2009 was not the best year for SK tools, we as with everyone else in the industry had a hard time getting tools from SK and in some cases still do, but we are beginning to see things turn around for the SK Hand Tool Brand,  their labor disputes are behind them and they are working hard to catch up to demand.
Recent CommentsLou on INGERSOLL-RAND IR HAMMERHEAD Impactool(TM) coming summer 2010Tweets that mention CHICAGO PNEUMATIC DEALS!
Many popular tool brands are not standalone companies and are actually part of larger corporate families. TTI also develops and produces Ridgid power tools, under a licensing agreement with Emerson.
TTI owns the Ryobi power tools and accessories division in the USA, North America, the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, but Ryobi is also an independent company with separate product lines in some other parts of the world.
As of 2004, Rothenberger engaged in a joint venture agreement with GREENLEE Textron, USA, for handling the North American market.
The only affiliation between GE and Hitachi that I am aware of is their joint nuclear energy business. Illinois Tool Works (ITW) has tool companies like Miller Welders, Hobart Welders, Ramset, Paslode, and a slew of consumables under their corporate umbrella.
I updated the post a little while ago with ITW and JPW, and am still working on Snap-on, Ideal, and Newell Rubbermaid. I might not delve too far outside of tools and into fasteners, tooling, and consumables, as that could really complicate things.
OEM and private label tools is tough to follow as well, as contracts and arrangements change every now and then. I’m not sure how Irwin classifies everything they make like Vise-Grip, Marples Chisels, etc since they are a unit of Newell-Rubbermaid. I’m still working on updating the post with Newell Rubbermaid and Textron information. Danaher is making Craftsman tools now, Danaher started making them in China, Its interesting to know Danaher is owned by Bain capitol which was founded an owned by Mitt Romney, no wonder Craftsman tools are being made in China, Romney absolutely hates American workers!, after finding this out I will never buy another Craftsman tool, I would rather overpay for SK, or Snap On than buy a piece of shit Chinese made Craftsman tool!!!!
Apex Tool Group is owned by Bain Capital, and was previously a joint venture between Danaher and Cooper Tools.

Delta and Biesemeyer are part of Delta PEC, which is owned by Chang Type Industrial Co., which is based in Taiwan.
Cleveland, Bassett, Chicago-Latrobe, Cli-Line, Putnam Tools, and Vermont Tap & Die are part of Greenfield Industries, which is owned by Dalian Far East Tools, which is based in China. Black & Decker acquired Porter Cable and Delta from Pentair that had merged their operations.
Delta dates back to before 1940 and if you were willing to pay the price you could get a part for almost anything. Try opening a manufacturing plant in New York, Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Washington State and many more. For a tool product or tool line, I wouldn’t even know where to direct you to for more info.
Taiwan is very strong on tools, and I feel most on the tool inovations of the last decades came from there, such as the ratcheting wrench. Ratcheting wrenches are not a new idea – there are vintage examples made by domestic companies that go back over 50 years. I can’t honestly compare asian companies with their western counterparts when it comes to innovation.
TTI designs and manufacturers Ridgid power tools under a licensing agreement with Emerson (Ridgid’s parent company), exclusively for The Home Depot. CNC machine inserts made by Japanese brands can promise you a shortening time as highly-effective tools, View CNC machine inserts, Japanese cutting tools Product Details from ASAHI SHOKO CO., LTD. PTEN BLOG Automotive Service AssociationASA Announces Partnership with RANDYS Worldwide April 11, 2016 ASAAmerican Honda Joins ASA as Corporate Member April 5, 2016 ASAASA’s Annual Business Meeting Scheduled for April 25-27 in Washington, D.C. We put together a quick guide that identifies which companies popular tool brands are affiliated with. This list only highlights construction, DIYer, and industrial tool and tool-related brands. Right now, I have no clue as to who else Williams manufacturers tools for outside the Snap-on corporate family.

It doesn’t quite matter if Bosch and Milwaukee are owned by parent companies based outside the USA, as they have massive infrastructures here. Then Stanley bought B & D and the first thing they did was sell Delta to Chang Type, who was one of their suppliers. Where nominally, one would expect to be able to drink clean water, eat safe food, ensure some decency in labor conditions?
They actually look at new tool ideas and inventions from regular people, Help develop them and share in the profits! Many big businesses originated in Hong Kong, especially when it comes to trading and investments, but not only.
In fact, the Gearwrench brand is owned by a Taiwaneese company (Lea way), now owned by the Apex group. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Even if certain tools appear similar, there might be small nuances that differentiate the Snap-on tools from Williams ones. Not knocking their products, they make nice stuff, I just have a hard time seeing the profits go back to China too. I can tell you with 100% certainty, state and federal agencies intentionally make it nearly impossible to build (permits) and operate (taxes, regulations) in this country. If a publically owned company (one where anyone can be a shareholder instead of private owners), corporate acquisitions and purchase prices are usually disclosed. You obviously have never worked in the private sector nor have one ounce of business knowledge.

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