1) Ridgid makes some very strong claims about their new permanent magnet motors, but the new Gen5X tools are NOT brushless.
2) Ridgid’s Gen5X tools and batteries will be compatible with all of their other 18V X4 tools, batteries, and chargers. June Update: A couple of new Gen5X accessories popped up at Home Depot, including a gooseneck LED worklight and a hybrid fan. There really are too few details for me to form much of an opinion about the new Gen5X tools, but a couple of things do stand out. First, 780 in-lbs peak torque for the drill and 2,000 in-lbs peak torque for the impact driver?
Hopefully we’ll see some more innovations and developments as part of the Gen5X lineup.
Pretty interesting idea for the keyless chuck on the drill, although I wonder how durable the chuck is. Looks to me like the battery goes onto the back, with the dust port being offset to the left side. Little disappointment at it not being brushless, but Home Depot wants a $499 price point so you have to make compromises.
Love the idea of the integrated LED light but I worry about the quality of the chuck thats left behind. I purchased all DeWalts 20v’s and after a year of work the impact driver will not hold bits, a small drill is burnt up, sawsall does not like to hold blades, and have two batteries that are paper weights. TTI and Emerson have an agreement where TTI will design, produce, and market power tools under the Ridgid brand in North America. Everything I’ve read about permanent magnet motors describes them as brushless technology. These days, no brand will offer brushless tools without highlighting that they’re brushless.
Even if your Home Depot gets these in stock, they might not be able to put them out immediately.
Kobalt’s 18V and 20V Max li-ion chargers, batteries, and tools are all cross-compatible with each other. Specifically, I am disappointed how, after after almost two years, all we get from Kobalt are slightly upgraded on-paper specs.
Yes, the new Kobalt 20V Max li-ion battery packs have higher capacities than the 18V packs, but that isn’t anywhere near enough to balance my disappointment.
I reached out to Lowes and Kobalt, asking if and how these new 20V tools are different from the 18V models, but they haven’t gotten back to me yet. Back when Kobalt first released their 18V tools, Lowes and Home Depot engaged in some hostile competitive marketing.
I don’t think marketing execs sit around a table asking how they can fool customers into buying their tools. I strongly considered doing a breakdown of different brands’ power tools, but the results could be too difficult to interpret. I think that they probably rushed the 20v model out specifically to get the larger batteries out and stem the tide of unhappy customers like myself that are stuck with poor battery life due to the anemic 1.3 ah batteries shipped with 18v models and the very noisy charger. We checked into this, and found a listing for the Stanley FatMax 20V Max hammerdrill on Walmart’s site. Second, does this mean that additional Stanley FatMax power tools will soon be available in the USA? If anyone else spots Stanley FatMax power tools in the USA, please let us know with a comment or email!
If this becomes a regular product on the shelves it seems to further muddy the B&D, Stanley, and PC spectrum of cordless tool offerings. If the brands stayed true to those designations maybe but we know the pricing is definitely muddy especially around holiday time. I have been into Wal Mart a few times lately and their staff has told me more than once their Layaway program as been a huge success and they had a lot of layways already in the system in September. Ii got this drill at walmart today for $100 it came with 2 20v max batteries it seems to be a good drill about as good as makita or porter cable. I just purchased the 20 VMAX 3 tool combo kit for $129, on sale, regular price of $199 at Menards. I bought the Stanley FatMax 20 volt cordless hammer drill at walmart i have had it between 4 to 6 months walmart in Russellville , Kentucky said that they only warranty it for 90 days .
Just last week I spotted two of these Fat-Max drills in the clearance section, un-opened, at Walmart with a 25% markdown.

Milwaukee Summary: Overall, the fit is cozy and casual, and I like how the outer sleeve is receded back a little to provide extra wrist movement. Bosch Summary: The fit here is also cozy and casual, and I feel like the jacket provides a little extra insulation than the Milwaukee.
Dewalt Summary: I feel that the Dewalt is a little baggier in the upper arms and throughout the torso. Styles: Right now, Bosch only offers one jacket style, while Milwaukee and Dewalt both have several designs out. But if you’re brand-agnostic, I feel that the Bosch and Milwaukee jackets will be more comfortable to wear.
Between the Milwaukee and the Bosch, I think that the Bosch provides a little more warmth than the Milwaukee due to its heavier-feeling insulation. I wonder if the newer Milwaukee jacket or any of the other brands have cable routing to run headphones and usb cable through the jacket.
I eagerly bought one of the first available Milwaukee heated jackets when they became available. As I headed to the stands for a more sedentary test in the 41-42 degree range, I took off the hoodie and put on the jacket (again, over a short sleeve shirt). One correction on my previous post: the hood of the hoodie IS lined with the “waffle-weave thermal liner”.
I BOUGHT A DEWALT 20V HEATED JACKETS FOR MY WIFE AND I BECAUSE SHE IS SO SMALL AND THIN… THOUGHT I WOULD GIVE HER SOMETHING WARM TO WEAR IN THE WINTER. I’m wondering if the jacket will be ok to use in the snow, either skiing or snow shoeing. Just picked up the 2nd Gen Milwaukee m12 heated jacket, can’t say enough good things about it.
So I developed a product called Torch, its launching through a crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo in January. When the new product family launches, there will be just two products, a 5pc combo kit (R9652), and a random orbit sander (R8606). Maybe a couple of new brushless tools will be released later on, but there hasn’t been any indication of this.
Our 5 star rating system allows you to easily access performance, value and reliability results.
I put new in quotes because the tools seem to be unchanged from the Kobalt 18V cordless power tools that came out nearly two years ago. Stanley Black and Decker was the first to fully adopted 20V Max branding, with their Black & Decker, Dewalt, Porter Cable, and Stanley FatMax cordless tool brands, and I really thought that more brands would follow their lead by now. 100 RPMs and a couple of tens of in-lbs of torque could be attributed to testing variations, creative rounding, or using updated parts from suppliers.
Even so, I think the specs and product photos are pretty conclusive, in how they show the tools have not been significantly updated. And even those that do their due diligence don’t quite catch how a 20V Max Li-ion product is really more accurately described as 18V Li-ion. In other words, it seems highly likely that these tools have slightly upped specs because the companies that make the parts updated the specs, and not because Kobalt engineers sought out to design and produce better products.
Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee all upped the charge capacities of their 12V battery packs in the last few years. I asked the man in Lowes battery section why they did not sell extra 20vion max batteries. Looking around in a pawn shop I found a Kobalt 18V, Lithium ion set: drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw, bag, charger and a battery for $35. It seems that Stanley Black & Decker execs have changed their minds, because the tools have recently appeared in US stores.
Seems reasonable if FatMax is strictly positioned as heavy-duty DIY and Porter Cable as price-conscious professional.
I’ve been through the gauntlet of cordless drills of various brands and sizes I recently purchased the fat max 20 volt and I must say it gives the competition a run for the money.
Sometimes when I pull the trigger it doesn’t work and when it does it has a grinding noise. The Bosch jacket has a soft and smooth lining that might help it slip on easier when wearing certain sweatshirts or layers underneath. I like how the Bosch pockets are protected with fabric flaps, but I might need to beef up the zipper pulls for easier feeling-for when wearing gloves. The Dewalt’s larger and more noticeable battery power pack has a greater chance of affecting all-day comfort.

But on the other hand, the Milwaukee seems to have an edge when an additional layer is thrown on underneath. I noticed mine has a headphones logo in the battery compartment where the jacket power cord that plugs into the battery pack comes out of but have yet to find another opening in any of the pockets. Timing was good too, since I had undergone some major back surgery and my normal tolerance for cold to severe cold went out the window for a couple years.
I have only minimal investment in the Dewalt 12V line, and I do kinda like the rough-and-tumble look of their jackets.
Does any know if any of these can be charged with a cigarette lighter charger or plug into a 12 volt power source in a vehicle? They are a sub company of Milwaukee and they like to keep the good stuff for their strong brand. It would have been nice if Dewalt did atleast allow and adapter from the 20v max to the 18v xrp tools, but Dewalt wants you in a totally now platform.
If I want a new release, I often have to ask an associate to climb the stacks and dig into an unopened shipping carton. I’ve hit about 6 different home depots in the East Valley area of Phoenix over the past few weeks hoping for some luck.
Trusted consumer reviews provide a detailed insight of how the power tool delivers on site.
It be interesting to see just how different or surprisingly the same they are to each other, esp. The battery seems to out last the ryobi Li n series as well as the ridged the balance is perfect the light is good. Because when the B&D battery is put into the FatMax charger, You get a red blinking light. It’s close, but unfortunately the heating aspect is hard to test objectively and with constant environmental conditions.
The Milwaukee jacket was comfortable, surprisingly well made, and while there were times I wished for a higher-than-high temp setting, the heat was much appreciated.
While these new choices have some temptation, I am more than likely going to stick with the Milkies.
Also is the boss the only heated coat in which the battery is in the front so I can wear it while I’m seated in an off-road seat? I have a Kobalt that I have had for a couple of years and a Hitachi as well and the Stanley ranks right up there with them if you ask me.
Between the Milwaukee and Bosch, they are both subtle and discrete-looking, and I can’t really decide which looks better.
Yes, the run time was a bit disappointing for long late season football games or camping, but packing a few extra batteries helped there. They always put the asterisk next to 20v saying it is actually 18 nominal I believe voltage. I have not used it yet, but it looks like just what I need for around the house and occasional side job.Very light weight and nicely balanced.
Anyways back to the tools, I think they will do good if the prices are untouched with the battery upgrade and the miniscule upgraded specs. I hate when I buy a tool and don’t need it yet, I guess I’ll grab my flash light and go up in the attic and check for vermin! There were times the bright color was a little bit out of place, and I was disappointed when Milwaukee introduced a black version soon after in the Canadian-only market. I had hoped when they released the Porter Cable 18v tools to replace the Firestorm line that the batteries would be interchangeable but B&D never got the memo.
With the V.2 jackets they addressed my concerns and desires, the ability to use the 18V packs for much longer run times, and the nice black color, plus the added hand warmers were something I had wished for. A black one is in the cards, and I was ready to pull the trigger until the hoodies came out. Ive actually had them honor their lifetime warranty a few times and its pretty good, no receipts needed.
This is especially urgent seeing that I have yet more serious back surgery to be done in a month.

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