Nowadays, fixing things like putting up shelves and electrical boxes can be done by oneself.
A drill is used for drilling holes in a variety of materials or binding different kinds of materials.
The pistol-grip drill is the most commonly used tool today and already has several subtypes.
A hammer drill uses a percussive action hence; it is suitable to be used on hard materials like bricks, concrete, stone (masonry) and rocks. These types are usually applied in boring holes or installing lead anchors in concrete like for benches or handrails.
These drilling tools are either mounted on stand or bolted on the floor and can work their way on steels. This section provides examples of drill bits for metals This type of drill bit is used for drilling holes on metal surfaces or materials. This drill bit has a diamond embedded in its metal segments that are attached to the cutting edge. Glass bits on the other hand have a carbide point that are spade-shaped and generates high temperature. For drill bits, Komet, Mikron, Seco, Alfra had made their names and has proven their worth and the quality of drill bits they produce. Always remember this golden rule when it comes to drilling tools: Make sure that you chose the right types of drilling tools for the right job. Depending on your preference, you can either get an electric drill (corded) or go for a rechargeable drill (cordless).
For all the drilling tools and supplies that you need, make sure that you know their respective uses and the amount of power they produce. There are a large range and diversity of drill bits available when it comes to drilling holes. Good quality drill bits are not crazy expensive and with a little maintenance can last you for a very long time. Shortly we will have a detailed look at the various types available but if you just need some quick information we have completed some articles on the best bits for wood, for metal, for masonry and for getting through tiles. Now along with these there are a whole range of what would be termed specialist drill bits and these are used by woodworkers, jewellers and glass makers. We thought it might be easier to show that information in a table so we put one together for you to have a look at. TwistThis is the most common drill bit and can be used for wood, metal, plastic, and most other materials.
JobberIn simple terms jobber bits are the most common type of drill size available in the market today. BoringAs the name would suggest these are bits that have an unusual shaped tip that is used to bore out holes in different materials. They can also be referred to as Forstner bits and are used to drill out things like certain types of Blum hinges, for doors.

CountersinkThese bits are used to make a conical recess for the heads of countersunk screws. Hex-shankThis is the type of drill bit that you can use with a drill and also in a drill press. MetalThese are bits that are used to drill through different types of metal such as aluminium, iron and steel.
For one-off type jobs you are better off just buying the drill bit as and when you need it.
Hopefully you now have a much better understanding of what is out there in the market place. I am often asked for my advice on the best drill bits to buy, and actually discuss this as part of our DIY Divas workshops. Use any standard masonry bit and you can stand for ages trying to drill a hole into concrete, but with an Alpen masonry bit it's like using a hot knife to cut butter. When you need to drill holes in a wall, using Alpen drill bits makes it a quick and easy project.
Alpen drill bits are so finely machined that you don't have to go in and out of the hole as you drill to remove debris.
The depth of the drilled hole should be slightly longer than that of a nylon wall plug, as should the screw you use. It is fitted with a cutting tool, usually a drill bit or a driving tool, using a driver bit.
One distinguishing feature of this drill is that it can be used as drill only or hammer only.
If you are a do-it-yourself person, you can buy an electric drill since it is easy to use and versatile. If you choose a rechargeable drill, make sure to ask for the price of rechargeable batteries before buying.
To make sure that you have the right one for the job we have put together a drill bit guide that will hopefully leave you better informed about your choices. Simply click on the appropriate link and you will be taken to the correct page where you can find out what the best ones are for a specific purpose. We have listed them below the basic and most used so as you have a general idea of what is available in the market place.
We will not get into those in this particular article and will concentrate on the main drill types available today.
We have also included an image and most importantly we have added a description that shows what each can used for.
This bit is for very precise work and is most commonly used by furniture makers, cabinet makers, and is designed to make a very smooth and highly accurate hole in wood. A good calculation to remember is that these type refer to bits that are between 9 to 14 times the diameter in length. They have a special coating and make up that allows you to be able to drill through various types of tiles and also through glass and mirrors.

For most home type of projects most people will only ever really need some twist drills or jobbers, a few masonry drills and perhaps a spade drill selection for the larger holes.
Most people will start out with a simple drill bit set and then add to their collection over the years. You can also buy a drill sharpener that makes it easy to keep them working to their full capacity. For me, it makes sense to buy a quality brand that not only makes any job easier but also lasts longer - and that brand is Alpen. I don't want to have aching arms while I drill a hole into the wall, and I don't want to have to spend a fortune replacing blunt drill bits. This is one of the types of drilling tools that are commonly used in construction, metal and woodworking.
It pays to spend significant amount of money on an investment that would last several years than to waste money on low quality products that requires replacements every two to three months.
One thing we would advise right up front is never do buy very cheap ones as quite frankly they will burn out fast, leave you very frustrated, and just cost you more money in the long run. So now we know that there are different types, so what exactly are they all used for and why. The tip of the drill has a sharp point that pushes down into the wood so as you can get a very precise center. If you have that type of selection then you will be able to get most jobs done as and when they come along. That is certainly what I did and I am sure that I have well over 300 different bits in my garage.
Drill bits for metals are attached to a drill to create holes only for metal surfaces or materials. For those who wanted to save money, the hand drill can be used for do-it-yourself projects. Rechargeable batteries have a limited life span so make sure you have spare battery packs ready.
Almost all the manufacturers pit together drill bit sets which will give you a nice selection of bits that should cover off the majority of jobs.
I know many guys who will wrap them up in a lightly oiled rag and that does work really well.
Since drill’s power is measured in Amperes, make sure to check how much ampere your drills have. Know more about these types of drilling tools and you might just improve the precision and outcome of your work. Drills may be powered manually or by compressed air (pneumatic drill), by electricity (electric drill) or by combustion engine (drilling augers).

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