24V, 0-1200rpm, various speed, 13mm chuck, variable speed, powered by 700 series motor, D type design, soft handle, 3-5hour charging time, 1300mah battery. Armatures can be applied to Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Black&Decker, Hilit, Roybi, Hitachi, and KPT power tools.
We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of HSS Drill bit, Wood drill, SDS plus, Diamond disc for more than sixteen years. Dewalt has announced a new 8V Max lithium-ion cordless screwdriver (DCF680) that features gyroscopic controls and built-in clutch settings.
It looks like users must first activate the tool via a trigger switch, similar to how the Black  & Decker Gyro had a palm-switch.
There is a fine line between innovation and gimmick, and I feel that the new 8V driver is on the right side.
I felt the same way, until a friend had to do assembly line style upgrades of a 100 or so school computer workstations. The thing I liked about the B&D Gyro is that the configuration allowed you to put your body weight into the tool, allowing you to put some pressure on it. I think these would be very handy in situations as Hang Fire mentioned, or in assembling hardware on cabinets, etc. Looks like a good form factor on the battery, but come on, how many different voltage batteries do we need?
I suspect that if brands allowed for interchangeable batteries, lost profit from battery pack sales would be the very least of their problems. Id like to try the gyro switch, but i’m sure I would prefer a real trigger or at least a rocker type switch, many times you need the tool to squeeze into tight spaces that you just need to be able to press the trigger with any finger.
The form factor literally looks like it was molded by hand from play-dough into a semi turd shaped wand. While DeWalt certainly needed to upgrade their existing screwdriver, as the design is quite dated, I don’t think this was the way to do it.
I have just as much a use for decent, lower-torque, compact cordless drivers as I do more powerful and faster units.
If this tool works anything like the Black & Decker Gyro Screwdriver it should be a very popular tool. As a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories, Dewalt provides a wide range of quality, convenient cordless tools, including drills, saws, screwdrivers nailers and more.
Working as fast as you do with consistent nail penetration, this DEWALT DC608K 18-Volt 18-Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit delivers both quality and performance. Cut just about everything efficiently with this DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw. This entry was posted in Power & Hand Tools and tagged Best Dewalt Cordless Tools, Dewalt Cordless, Dewalt Cordless Tools, tool on December 3, 2013 by longer. Welcome to online Cordless Drill Batteries Store, we offer a complete line of power tool batteries and cordless drill chargers for most cordless tools: Bosch Cordless Drill Batteries, Makita Power Tool Batteries, Dewalt Batteries, Panasonic Drill Batteries, Hitachi Tool Batteries, Ryobi Batteries.
Dewalt is coming out with a new 20V Max li-ion brushless cordless drill driver, model DCD790, which will be released alongside the also-new brushless hammer drill that we previously discussed. While some might look to compare this model to Milwaukee’s FUEL M18 brushless drill, it is worth remembering that Dewalt designed the DCD790 to be more compact and lightweight. The new drill also features a foot-mounted LED worklight, a la Bosch and Ridgid’s designs, for fewer shadows.
Marketing images show that the DCD790 is shorter than other top brands’ competing models, but it is also substantially less powerful. The new brushless drill (center), hammer drill (right), and what looks to be a new impact driver (left, model DCF886). If I could only work with one cordless drill, I would probably pick a more powerful compact 18V drill over this one. That all said, the DCD790 will surely be popular with users that mainly drill and drive smaller or shorter holes and fasteners. Im interested in hearing about the specs of the new brushless impact and the reasoning behind it. But my guess is that the new impact driver shares similar design and construction elements with the new brushless drills so that the same brushless motor could be used in all three tools. I am so impressed with Dewalts impact driver that when money allows I will get this for drilling into steel at work. So you can’t really rely on on-paper specs, nor is it easy to rely on head-to-head comparisons. It’s easy to create comparison tests, but I have yet to find a way to interpret results with high enough confidence. At this point it doesn’t really matter that Dewalt adopted their own metric, now that some li-ion-powered tools shut down before they even get to the max-torque shutoff.
Michael if it was the case that dewalt was trying to hide something don’t you think they would have picked a system that made their numbers look better instead of worse?
It’s hard to say, but during testing there were times when I wished the 780 was *just a little bit* more powerful.
Direct comparisons are incredibly complicated, especially now that li-ion batteries typically have built-in protection.
There is no public UWO to in-lbs conversion, but I believe that the multiplication factor seems to be somewhere between 1 and 1.5. I believe I once read (or was told) that they adopted UWO because it allowed for a true measure of power between different Dewalt models, while in-lbs relates to no-load torque. While tool specs have less meaning than they used to, many buyers rely on them when buying new tools. With PCs it used to be processor speed in GHz, with digital cameras it was the number of megapixels, and with LED flashlights it’s lumens. I read a while back on the dewalt website that one reason for the UWO measurement was to compare cordless tools to corded tools.
On the other hand the light does now illuminate the tip of the bit, unlike the DCD780 which got in the way of its own light. The different designs are differentiated by being a different "model" or "series." Confusing the issue even more, some manufacturers "private label" their machines for large department stores. Thanks to its compact size and comfortable soft grips, the rotary tool helps you keep a steady hand while you work.

Not only that, the 2-position handle can be rotated from a 90° pistol grip to a 180° inline driver configuration, depending on the job at hand as well as user preferences. This seems necessary to avoid unintentional operation, such as when the tool is being carried in a tool bag, and to avoid rapid battery consumption when the tool is idle. It looks quite compact and is packed with some very useful features that a lot of users are going to love. I also find myself wondering what else they have planned for the new 8V Max li-ion platform.
Not only could this present a fire hazard, such as if one used non-matching cells, but it would lead to unpredictable performance. One of the cool things about the original DW920 7.2 volt was the barrel shape ergonomic simplicity. Esp since DeWalt chose to use a slide pack battery form factor instead of the pod style in the 12v max line up.
I would have expected to see this gyro stuff in a Porter Cable before it showed up in a DeWalt.
And these reliable cordless tools can be found nationally and internationally wherever tools are sold. It features variable speed (0 – 500 RPM) and reversing trigger switch for added convenience and versatility. It comes with a sequential operating mode for precision placement as well as the bump operating mode for production speed. Since we understand that finding the right batteries for your needs can be overwhelming and confusing at times, we developed a power tool battery finder tool to help find the right size for the make and model of your equipment. The kit comes bundled with their new 2.0Ah li-ion batteries that provide up to 33% more runtime with 50% longer recharge time (45 mins vs. If Dewalt didn’t change the balance or handle profile too much, the ergonomic should be great as well. And if I could only work with two, I would pick a high performing compact and lightweight 12V model (such as the brushless Milwaukee M12 Fuel), and a more powerful compact or heavy duty 18V model. The DCD790 builds upon the 780’s strengths with a couple of improvements, most notably the brushless motor and metal chuck. I couldn’t get used to the bit release mechanism and put off a lengthy testing session for so long because of this that the sample got buried somewhere. But that doesn’t take into account that PTI member brands should all be following the same testing methodologies to ensure fair and honest torque comparison. UWO is almost impossible to calculate and they are the only company that has been doing this type of measurement. When viewing drills side-by-side, customers will see and think that 650 in-lbs is better than 600 in-lbs, even if lesser specs would suffice for their needs. Ignoring everything else, what would you rather buy for $150, a 650 in-lb drill, or a 600 in-lb drill? I couldnt find what I remember reading but heres an article listing why they chose UWO as a more reliable rating system over torque measurements.
Such as Sears' Kenmore and Montgomery Ward's Signature machines. Check the following list to determine if you have one of these "cross-branded" machines. Featuring two speeds and eight different accessories, this tool is ideal for a variety of delicate tasks that are too small for bulky machines.
Its straight, box-style magazine is designed to seal out dust and debris for better performance.
If you have any question about our cordless drill batteries, please feel free to Contact Us.
We also offer educational articles and tips to help you conserve your batteries and understand common problems. That particular Bosch compact drill is conveniently left out of Dewalt’s size comparison photo. What role does the new one fill when they already have 2 outstanding impact drivers (brushed and brushless)? For example, a drill’s performance can drastically change depending on which battery is used. In one case, a higher-rated model shut off and a lower-rated model kept pushing until it smoked up. Some will look at other factors, but a lot of people will go for the one with the higher rating. As discussed, I feel it’s hard to know what to think now that a lot of tools shut themselves off way before they stall.
The new grips are fatter and the trigger is farther away: both negatives for my medium hands.
And it's built for efficiency, too: if you need to change accessories in the middle of a job, use the included wrench for a quick switch.
Additionally, the adjustable two-position handle allows for operation as both in-line and pistol-grip. And its fan-cooled motor with replaceable brushes is designed for maximum power and durability. This is further complicated by how some brands have updated their tools and battery packs without changing the model numbers. The shape is similar and would still be excellent if my hands had grown from medium to large, but my hands remain the same so the new grips are too big. The battery can be easily removed from the housing and can be fully charged with a few hours.
I have the 4V Gyro as well as a Skil Ixo that get used for my electronic work as well as dashes, etc. Finally, if dealing with Nickel based batteries, make sure that the battery is fully discharged before recharging it.
Torque ratings always seemed to be skewed by the manufacturers, along with RPM’s and other ratings. Do you really think that Ridged’s impact is more powerful than everyone else on the market at a almost $100 lower price point? This new DeWalt looks like a nice successor to the DW920, I like having the convertible handle, and if the gyro control works like their B&D version, it means there is finally a worthy variable speed control in a compact driver like this.

I believe UWO is a better gauge of how fast a tool will perform most applications than just listing torque because it takes into account RPM as well.
I like the fact there is a clutch, and the lighting ring looks useful compared to the single point light so many other drivers have. These machines were sold as GE, Hotpoint, and "private-labelled" as JC Penney and Penncrest brands. In 1995, GE redesigned their dryers. Weighing 1.4 pounds, this tool features a pencil-grip nose and soft-grip sides for secure handling. Because it's only eight inches long, it is comfortable to hold and use for as long as you need. WCI's machines were sold under these original brand names, as well as Westinghouse and White-Westinghouse brands. In the '90's, WCI was bought by Swedish giant Electrolux, who changed the company name back to the Frigidaire Home Products Company. The blue switch on the housing lets you move from low to high speed, while the separate off option helps you avoid accidentally changing speed settings while you work. Because this tool offers two different speeds, you're able to fully control the accuracy--and outcome--of your work. Cordless for ConvenienceNo more searching for power outlets--this tool gives you 4.8 volts of battery power, so you can work wherever you need to. The battery pack can be removed from the housing and popped into the charger--the rotary tool will be ready to go within three hours. They have continued to manufacture these "Herrin" machines as Maytag "Performa" models and high-end Crosley brand machines, but they have gone through a LOT of evolution. As an added convenience, a bright LED indicates when the battery has been properly placed on the charger. You can find them in the yellow pages under the following headings:APPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, MAJORAPPLIANCES, PARTS AND SUPPLIESREFRIGERATORS, DOMESTICAPPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, REPAIR AND SERVICECall a few of them and ask if they are a repair service, or if they sell parts, or both. However, you don't want to badger them with TOO many questions, so know your basics before you start asking questions. Some parts houses may offer service, too. They'll tell you it's too complicated, then in the same breath "guide" you to their service department.
They should contain the model number somewhere. In any case, and especially if you have absolutely NO information about your dryer anywhere, make sure you bring your old part to the parts store with you.
An inexpensive one will suffice, as long as it has both "AC Voltage" and "Resistance" (i.e.
It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked.
Remember the rule in section 1-5 (1); while you are working on a circuit, energize the circuit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then take the power back off it to perform the repair. You will only need to be able to set the VOM onto the right scale, touch the test leads to the right place and read the meter. In using the VOM (Volt-Ohm Meter) for our purposes, the two test leads are always plugged into the "+" and "-" holes on the VOM. When testing 220 volt circuits (usually in electric dryers) make sure you always follow the precautions in rule 1 of section 1-5!Figure B-4: Testing Voltage1-4(b) TESTING FOR CONTINUITY (Figure B-5)Don't let the word "continuity" scare you. It's derived from the word "continuous." In an electrical circuit, electricity has to flow from a power source back to that power source.
It should peg the meter all the way on the right side of the scale, towards "0" on the meter's "resistance" scale. If the meter does not read zero resistance, adjust the thumbwheel on the front of the VOM until it does read zero. You can touch the ends of the wires and test leads with your hands if necessary to get better contact. If there is GOOD continuity, the meter will move toward the right side of the scale and steady on a reading.
This is the resistance reading and it doesn't concern us; we only care that we show good continuity.
If you do not, the switch is bad.   1-4(c) AMMETERSAmmeters are a little bit more complex to explain without going into a lot of electrical theory. If you own an ammeter, you probably already know how to use it. If you don't, don't get one. The greater the current that's flowing through a wire, the greater the density of the magnetic field, or flux, it produces aroundthe wire. The ammeter simply measures the density of this flux, and thus the amount of current, flowing through the wire.
To determine continuity, for our purposes, we can simply isolate the component that we're testing (so we do not accidentally measure the cur rent going through any other components) and see if there's any current flow. To use your ammeter, first make sure that it's on an appropriate scale (0 to 10 or 20 amps will do). If you need to re-energize the dryer to perform a test, make sure any bare wires or terminals are taped or insulated. Energize the unit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then disconnect the power again. I want to impress upon you something really important.
It's unpleasant, but unless exposure is more than a second or so, the only harm it usually does is to tick you off pretty good.However, 220 VOLTS CAN KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR FEET. And if you get it going and re-install it, you are running a very high risk that it will stop again.
Replace the part. 3) If you must lay the dryer over on its side, front or back, first make sure that you are not going to break anything off, such as a gas valve. Lay an old blanket on the floor to protect the floor and the finish of the dryer. 4) Always replace the green (ground) leads when you remove an electrical component. And NEVER EVER remove the third (ground) prong in the main power plug! 5) When opening the dryer cabinet or console, remember that the sheet metal parts are have very sharp edges.
Wear gloves, and be careful not to cut your hands! 6) When testing for your power supply from a wall outlet, plug in a small appliance such as a shaver or blow dryer. It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked. The greater the current that's flowing through a wire, the greater the density of the magnetic field, or flux, it produces aroundthe wire.

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