I have a couple of these General Tools-made Craftsman screwdrivers floating around my toolbox. Wiha is the de-facto precision screwdriver brand among technicians, makers, hobbyists, researchers, and industrial users, and for good reason. Wiha makes precision drivers with Phillips, slotted, Torx, and hex bit styles, which sell for about $3-4 each on average. A great place to start is this 8-piece slotted and Phillips set, which is currently discounted to $22 via Amazon.
Wiha also offers a premium soft-touch PicoFinish line of precision screwdrivers, but they’re not nearly as popular as their standard drivers.
Like Wera’s larger Kraftform screwdrivers, many people either love or hate the handles on these Micro drivers. I bought this 7pc Witte precision screwdriver set on a whim with a gift card, and while they’re not my favorites, I still reach for them every now and then.
PB Swiss makes some of the best screwdrivers I have ever used, and their precision drivers are no different. While I would not call these multi-bit drivers precision screwdrivers, they are indispensable for on-the-go miniature fastener-driving needs. There are many other recommendable precision screwdrivers available, but I wanted to limit this to screwdrivers I have personal experience with.
Above precision screwdrivers were all purchased with out-of-pocket funds or credit card reward gift cards. Love my Wihas!!,I have all sorts of Wiha screwdrivers,from slotted and philips,and Torx,and a full range of the precision drivers. For precision screwdrivers I think anyone who has used the Wiha Pico Finish will attest that they are the best you can buy based on the abundance of features.
Like another person said, I hope the tips are super durable because the handles aren’t that great. If you need a large driver with changeable bits, I love their ratcheting driver with storage for bits in the handle. I've seen any number of threads of people looking for wooden-handled phillips screwdrivers.
I bought the shafts from Lee Valley with the intention of making my own, but I still cannot find a shaft precisely like the one I prefer to use to adjust planes--I was a wide slot screwdriver that is very short (less than two inches) with a fat handle.

Why not buy a set of inexpensive plastic handle screwdrivers and add your own wooden handles?
I have the Footprint cabinet turnscrews and have been looking for phillips drivers in a similar style.
Ideally, you'd use pozidriv drivers on pozidriv screws, and phillips drivers on phillips screws. It can be hard to offer just one recommendation since there are so many great quality brands and styles out there, so instead I will describe what I like about the various precision screwdrivers I have in my personal toolbox. The compact case makes this my on-the-go precision screwdriver set when tool bag space is in short supply. The two yellow-capped color-coded screwdrivers are tiny ball-head hex drivers that I still use regularly despite having upgraded to Bondhus and Wiha drivers. Basic Wiha precision screwdrivers like this one might not look like much, but they’re comfortable to use.
The rubbery handles really do feel great, but I wouldn’t consider this a must-have feature.
Personally I find these drivers to be a touch better than Wiha’s designs, but the finger grip can be awkward to reach at times. I purchased their largest set of classic metal screwdrivers and was completely underwhelmed by the quality. Maybe the next roundup will feature Moody, Xcelite, Starrett, and other brands I’ve been meaning to try out. What it comes down is which fits my hand best and can be used with minimal discomfort to transmit the greatest torque.
I found out that Wiha also makes the plastic handled Starrett drivers, so it makes me wonder.
It seems Snap-on has an interest of some sort in this company, as the Snap-on micro drivers are made by them.
I have bought more Wiha screwdrivers, but have not tried additional precision screwdriver styles since. Power & durability are two main factors you should look before buying an electric screwdriver.

The tips are precision-formed, the handles comfortable to twist, and the end-cap spins freely and easily. But usually I do prefer precision drivers for their thinner handles and free-spinning palm-grip cap. The tips are precise, especially the slotted ones which fit a little better than traditional wedge-shaped slotted tips. I have been using the Craftsman made by General (though not very often,) and have been pleased with them.
These are not to be confused with every other crappy ratcheting driver I’ve ever seen. So check out this list of 10 best electric screwdrivers and let us know your favourite electric screwdriver in the comments section below10.
I recently needed a tiny torx driver in a hurry and ended up with a changeable bit Husky from Home Depot. Probably not, but I’m anal, and for those looking for Lexus-like build quality, look elsewhere. Someone listed a 15-item complete set of Footprints, including one or two Phillips drivers. Just thinking about spending $75 for a screwdriver is nuts, but we appreciate any tool that's beautiful and can be used to make more beautiful things. It's like Lie-Nielsen planes or the beautiful infill planes - crazy expensive, but we crave them. I do think if a tool is really well designed and made to the highest of standards, we do better work with them and we enjoy woodworking more.
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