Includes parallel guide, 16-tooth saw blade, blade wrench, dust-extraction adapter, metric-scale rip fence & carry case. Monte chimed in, saying that a new circular saw, jigsaw, and rotary tool will be released in 2014 in Europe, possibly following Bosch’s new compact brushless drill and screwdriver. The new compact jigsaw, GST 10,8V-LI Professional, features a barrel-grip design, steel-reinforced die-cast aluminum base plate, and T-shank blade holder. Bosch says that two pendulum settings make it possible to adapt the saw to various workpiece materials. The rotary tool, GRO 10,8V-LI Professional, has a variable speed motor (5,000 – 32,000 RPM), and can be used for general cutting, grinding, deburring, polishing, and routing tasks. I’m sure Milwaukee has a few prototypes built, but if an M12 circular saw is in the works for production release, it will be a closely guarded secret. With 4.0Ah Li-ion batteries, it is only a matter of time before we see more higher power compact tools like circular saws.
I originally had a couple Bosch 12v (then labeled 10.8v) tools, but I switched over to Milwaukee M12 because of the depth of their line, and killer deals they were making at the time. That doesn’t surprise me too much, but surely cross-brand cooperation could have resulted in a pro-grade model before now.
I finally gave up on expanding my Dewalt 12V line and bought into Milwaukee M12 this season for the same reason.

I may just Ebay my 20Vmax drill and switch to Milwaukee or Ingersoll, because Dewalt’s Impact wrench is a meager 350 ft lbs, rather than the 600+ numbers the other two are putting out. Air tools get the job done well, but cordless electrics are more maneuverable, lighted, and more useful to the home mechanics. 1+ on the idea behind Milwaukee not making a m12 circular saw because of user expectations might be too high. My go to trim saw is still an 40 year old Rockwell-Porter Cable 9314 4.5 inch worm gear saw with a Forrest WW04H407080 40 tooth blade. I will probably be buying the rotary tool the millisecond it becomes available in the US market. I like the idea of the compact circular saw, and the cordless jigsaw looks really well thought out.
If or when they are announced for the USA market, availability might still be a few months out. A lot of people write in asking about compact circular saws, and when I point out about the Makita, they usually have an eh response.
I can’t see if it has variable speed from the picture, I would hope it was so equipped.
A few years ago I acquired the original Bosch 10V (now called 12V) drill driver to replace the Makita drill which was packaged with the circular saw.

I really like how they list how much they can cut per charge to give new buyers an idea if they will fit their needs. I’m sure Milwaukee can make an excellent saw with great performance if they sell it to be used with xc batteries. A buddy had one, I used it on some trim and found it lacking in speed and power even for that job. My first one let the lifesmoke out in spectacular fashion the first time I used it, and I barely put a load on the tool. I disassembled the tool to see what was up, and the large support bearing near the chuck is rough. My feeling is the bearings were installed improperly at the factory rather than the bearings being of poor quality.

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