Glenn sent us an email about these new Ryobi ToolBlox modular tool boxes that just became available in Australia. The beauty of modular tool storage products is that you can build the storage setup that works best for your needs.
Ryobi’s modular system looks quite a bit different from what other brands have come up with. All of the ToolBlox tool boxes and cabinets are constructed with a mix of plastic and steel components.
The large open space of the 1-door cabinet, coupled with the grommet built into the side, should make this a great option for storing tech items, power tools, garage accessories such as radios, cordless battery chargers, and other such AC powered equipment. Gas pistons help to lift the door up and open for quicker and easier access to cabinet contents. The large ball bearing drawer will probably be most fitting for bulkier tools and supplies. This is the ToolBlox cabinet that I find most appealing and would probably line my workspace walls with if given the chance.
There are locks on both sides of the cabinet, which I assume means you can lock or unlock left and right vertical drawer pairs independently from the other side. It’s uncertain, but it seems there are two straight caster wheels and two locking swivel caster wheels. There’s also a steel mounting rail that makes it easy to mount individual ToolBox cabinets to the wall.
The 4-module ToolBlox combo is currently priced at $499 AUD, which is just under $450 USD. Tool and storage prices tend to be higher in Australia. The new Ryobi ToolBlox modular storage system takes my mind back to the BluCave wall cabinet system, which I also find to be quite appealing. What impresses me most is about how different the ToolBlox setup seems compared to the tool storage options I’m used to.

These cabinets don’t look to be particularly useful for organizing and storing things like screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, or sockets. But for more general tools, supplies, and equipment – these ToolBlox cabinets would make quick work of organizing my workspace. Right now there’s no confirmation that Ryobi will bring their ToolBlox tool storage cabinets to the USA, but I sincerely hope they will. They do have an interlocking clip system however it is not a positive lock, meaning the cabinets locate in place reasonably firmly but can still be lifted off with a bit of an upward pull on them. When I saw the headline for this I was excited, especially as a fan of Ryobi and L-Boxxes, but ultimately I think these miss the mark. So would you be able to get additional info on these units Stuart and if they’ll ever become available Stateside??
At the time, there were no plans to bring this to USA, but I think the story changed where the USA team was at least considering it, but it seems that fell through.
I received an email from Direct Tools Factory Outlet advertising the Ryobi Toolblox Tool Storage System in store. Tensens offers a wide selection of Paper Hand Towels and Hand Towel Dispenser Systems for every application in Australia. We understand you can't see, touch & feel it when your on the internet, so would you like a free sample or Contract Price? For the Best Hand Towel to suit your premises call our Customer Service Team on 07-54771511 or e-mail us today. And if your needs should change, it’s easy to adapt a modular tool storage setup with a new addition or even just some rearrangement.
Glenn saw a stack of Toolblox cabinets in person and said that everything looks to be pretty well made. The recesses allow for easy rearrangement, but there aren’t any parts that jut out of the near-flush cabinet sides.

It features four half-height and half-width drawers that look to be semi-independently lockable.
This one comes with a 1-door cabinet, a 1-drawer cabinet, a 2-drawer cabinet, and a 4-drawer cabinet.
It’s not just the uniqueness that has me excited about the ToolBlox lineup, but also the perceived functionality. For those types of tools, I have my traditionally-styled tool chests and cabinets with their many drawers and ball bearing slides. I am interested to how they go, I don’t think they are ideal for traditional hand tool storage but could be a great option power tools.
I can easily build a hell of a system out of birch plywood and box joints which will be more durable and cost far less, even if I paid retail for the drawer glides. But I will watch for them over time, particularly during the summer and winter sales seasons. I’ll either update this post or create a separate update post if the situation changes.
Ryobi’s website says that the modules all feature steel drawers and ball bearing slides. The boxes are large enough and should stack securely enough that there doesn’t look to be a need for an active locking system. I feel these boxes are really DIY home garage storage solutions based on the concept and quality rather than the Professional trade user, but always exciting to see innovation in tool storage. The metal is fairly thin and although the bases of all the cabinets a metal, the tops are mainly plastic with a metal support across the middle section.

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