On page 3, there are more professional mechanic tools such as electric drills, electric screwdriver sets, high pressure washers, cement mixers.
Another drill is Hammer drill with the same battery power and its price is $229 wherein you can browse it on pg; 8. Other than outdoor furnitures and air conditioning or cooling products which are popular these days you can find enourmously wide range of Bunnings on the catalogue. Great range of power tools with drills and high pressure washers can be count as a beautiful product range on PG; 5. Circular saw, grinder kit and drill drivers are highlighted and mitre saws and drills are exhibited together on this page.
Makita, AEG and Ozito, mostly included brands and Karcher and Gernl are high pressure brands. Camelot multi playset is priced at $1299 and its a such a joyful and safe construction which can look in outdoor perfect.

QIQ Fix is a good brand producing Pet fort dog kennel and the price for this is $79 at Bunnings. View of plants and potting mix products' page which is 18 can be drawed with three products exhibited on the page. The brands included on plants and gardening sale are Floriana, Yates, Seasol, Osmocote, Scotts and Richgro. Other sales of the catalogue include bathroom accessories, sinks, lightings, electrical products and more. We will go on introducing the brands and different categories of product ranges from this catalogue.
If you need to change your insider doors or you are moving to a new house and trying to decide about doors, please take a look at bunnings offers on page 10. Search for the desired product and if this catalogue includes it you can see it on the page where included.

Take a look at air conditioner options and also ask about fixed prices about air conditioning installation service.
Inviting neighbours to dinner or just spending time with the family by using your brand new BBQ will be great!
Also there are offers for garden tripper carts, stainless steel solar lights, weed killers, shelving systems, doors, toulets, products for your kitchen, bathroom, garden and more.Do you need a new toolbox? Also you can see screwdriver sets, tape measures, hammer varieties, hand saws and everything for fixing.

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