July 3, 2013 by ToolDude A portable workbench allows you to maneuver your work area practically anywhere that fits. There are a number of high quality and best rated portable work benches that are available online and at your local hardware store.
This Wilmar W54025 Multipurpose Workbench costs just under $50 online and received 4 stars from Amazon reviewers.
It has a folding ability to be stored in small areas, making it not only convenient to store but to work on less available space. This Vika two in one Workbench and Scaffold earned 4 stars from Amazon reviewers and costs about $175 online.
There are four swivel pegs, and extra block, a vise to the workbench that converts, and a one-handed clamp system. You can adjust the height and the legs are able to fold underneath the bench to save space and store easily.
Some can hold more weight than others, depending on what you need it for will determine if it is right for you. January 8, 2016 by ToolDude Perhaps the most used and most needed tool for any tool kit, is the drill. The battery technology has advanced to the point of being able to cut the cord and still have the same power and torque that many drill could only have due to their connection to the wall socket. Modern cordless drills use lithium-ion battery technology to store an release the appropriate charge needed when the trigger is pulled.
Larger li-ion batteries can be found in electric cars and in large commercial settings due to this reason. Also the tools do not have to be as heavy as they do not have the need for a heavier motor, as a corded drill would require. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the tool and a 2 year warranty on the battery. Ultra lightweight and super compact, this 12 Volt MAX drill can handle even overhead applications. The motor uses the 20 Volt MAX system for plenty of power and run time and the drill has two variable trigger settings for high and low operations. While this drill could most certainly used in the home, it is perhaps better adept in the workshop or on the tool belt. As with any power tool, always wear the appropriate safety gear during operation and always be aware of your surroundings. July 8, 2013 by ToolDude Jig saws give cutting power and flexibility that you may need in craft or construction applications. When searching for the best choices of jig saws consider some of these that received some of the best jig saw reviews, the first three machines are higher quality and price and the last give great value on a budget. It weighs as little as 10 pounds that allows you to use the saw for a long period of time without your hand getting fatigued. There is a low vibration and variable speed dial that set the maximum speed and accelerator for different types of cuts.
It has an ergonomic handle with a soft grip that allows you to use the machine for a long period of time without hurting your hand.

This Makita 4350FCT Top Handle Jig Saw with an LED Light has one of the best jig saw reviews with 5 stars from almost 50 Amazon reviewers.
These all make great choices of some of the best jig saws that are available online or at your local hardware store. Circular saws make a great addition to your tools as you can cut all types of materials and different shaped cuts. All of these items make ideal tools at a job site and in your garage if you work with a lot of different types of materials and need to cut at different angles. Ryobi lithium ion cordless reciprocating p513 - Find great deals on ebay for ryobi 18v tool set ryobi 18v tool.
December 24, 2014 by ToolDude There are many cordless drills on the market that offer multiple features for an inexpensive price. It comes with a three year warranty for the tool only and a one year warranty on the battery and charger. It comes with two NiCad batteries and a three year limited warranty and one year of free service. These are where it all started and still garner great reviews and lead the market in sales. Reviewers loved the ability to clamp tool and adapt tools for mutiple uses, saving them money. Over the decades, this fact has necessitated the need for drills that had to be plugged into a wall socket to get the power and torque to handle even minor jobs. Other batteries such as NiCd and NiMh, would suffer from battery memory and a loss of power as the charge decreased.
Of course, for use in a power tool, this battery technology makes it easier to use the tool as it can maneuver tighter spaces due to not having a cord.
Using the 20 MAX Li-ion system, the Black & Decker Model #LDX120C Drill has the power to handle a range of applications from putting in a screw to taking down a bolt.
The Hitachi Model #DS18DSAL Drill is very lightweight and specifically designed as a general purpose drill. This is an excellent general purpose drill and would be at home at a residence or in a contractor tool kit. The PORTER-CABLE Model #PCL120DDC-2 Drill has a keyless chuck system and the chuck has 20 positions for precise and accurate drilling.
This drill – DEWALT Mondel #DCD771C2 Drill is specially designed to reduce operator fatigue and vibratory stresses that lead to fatigue. With all this power, this tool still weighs less than 6 pounds and is contoured to reduce operator fatigue.
Be sure to read and follow the operators manual for safety and for proper operation of the tool. It has four position orbital settings along with a keyless blade lever that allows for an easy blade change. There is an integrated dust blower and multiple speeds that can deliver 500 to 3,100 strokes per minute. It comes with a 7 amp motor and a blade system that requires no tools to switch the blades.

There is an anti-splintering device, wrench, cover plate, and a tool case that comes with the saw. They provide you with a larger ability to create various types of wood or metal pieces for your home or they are excellent to have for a heavy amount of work at a job site.
From 0 to 45 degrees and back using a positive stop you can connect to its easy grip levers for an easier use. It earned 5 stars from more than 85 amazon reviewers to make this one of the best circular saw on the market.
You can adjust the work or place it into the most comfortable position for yourself to work on. It has a soft grip handle to reduce fatigue while working and it can cut through various types of materials including wet lumber, headers, and microlams easily.
You can find some of the best cordless drills for the money online and at your local hardware store. An LED light helps see in dim lit work areas and the battery has 2.5 times more cycles than other batteries. Analyze what features are offered for each drill and determine which one works best for you.
It has a tool storage rail to hold tools in a close by range as well as four bench dogs that will hold odd shaped pieces. It is best used for small repairs and construction along with the usage of miter and circular saws.
It is compact and easy to use; it uses a variable trigger to adjust speed, allowing countersinking with out hurting the material.
It uses a keyless chuck system and the high drive transmission produces over 300 Watts out of torque energy.
The Makita Model #XPH07Z LXT Drill produces over a 1,000 foot pounds of torque and the high speed transmission has two operating modes producing low RPM and high RPM, up to 2,100 RPM.
At time of purchase you get a three year limited warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.
There is an on board hex wrench for fast bevel adjustments along with an on board LED light. It weighs about 10 pounds and it has a wide clear sight line that delivers good blade visibility from either side of the blade.
It costs about $162 online and it received 4.5 stars from amazon reviewers to make this one of the best circular saws on the market. The battery lasts up to one hour of use and holds a charge longer than other batteries in between usage.

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