Cordless roto-hammers are really handy for putting up railing and bolting down the odd piece of equipment. Boschs 36v 11536C-1 weights about the same as Dewalts 20v DCH213L2 IF weight is really that much of an issue. Like the rest here, I think these things might be a big hit if they hold up over longer use. I have an electric chain saw (corded) to go along with the 2 gas units I own, and for certain tasks, like clearing thick brush where you need to make a lot of quick cuts between other tasks and don’t want to keep the saw running, it is better suited even with having to drag a cord around. I guess it makes sense though as the people who buy this thing are more likely to be inexperienced saw users. I have the corded black and decker pole mounted chainsaw its a great tool but at the longest extension I can barely weild it and when a branch comes down it takes everything in me to keep from letting the saw slam the ground, and I am no small guy. The problem I have with electric chainsaws is that they never have the full set of safety features and adjustments found on all gas-powered chainsaws. Like other tools there is a wide range in specifications, compare Ryobis offerings to Festools and you will find the same kind of differences. I believe the biggest difference between electric and gas is the amount of power you use and how long you can be out working. The electric has all the features but can often struggle cutting thicker braches on harder wood, like apple. Main complaints re the 18v: chain tensioning is required every hour or so and requires tools and the bar is too short for big trunk work. Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments.
Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. While the early (blue) One+ line pretty much defined (in our opinion, at least) the price-cheap and quality-cheap low-buck tool line, the updated li-ion versions flat blew us away.

Especially at height, when there is fall arrest equipment involved, it is nice not to have to worry about getting tangled up with a cord. It is a pain and just gets in the way, at the company where I work no one falls for a few years now.
Obviously, for the homeowner with a smaller property but for that purpose, pretty cool stuff.
The cordless model is enticing, but the comment re: not having to constantly adjust the saw doesn’t ring true, as the chain still works the same way, and keeping it properly tensioned and lubricated is still required!
Seems like it reduces the useful length of the bar, though I doubt a battery-powered saw could chew through a full 12 inches of hardwood anyway.
Compare the Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ or the Husqvarna T536 LiXP and you WILL find all the features you expect from a professional saw. I have both an electric and a gas saw and the gas is my go-to tool for just about everything.
With two batteries, one charging while the other in use, you an saw all day while enjoying tunes or talk radio (yes, it’s that quiet). It has plenty of power, does a reasonable job of edging and the line jams are less frequent than any of the half-dozen previous line trimmers I have owned. We thought the li-ion One+ drill compared favorably to models offered at twice the price; you could actually pick up a whole multi-piece kit for under $200.
The higher voltage systems are the only ones that make sense for tools like circular saws and roto-hammers, and are a big help on tools like reciprocating saws.
Of course when we need a breaker-hammer or a big rotohammer to do a job at elevation we go to staging – not ladders. If it is going to take more than one battery it is usually a job more suited to a corded tool anyway.
One of the guys came from China, and he says they dont even use harnesses on skyscraper construction, just bamboo scaffolding.

The blower kinda sucks, might as well stick with the 18V because it’s almost as powerful. I would love to have a blower attachement for it, but the specifications tell me it would in no way have sufficient power for my use. I think it is because the electric models are meant to be bottom-of-the-line, and thus as cheap as possible, regardless of safety. I have already ordered and returned two of the pole saw attachments as they were defective right out of the box. After consulting with the factory tech we determined a bad capacitor in the wand portion of the saw head is at fault, but they offered no solution beyond exchanging the whole thing again and hoping for the best.
It does, very unusually, have an anti-kickback chain, a wide rear handguard, and what looks like a convenient chain-tensioning system. The hedge clippers are also excellent, and I might as well sell my gasser since I never use it at all anymore. They also have attachments for the trimmer now for pole saws and extended articulating hedge trimmers, but I already have those in 18V and 24V. All in all, these tools are worth the investment, but it would be great to see a circular saw, compound miter saw, and rotary hammer added to the 40V lineup. Tell us about your experience or read some customer testimonials.Get in touchWe're always happy to hear from our customers and we are committed to getting back to you quickly.

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