Today only – save 20% on Dewalt combo kits, cordless drills, miter saws and table saws.
I picked up the Bosch 12-Volt Pocket Driver & Impact Driver when it was going for $129 at Lowes about a week ago.
I bought the equivalent kit several years ago because it was cheap, $85 if I recall correctly.
Hey Gordon, in defense of this kit, the new driver is actually the PS31 without a keyless chuck. Two readers have sent in tips that Dewalt is soon coming out with a new 20V Max brushless cordless drywall screwgun. As with other cordless screwguns, it’s fair to expect the new model to be built for high speed and maximum runtime. There will also be a collated magazine attachment that converts the tool to an auto-feed screwdriving system.
I’m not too up to date about drywall screwgun developments, so I did a bit of searching to see what else is out there. I peeked at the Bosch specs (via their UK product page), and their new screwgun can drive in 3400 screws per charge.
Seeing as how I have never picked up a drywall screwgun in my life, I can’t really gauge how the two models stand against each other. You can still feel free to not like the DeWalt, but… The trigger lock is below the trigger, not above. I’ve hung a ton of drywall in doing near 8 large basement jobs as well as asst remodeling work, but have never gotten the hang of using a drywall gun, plus – who wants to drag a cord? I do have the Hilti collated gun and it is invaluable and a huge timesaver for ceiling drywall especially.

Bought the Ridgid collated gun and it was crap – returned it after a few strips through it. A few years back I bought an accessory driver bit that just chucks into a drill to drive drywall screws.
You can remove the nose piece (see also the lock icon on the nose piece) DeWALT will also have an autofeed adapter (collated screws) that you can use with this gun.
It’s not cordless but Bosch has a screwgun that has an optional auto-feed attachment. I guess this was about a Dewalt screwgun so I guess I’ll say one relevant thing: does anyone know if Dewalt makes a similar auto-feed attachment or if any other companies make one? Bosch has a Cordless brush less drywall gun that can take that adapter you are talking about or be used to drive individual screws.
Sorry jason i have that bosch adapter abd the screws go to deep … Lost the receipt and can bring it back , i will trow it as far as i can ! This drywall srewdrider does not last long and it is copycat from veryold hilti made model… Maybe hilti sold old patent or dewalt want to hit head to wall hard.
The first planer on the list, manufactured by Dewalt, is the DEWALT DW735X 13" Two-Speed Planer Package.
The manufacturers of the products are well-known in the industry for making high-quality power tools of all kinds.
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Its true its got a hex chuck but this driver is actually a 2 speed drill with over 260″ lbs of torques! Dewalt posted a teaser image of the new DCF620 screwgun on their auto-load knife promo page, but no additional details followed.

Driving in drywall screws is probably tedious enough without having to worry about tracking down the charger or spare batteries. The exception seems to be what Milwaukee did with their Fuel brushless band saw, which looks to have been heavily inspired by their corded band saw design. Apparently Bosch released a new brushless screwgun in Europe a couple of months ago, the GSR 18V-EC TE.
It features a powerful 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM motor (10,000 RPM cutter head speed) that handles larger cuts in wider materials with ease. I had the little PS20 driver that was a single speed and did not have much torque or speed.
It also has a three knife cutter-head with a two speed gear box, and includes infeed and outfeed tables. I have the kit albeit separate kits and really like the new driver but all in all, having an adjustable keyless chuck is really the way to go so following these guys direction, I bought the new PS31-2al with the two l-boxx’ on Amazon.
They have been running that deal every couple of days when Stuart announced it for $94.99!!! This product features a heavy-duty 6-Amp motor that provides smooth cutting in hard materials, carbide or HSS blades to provide flexibility to all blades available. It also has an 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe that provides added control and better finish quality.

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