The Makita cordless impact driver BTD142HW is a feather weight electric impact driver weighting 2.9 lbs , with an ergonomically designed mid-tool handle placement . When we first took this impact driver out of it’s fabric case (we got this one with the LCT200w) we where a bit reluctant to believe that this will perform as good as other top performers! The comfortably shaped handle is slimmer than other tools and covered completely with non slip rubber. Makita truly succeeded in creating a light weight and comfortable impact driver for prolonged use and handling. The LED light starts illuminating with the slightest pull of the trigger and delivers a very wide and strong light thanks to 2 side translucent plastic lens that direct the LED’s beam to the sides as well. The compact Makita BTd142 felt very good in our hands while driving the bolts into the wood. Although the BTD142 has only 1 speed setting we were able to use the driver to drive small screws with great control of the speed and depth of the screw. The black and white colors of the BTD142, identify it as part of the compact Makita impact drivers family that uses the smaller lithium-ion (LiOn) in order to gain lighter weight. After the battery cooled down we slid the battery into the Makita smart charger and timed 24 minutes from a drained out battery to a fully charged one. Rubber padding are spread nicely around the whole tool but a big plastic mask just around the chuck was used instead of the metal housing we usually see on other impact drivers. Florescent ring at the tip of the tool to increase lighting and to help find tool if left in dark spaces.
In their effort to make an affordable, comfortable, light weight impact driver Makita sacrificed ( in our opinion) the strength and durability of the tool by using less metal and more plastic materials.
This impact driver will also pull out those old buried screws right out of the wood without breaking a sweat. In this part of our review of cordless drill ratings, we want to have a closer look into important things you want to look at when you decide on which battery drill you want to buy.  Starting from the very top of a cordless drill - lets analyze an often overlooked part of any cordless drill. Nowadays, almost all professional cordless drills come with keyless chucks, opened and closed by your hand without any extra key or tool. This Festool cordless drill is a very good example how manufacturers incorporate the chuck removal into the design of a professional cordless drill. If you intend to use your cordless drill for a lot of screw driving, any type of chuck removal mechanism is a feature you should consider on your next drill.
If you plan to use your cordless drill a lot in cabinet making or on-site assembly work, you will regularly come across fastening screws that need to be placed in the corner. Various cordless drill companies have designed accessories for their tools in order to get around some difficult screwdriving operations.
These kind of chucks get you closer into tight spaces and allow fastening screws even in very difficult corners. Additional variations of chucks such as the above right angle chuck are available from various drill manufacturers as accessories. If you're making lots of furniture or cabinet assembly work, you likely be involved in working around tight spaces. In this part of our cordless drill ratings articles we discussed the importance of the chuck on any cordless drill for the professional woodworker. However, if you like this article, you can use the HTML code below to directly link to this article. Cordless drills Ellipticals Flooring Gas grills Kitchen cookware Lawn mowers tractors Leaf Stay healthy with up-to-the-minute drug, insurance, and health equipment Ratings. Cordless Drill Reviews: We Work 10 Drills to the Limit Our li-ion drill tests yielded some surprises. Does use even the best rated cordless drill mostly for screw driving applications or drilling holes. ConsumerSearch rates reviews of cordless drills and screwdrivers according to how well each publication tests models for durability, runtime and ease of use.
Whether you are working on a large construction job or small projects around the house, having the right tools is essential.
Hammer Drill Reviews and Buying Guide: A hammer drill is often put into the same category as the rotary hammer since both are used with masonry and concrete projects.

ConsumerSearch yzes expert and user-generated cordless drill reviews, impact drivers and combo kits to identify the most reliable, easiest-to-use drills. Mini Cordless Drill Manufacturers Mini Cordless Drill Suppliers Directory – Find a Mini Cordless Drill Manufacturer and Supplier.
Cordless Mini Drill Manufacturers Cordless Mini Drill Suppliers Directory – Find a Cordless Mini Drill Manufacturer and Supplier. Impact Driver Reviews – An impact driver delivers 3-4 times more torque than a standard cordless drill, allowing you to easily drive large lag bolts and screws. The body of this Ridgid cordless drill is engineered to Write a review Write a reviewWrite a review I purchased the ridgid impact drill due to its lighter Ryobi 12v Cordless Impact Driver Model BID1211 Review By Dean Bielanowski tasks also, I'd probably suggest a general cordless drill Looking for the most in-depth cordless drill reviews? Read the many cordless drill reviews and product information before you buy your next Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill And Impact Driver Combo Kit Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit. The best impact drivers make assembly and fastening jobs faster and easier on the wrist; ConsumerSearch discusses the impact drivers recommended by objective reviews. The average ranking of the 1137 products in Hand Drills is 4 with an average price of $169.46. The BTD142 looks and feels rather small and when held in our hands we were wondering if this tool can deliver what Makita has promised. Although the smaller dimensions of the handle and tool, it felt very good and amazingly comfortable to hold, handle and work with. The useful afterglow feature keeps the LED glowing for about 10 seconds after the trigger is released.
The compact LiOn battery make the tool lighter but by doing that they sacrifice the working time. This lowers the tools weight but makes it less durable in that area where usually gets hit and scratched when working in tight narrow spots. We called Makita to complain about a burned out LED on a 2 year old tool (just to see how they handle the call) and found a helpful agent who offered to take the tools to a service center where it would be fixed for no charge. The use of smaller lighter batteries helps bring the impact driver to a feather weight but sacrifices the work time of the tool – thankfully the smart charger brings the battery back to life very fast and when having an additional battery the short work time is no issue.
To find more about top rated cordless drills and get a detailed overview please see our cordless drill review here. It is those simple basic components that make rating a truly professional cordless drill sometimes difficult.
It's the minimum you can expect from any modern cordless drill, since you do not want to fiddle around with a key while on the work-site.
Since most cordless drills are used for screwdriver action, some manufacturers have come up with ways to quickly remove the entire chuck from the drill, allowing to insert the drill bit directly into the tool. Be certain you rate cordless drills according to these screwdriving options and investigate available chuck-adapter accessories before buying your next cordless drill. In the next section we will rate further components such as electronics, torque adjustment and serviceability of high-quality cordless drills. Consumer Reports has honest Ratings and Reviews on cordless drills tool kits from the unbiased experts you can trust.
Best Cordless Drill Driver Choice: 12 Volt Lithium-Ion Mid-handle Northern Tool product reviews and customer ratings for Cordless Drills. See our ratings, specs, and reviews on 15 of the best hammers including Bosch, DeWalt, Milwaukee, and more. For the pros who take construction seriously, DeWalt has a great tool that makes any building or demolition job a cinch. Bosch's tag-line is Invented For Life and this cordless drill showcases just what that means. Cordless drills have made everything from assembling Christmas presents to installing mini-blinds a little easier. Choose Quality Mini Cordless Drill Uploaded by TheJazzid on Sep 21, 2009 Hand made drill mini bike.
Choose Quality Cordless Mini Drill The largest selection of cordless drills, drill presses, and tools on the internet.
Introducing the Panasonic EYC159LR Cordless, Battery Powered, Rechargeable 18V Hammer Drill Driver and Impact Wrench Combo.

Impact Driver Reviews and Buying Guide: You may wonder what exactly an impact driver is and how does it differ from a cordless drill that works on screws.
18V Cordless Impact Drive Reviews What do people think of first when they think of power tools?
This drill too (as many others) did heat up slightly during the extensive test making it a bit uncomfortable to hold on the top for support (at this stage we think that the extensive test is a bit more than what you would use the tool in every day use and the warming up of the tool is not a significant issue). The counter torque (kickback) was hardly felt thanks to the great cushioning on the handle. During our battery life test we checked how many hex bolts the impact driver can place in a plank of wood on a single charge.
The btd142 is part of Makita’s 18V cordless tool family and can be joined to any other 18V kit you have making it a great expansion to the tool array you have. If you have never come across the Makita branding before, then you should take note that they are a company Home Depot product reviews and customer ratings for 18v Cordless Drill. Read consumer reviews to see why people score Craftsman 19.2V Cordless Drill 89 out of 100. Read and compare experiences customers have had with Buy Cordless hammerdrill from top rated stores. Products reviews Beta Home Depot product reviews and customer ratings for One+ Cordless Hammerdrill – 18 Volt. The battery stays charged for a The compact drill is ideal for renters, cabinet-makers, electricians, and other tradespersons. Find best value and selection for your Mini 6 v 5 1 Cordless Drill Screwdriver search on eBay. The Bosch PS31-2A is a compact and lightweight device that is small in Never before has something so small been able to do so much. Using cordless drills improves convenience, safety, and speed for most of my jobs, and Panasonic is the most compact of the bunch and is good for tight spaces or small Built to be Compact and Comfortable Thanks to its lightweight design, the Dremel MiniMite cordless two-speed rotary tool is ideal for working on delicate projects.
Otherwise, men and women should be more or less equal in power tool use If you're considering a compact cordless drill, check out the Festool CXS! Click the Cordless Hammer Drills product links for more reviews and information on the individual models.
People are wondering what's better for their needs, a cordless impact driver or a cordless drill. Find Impact Wrench reviews at Buzzillions including 9 reviews of DeWALT DW056 18V Cordless Impact Looking for the Best cordless drill tool kit? We review all the best cordless drills on the market from Makita, DeWalt, Panasonic, Hitachi, Ryobi, and much more. Read our reviews to find the Best Cordless Drill and compare photos, specs and user reviews. Independent reviews of the best cordless drills from top manufacturers including DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee Makita.
DeWALT XRP cordless hammerdrills are premium cordless hammerdrills built for the professional contractor. That is less than the competitor but it is what you would expect from a battery that is half the size of the others! Harbor Freight Tools is your neighborhood do it yourself store for everything from greenhouses to gas engines. The Milwaukee M18 Cordless Compact Drill Driver Stryker has enhanced your cordless capabilities once again. I have to have every single one, even Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit Review.

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