The Black & Decker Lithium Compact Pivot Vacuum, 18 V, Dark Titanium cordless vacuum cleaner incorporates lithium battery technology which provides long lasting strong suction power and reduces battery power fading during normal use. ECO Smart Technology – Charges four times faster than other cordless vacuums and shuts off once charged to protect the battery.
Easy Emptying – Side door opens allowing all the dirt and dust to be emptied into your bin with no fuss or mess.

18v Power – Plenty of battery power which drives a high performance motor making the toughest jobs much easier.
The Black & Decker Lithium Compact Pivot Vacuum, 18 V, Dark Titanium is a great little cordless vacuum cleaner which offers plenty of power from its 18v battery and high performance motor combination. This cordless vacuum also has a patented nozzle which can pivot up to 200 degrees, allowing access even to those most difficult areas. In addition to those great features above it also has an  18v battery, high performance motor which helps with demanding cleaning tasks and a side door which allows easy emptying  of dirty an dust into your bin.

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