I had a c-section, and my husband hit an 8 when they asked if he wanted to see the baby as they took him out.
If you had looked, m’Luv, I was a 1-2 on the outside, but in all honesty there were moments that I was a well-suppressed 11 on the inside, wishing I was an X. When he walked into my hospital room the next morning I saw a stranger he had gone completely gray every hair on his head and his beard had aged. I do have to say that my husband watched all three of my c-sections and he still wants to have sex. Whereas Andy and Charlie are being nice, I wanted to say that your post was just plain rude, Abie. Thanks for sharing and for being a rockstar, the world needs as many rad dads as it can muster!
We went through 4 years of scientific procedures and Frankenstien like experiments to have our little monsters so I was a bit broken in. I came up with an invention years ago that would let a man who truly, earnestly wants to share the pain of childbirth do it.
American Chopper, the unlikely television reality series focused on the daily doings at a father-and-sons custom motorcycle shop, has grown into a full-fledged global phenomenon. Once the strain and shouting die down, strong-willed Senior and gifted-son Paulie pretty much always see eye to eye. Looking beyond the present to a time when they leave television and become a part of American pop culture, the a€?new renaissance mena€? of motorcycles are laying the groundwork to make OCC the best-known and most influential bike builder in the world.
Until now, each bike has been specifically made to order for each customer, so this represents a major shift in the way everyone at OCC must approach their work. Realizing they suddenly had a lot more irons in the fire, the OCC gang set out last year to virtually double the size of their machine shop. Back home, the OCC machine shop began expanding, spilling over into what had been the warehousing area of the 30,000-square-foot building. Every Haas machine at OCC is fully networked, and has either a 20- or 40-gigabite hard drive, which Quinn accesses from his office. The flawless finishes Quinn achieves on OCCa€™s famous appearance parts are the result of both his machining street smarts and the flexibility of this network setup.
With the challenging expansion into production manufacturing alongside the custom-build television demands, nearly everyone in the OCC shop, including Quinn, is wearing a lot more hats these days: machinist, designer, fabricator, engineer, assembler and, of course, TV personality.

Left unsaid is the fact that they must now also face the dogged demands of daily production. So, when Senior has lobsters delivered, packed in dry ice, ita€™s only a matter of time before a tightly sealed bottle of dry ice chips and water is tossed out onto the floor, just outside his office. We’ve created this helpful chart so that medical professionals and expectant first-time fathers alike can be better informed about what to expect in the delivery room FROM FATHERS. And yeah, we may never look at lasagna the same again, but we know that seeing our wives do what they did and our sons come into this world is something that cannot be given value. Charlie threw that one out over the phone and then after I was done laughing and he realized I was going to use it, he asked if that might be too much. The idea that it would for some dads or in some cultures, where they would care more or less based on either gender, just creeps and grosses me out. I want a little girl I can protect who will have boyfriends that I scare the living sh*t out of….
Hubby is looking forward to scaring the boys, I’m dreading dealing with the girls (we are way worse, in my opinion).
Although, I’m not one for gross stuff and by gross I mean anything not directly related to sex. And for the most part women do have the monopoly on pain in childbirth, save the rare time a mom in labor actually grabs her hubs crotch and gives it a twist.
Then when the woman has a contraction a corresponding jolt of electricity lasting just as long and as intensely goes up the wire to the cup then to his family jewels.
Viewers find the volatile interplay between Seniora€™s old-school work ethic and the sonsa€™ laid-back creative approach more than just riveting; each week, millions find themselves effectively welded to their televisions. Concealed under the commotion, is a grudging yet genuine respect for each othera€™s talents. Seniora€™s behind-the-scenes business planners, designers, machinists and builders are settling in to manufacture a new line of standardized production bikes to support a growing chain of OCC retail dealers. Senior and Mikey, with a full video crew in tow, dropped in on the one-million-square-foot Haas Automation factory in Southern California, and humorously scribed their names on the machines they wanted. After peering below the surface of OCC, ita€™s easier to value Seniora€™s hard-nosed work ethic, and to appreciate why nothing sets him off like a€?wasted time!a€? But, above everything else, this is a shop of talented, creative people influenced by the imaginative minds of Paulie and Mikey Teutul. On the occasions when our older machines develop a fault, a simple telephone call to Haas reception is all thata€™s required to get in touch with the Service Department & then to an Engineer.

There is a medical chart called the Universal Pain Assessment Tool that doctors and nurses use to gauge it. Charlie’s skill as an actor and my craft as a designer, coupled with both of our recent experience as observers of child birth, have come together in this potent Instructional Diagram. I know someone who blacked out during an emergency c-section and he wasn’t even in the operating room.
I can clearly remember thinking, “I will never have sex with my wife ever ever ever again!
Which is just proof that pregnancy and childbirth can have strange effects on a woman’s judgement. The inspired mix of long imagination and short temper strikes a chord with people the world over.
Ita€™s all part of the OCC chemistry that makes the father, the sons and the celebrated cycles considerably larger than life.
Jim Quinn and many others had thoughtfully coordinated the expansion and suggested which machines to acquire weeks before the stars left for the sunny coast; but Seniora€™s impromptu a€?This onea€™s mine!a€? scrawl, staged during the factory tour, was much more entertaining on camera.
If therea€™s any leftover time available, real renaissance men will find a way to fill it . The famous black door flies open with a vengeance and, once again, the prolific OCC shop becomes a video war zone. The Engineers are excellent at diagnosing faults & in many cases the problem can be dealt with over the phone in order to keep our production going.
On camera, American Choppera€™s explosive paternal biker comes across as a bona fide brick a€“ hardnosed, sharp-edged and basically unbreakable.
The audience is a€?let ina€? on the design decisions, the mistakes and the failures that shape the perilous life-arc of each evolving project.

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