Rebounding is a very important part of being a successful basketball player, and with these youth basketball drills, your players will be able to improve their rebounding skills. Have your players stand in a line at about the three-point line, with the first person in line holding the ball. The ultimate goal of this drill is for your players to come up with as many rebounds as possible in thirty seconds.
The minute that one of your three players gets that ball, it becomes a 2-on-1 drill, with the two other players doing all they can to get that ball. Stop the drill and start it over if you notice any of your players doing one-handed rebounds, and be sure to move around when shooting the ball and starting out the drill every time. Continue the drill, switching out the group of three players, until your whole team has a chance to do the drill. These are a just a few youth basketball drills that will help your players work on their rebounding skills. To start, have your offense setup in a basic 3-2 formation, with the player your running the play for up at the top of the key, in the point guard’s position.
If that isn’t there, the shooting guard, on the right wing, is going to fill in at the top of the key, receiving a pass back from the small forward.
This is a great drill that can be altered to work on plenty of different aspects of the game.
To start the drill, the defender on the ball side is going to closeout on the player on the wing, who will wait until they finish their closeout, and then dribble hard to the rim with their left hand.

Offensively, your players get a chance to work on ball handling, passing, and shooting in a game situation, and your defenders are forced to work extremely hard, trying to get a deflection or anything else they can do to stop the offense from scoring.
The drive and kick is valuable for any player, in any situation, but personally I would recommend my awesome motion offense! The difference between getting a 3 point from inside out and just swinging it around the 3 point line for a shot is a big difference.
The above drill, the triangle shooting drill, works on screening leading to shooting, which is something that all of your players should work on.
If you think your players will enjoy doing this drill during their next basketball practice, be sure to share the video with your fellow coaches and players! The idea is for all your players to, all at the same time, sprint to one end of the court and back a total of five times.
You, the coach, should shoot the ball from a random spot on the court (without making it in), and then the three players will go after the ball on the rebound.
If that one player with the ball thinks he or she can power over the other two players and score, then he or she should shoot the ball! It’s important to use screens, multiple passes, and off-ball movement to free up your best scorers, so that they can attack a moving defense, ideally with a defender in a full speed closeout with passing options spread across the floor. What’s important for your team, is that they fully understand each play you guys run, and know each and every wrinkle available to them.
The basic setup is as follows Рtwo defenders, each on one side of the foul lane, and three offensive players,  one on the wing, one just off the top of the key, and the last in the far corner.

On the first dribble, the defender on the other lane line is going to slide over, cutting off the wing players drive.
In college my coaches did a study of all the 3 point shots we put up and the percentage difference between a paint touch 3 and a non paint touch 3 and it was crazy how much higher the percentage of makes was for inside out 3’s. As elementary as it sounds, your team should do everything with two hands except for shooting. The first person in line has the ball, and the second person in line should try to go over the first player’s back.
On the other hand, if a good shot doesn’t present itself, then you (the coach) will call for the ball and start the drill over.
The point guard is going to use this screen, cutting to the basket and looking for the early backdoor pass. After two dribbles they’ll make a pass out to the player in the corner, who will be spotting up for the trey ball, and shoot it. This is a good drill for teaching players to get in the paint and help create for their teammates.

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