The best way to cut laminate flooring is to buy a laminate flooring saw, as it is designed to perform this task.
It is essential to take accurate measurements before cutting the laminate flooring, otherwise the boards won’t fit into position even if you make proper cuts.
We recommend you to use a blade with downward-oriented teeth (if you use a jigsaw), if you place the laminate board with the face up, while you make the cuts, otherwise you will chip the edges and the finish. Step 2: If you have to make a complex cut, around a corner or other item, you could use a paper template. Step 3: Use a straight edge or another laminate flooring plank to guide the jigsaw or the circular saw. If you use a regular blade (with upward oriented teeth), you should draw the cut lines on the back of the laminate boards. Step 6: After you have cut the laminate flooring board, you have to lay it on the sub-floor, to see if it fits into position. Step 7: Remember that you have to place spacers around the walls, otherwise the laminate might expand in time and create issues. Step 3: In most of the cases, you have to cut the last row of laminate planks, as to fit easily along the wall.
Step 1: Cutting around pipes might look as a difficult task, but in reality it is easy if you use the right techniques. Step 2: Cut the holes in the planks by using a hole saw (attach the hole saw to a drill machinery, lock the board into position and make the round cuts). Thank you for reading our article on how to cut laminate flooring and we recommend you to check out the rest of our projects. I am worried my low tooth count circular saw or action of my jigsaw will catch on the upper laminate and rip it off.
Location: new york If you're talking about taking excess off of edges you would use a laminate trimmer. Location: Jupiter Fl USA You can also use abrasive cutoff wheels in a mini grinder to trim your laminate. Location: Monroe WA Grit edge blades can be purchased for almost every type of saw, you can get fine, medium and coarse depending on the need. Location: Australia Carborandum grit blades for the jigsaw and diamond wheel for the grinder. CatBuilder Previous Member   Sounds like I will need both the blade for the circular saw and the blade for the jigsaw. One cut is the bow, which is quite close to the mold and over some extra length of battens. The other cut is a little I could grind off the edge and the last cut will be the transom profile later on.
Originally Posted by CatBuilder Sounds like I will need both the blade for the circular saw and the blade for the jigsaw. Location: Brisbane, Australia Continuous rim diamond blades (not segmented ones) are the only way to go.
Location: MD Oops- I had thought you were speaking of laminates as in sheet goods like formica. For glass laminates I have not used much other than the hardened steel cut blades in the Fein for some years. They have the advantage of being low dust (they will not throw the dust all over the place and are highly controllable. The one I havent found a good solution for is an equivalent router bit for routing glass laminates, anyone have a suggestion? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Before pressing the start button, you have to ensure the saw shoe (the metal base of the jigsaw) is set firmly and level on the material.
If you want to cut metal with a jigsaw, you should shut the dust blower off to avoid spreading the chips on the floor. Jigsaws are one of the most versatile power tools, as you can cut virtually any shapes by using the appropriate blades. Buy a jigsaw with torque control, as to adjust the speed when cutting different materials or shapes.

As we have already emphasized, the best part about cutting with a jigsaw it’s the ability to interchange the blades.
Smart Tip: When sawing tight curves, we recommend you to make relief cuts to remove the waste easier.
Step 1: Draw the cut line on the material, using a carpentry square (or an L-square), a tape measure and a pencil. Step 2: Place the blade of the jigsaw slightly away from the line, towards the waste side of the drywall board.
On the market there are blades for cutting wood, ceramic tiles, plastic, drywall or even metal. Step 1: Draw the cut line on the laminate planks, by using a tape measure, an L-square and a carpentry pencil. Step 2: Use another piece of laminate (with one straight edge) and lock it to your plank with several C-clamps.
Thank you for reading our guide on jigsaw cutting techniques and we recommend you to check the rest of our projects.
Therefore, we strive to show you the best ways to cut laminate flooring planks, as to install it in a professional manner. This tool comes at a high price, as it is a professional saw for cutting and installing laminate flooring on large surfaces.
In order to do that, you should use a smart setup, as to cut the planks straight and to avoid chipping their edges. Consequently, we recommend you to take your time when drawing the cut lines on the laminate planks, as to get it right from the very first time. Nevertheless, if you want to use a regular blade, you can still get the job done as a professional by placing the board with the face down. First of all, you have to draw the cut lines on the laminate boards, by using an L-square and a carpentry pencil. Therefore, take a sheet of cardboard or paper and cut it with a pair of scissors, as to fit into position. Place your board with the top-face up (only if you use a blade with downward-oriented teeth) and lock the straight edge with two C-clamps. In addition, you have to lock the whole setup on several sawhorses, or ask somebody else to hold it firmly into position, while making the cuts. If you took accurate measurements and used our tips to cut the planks, you shouldn’t have any issue while laying it into position. In addition, if you will use a circular saw or a jigsaw with upward oriented teeth you should place it with the face down. Therefore, you have to place the boards with their tongues pointing towards the wall and to place spacers at both ends, to leave enough room for expansion.
Pay attention to this step, otherwise you would have to redo the previous procedure until you get it right.
Make sure the blade of the jigsaw will go exactly over the cut line and clamp the two components together. Do not force the power tool and make sure you wear eye protection during the whole procedure. First lay the board around the pipes and measure both their diameter and the distance from the pipes to the wall. Lay the laminate board into position, around the pipes, and fit the small piece into place. Work with great care and good judgement, otherwise the pipes might not fit properly in the cut holes.
Don’t forget to share our articles with your friends, by using the social media widgets. You can pretty much get any kind of blade in carbide grit: sawzall, bandsaw, jigsaw, holesaw.
The jigsaw is a very useful power tool for any home owner, as you you can cut different materials of various thicknesses and even curved or perfectly straight lines. Even if you might think that you don’t need the safety glasses, we strongly recommend you wearing it, as chips may fly up during the procedure. Work with great care and hold the power tool strongly, otherwise you might obtain a poor cut.

In addition, we recommend you to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, as to use the best lubricants for cooling the blade. Set the speed of the jigsaw according to the material and its thickness. Therefore, you can use a blade with fine or coarse teeth for wood, or blades for metal, drywall or even ceramic tiles. On the other hand, there are blades with downward or upward-oriented teeth, as to make accurate cuts, according to the material.
Check several times, as to make sure the line is perfectly straight and has the proper length. Therefore, secure a straight edge or a straight piece of wood to the material, by using 2 C-clamps. Generally speaking, the jigsaw tends to wander due to its small blade, but if you guide it along the straight edge, you will obtain an accurate cut. They aren’t expensive, therefore we recommend you to buy the ones which fit your needs best. Before securing it, you should make sure the blade of the jigsaw goes exactly over the cut line, at both ends. If you don’t have a blade with downward-oriented teeth, then you should translate the cut line on the back of the laminate board and cut it with a regular blade for wood. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE our projects with your friends, by using the social media widgets. High carbon steel blades are superior performance and long life in wood cutting applications. When redecorating your house, the first thought that comes to your mind is to hire a certified professional to get the job done in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, you have to use another laminate flooring board or a straight edge to guide the jigsaw or circular saw. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our laminate flooring projects, if you want to see more step by step tutorials.
Next, use a pencil to draw the cut lines on the laminate boards, based on the paper template. In addition, make sure the blade of the jigsaw goes exactly over the cut line, at both ends, before making the cut. Therefore, we recommend you to consider buying a jigsaw if you need a cheap, durable and most importantly versatile cutting tool. The new power tools come with this feature, so you should use it every time you have the opportunity. Therefore,  a jigsaw should have a blade fitment where you can change easily the blades, a dust adapter to connect a dust bag or an extraction system for a cleaner, a start and a locking button, the metal shoe and a handle.
Afterwards, make sure the blade of the jigsaw goes exactly over the cut line, at both ends.
If you turn the material with its face up, then you have to use a blade with downward-oriented teeth. If you place the laminate boards with the face up, use a blade with downward-oriented teeth. Nevertheless, you could save some money and get the satisfaction of doing a project by yourself,  if you take the plunge and learn the basic techniques of laminate flooring installation.
Nevertheless, remember that it is essential to lock the laminate flooring planks into position while you use the saw, otherwise you risk damaging them or injuring yourself. From our experience, we can assert that you can do many woodworking, ceramic tile and metal projects, by using a jigsaw and several basic cutting techniques. The key of this impressive versatility is the fact that you are able to interchange the blades, according to the material you are going to cut.
After you have decided, make sure you place the blade of the jigsaw a little away from the cut line, towards the waste side of the board.
The jigsaw should cut the material at its own pace, according to the type and thickness of the material.
Therefore, in this step-by-step guide we try to explain you the best ways of cutting laminate flooring by using regular tools (such as a circular saw or a jig saw).
As you probably know, a jigsaw is also handy when installing a kitchen sink in a countertop or when having to saw a complex curvy pattern.

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