply hose to be connected before it can be put to use.
Most of the 12v systems will eat amps, ?'s, and still be unable to run even basic air tools.here's what i'm looking at. I was thinking of using standard air con hose between the Intake - compressor, compressor - manfold and potentially up to the tank.
I've copied it to the Tech Archive so anyone looking for this in the future can hopefully find it. This is one of Specialized's most comfortable and precise pumps to date and will only ever do you a favour.
The SAT105 ratchet wrench requires an air supply and male plug before it can be switched on and utilised - all of which come as a standard part of this 71 piece kit.
The pump features a large 2" (50mm) oversized Gauge head, which makes for super easy readings and precise pressures. There's alot on the net, and i was going to do a full build sheet and pictures when i have a go at it.

Although I don't think you will need the massive coil that they have placed behind the headlamp!
The base of the pump is constructed from Steel which provides a stable platform for you to stand. The handle of the pump has been constructed from a strong plastic and is wing styled for an ergonomic hold.
The threaded cartridge system allows switching between the two main valve types easy and effortless. Working alongside the precision of the oversized gauge there is a air bleed valve on the head of the pump which allows you to release air if you have more pressure than needed. Overall this is an ideal floor pump to keep in your garage and for when you need to pump any tyre up, be it bicycle, motorbike or even your car.

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