Question: If I increase the span of the patio cover to 24' instead of 20', would I need another column?
In my design, if I were to extend the width of my patio to 24', I would definitely add an extra post.
Question: The fascia on my house is a 2x6", would I still need a nailer or would that work? Answer: The most important thing is to determine if your rafter tails are capable of supporting half of the total weight of your patio cover.
Adding the 2x ledger to the outside of the fascia is very important - it is the part of your patio cover framing that is screwed to your home's structure. You can't just nail into the fascia, because you can't trust how it is attached to the framing.

Kakev Carpentry is a Sydney based company specialising in domestic and commercial maintenance and renovations. A natural, creative talent in woodwork developed Kevin's interest in carpentry from an early age.
These include, wood carving, custom made furniture design and production, kitchen renovations, minor renovations, office fitouts and more. There are four nails in this layout, two along the base line at the ends,the total width, one in the center at the determined rise of the arch, and one over the right nail at the same rise as the center nail. Based on the partial method of constructing an elliptical arch, as oppossed to a circular arch. Yea, i remember tryin years ago to get a wide radius with a co worker, we had to go out to the parking lot, and pull strings an stuff, snow on the ground.

Having worked in the UK as well as Australia, Kevin's experience has developed a strong skill base.
Then it rides along the center rise nail both side nails,while carrying the pencil in the inside corner of the ply strips.
Allows you to get any depth of rise you want over a given width, as oppossed to a circular arch where the rise will always be half of the diameter (width of the opening).

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