July 20, 2013 by ToolDude Any woodworker will find a circular saw important to have in their tool collection. The best rated circular saw reviews can be found online, here  It is important to find the tool that works best for you with multiple features and a good price. This Porter Cable PC15CSLK Circular Saw also has a laser guide that allows you the most precise cutting. It comes with a three year limited warranty and one year of free service along with other items including a wrench, rip fence, and a storage case. These are all among the top rated circular saws available on the market for the avid wood cutter. While this may not be the absolute best circular saw on the market, it certainly holds its own with other cordless saws out there today.
Let me start by saying that this cordless circular saw proved to be exactly what I was looking for, except for the fact that the blade was on the left. When taken out of the box, this best circular saw breed (I regret not buying a kit with the L-Boxx) feels sturdy. This best circular saw breed has an alignment screw to adjust the angle to an exact 90 degrees. The baseplate has a guide rail cutout in the bottom and a hose adapter screw hole in the back.
I have 2 of the older versions of the saw (ni-cad) but after talking to some of the pros in the forum on the saw, and now hearing your thoughts. If they wanted the battery gauge visible that would mean that either a) the battery had to be mounted sideways, which would ruin ergonomics and balance or b) they would need to create a battery with the gauge on the other side. For the most part, outside of a professional setting, you will likely be hard pressed to deplete if fully, and the Lithium batteries are full power until they die, so there is no performance hit. For those who expect to kill the battery often enough to need the battery gauge always visible, I suggest a worm drive or plug in sidewinder. Yesterday I noticed Ryobi is the only one from all the brands that makes a right-bladed 18v cordless saw.
Great review, I haven’t used a battery powered circular saw since I owed a rigid set. It has to be at least a couple of hundred crosscuts of a 2X4, or a few dozen rips of a full plywood sheet. If you want a saw that can quickly rip through or cross cut some wood, then a good general purpose circular saw is just the ticket. For convenience I have shown below a table that shows the Top 10 circular saws in the market today.
The ratings and number of reviews were taken from Amazon and were correct at the time of writing.
The circular saw comes in various makes and models, as is always the case when buying any power saw or tool. The best circular saws will have a high base alignment and kerf indicators that ensures a smooth operation when cutting on any type of Job. Circular saws come in many different sizes, power sizes and styles with multiple different features. Two of the most popular choices for these saws are from Rockwell and you can read more about them here. This is a general purpose saw that takes the work out of sawing and you can, or should be able to use it, to cut through any type of wood, irrespective of how dense the wood is, or what condition it is in. Other people will use it for cutting through metals such as those used for trunking, conduit and light aluminium. The main difference is really where the motor is positioned, and then how that motor transfers the power to the gears, and eventually to the blade. If like us you use a saw on a regular basis, then the sidewinder type is a lot lighter to hold and use than the worm drive. With the worm drive, the position of the motor is at the rear of the tool and it then uses two gears, at right angles to each other to spin the blade. The worm drives I think tend to be more heavy and unbalanced, though having said this they are filled with an enormous amount of power (Mr Professional).
For home and industrial use, circular power saws are an essential power tool for efficiently cutting wood, ceramics and metals. Circular power saws are extremely versatile and better quality models are adjustable, allowing the operator to vary the depth and angle of the cut, easily and accurately. There are two major types of circular power saw, the portable cordless circular saw and the traditional corded type. For cordless circular saws, buying one with less than an 18-volt battery is false economy as it will be woefully underpowered for most tasks. Buying an underpowered machine often leads to the operator trying to ‘push’ the saw instead of letting the blade do the work.
To deliver power from the motor to the blade, there are two main methods, in-line and worm drive. Worm drive circular power saws are more complex and have the motor mounted at right angles to the blade, with a worm-drive transferring velocity and power to the blade. There are a number of other factors involved in buying a circular power saw, which will ensure that you do not waste your money on a saw that is inadequate for your particular needs.
Circular powers saws are one of the most dangerous power tools available and can cause injury very quickly.
Safety Guards: Check that the safety guards covering the blades operate smoothly – faulty blade guards are the biggest cause of circular power saw accidents.
Circuit Breaker: For a corded circular saw, you should always buy a circuit breaker that will instantly cut the power if the cable is severed.
Blades: Many people are injured every year because, whilst they have a good quality power saw, they buy cheap blades that can shatter, sending high-speed shards flying. Safety Goggles: You should wear a pair of these when using circular saws, or risk permanent blindness. In terms of brand, I am a big fan of Bosch; their power tools are extremely robust, safe and well designed. Skil are an unknown quantity – they are competitively priced and robust, but I am not sure if they are durable enough for heavy use by contractors. Hopefully, with this information, you will be able to find the best circular saw for the job. Martyn Shuttleworth is a professional freelance writer living amongst the olive groves of the Peloponnese, a spear throw away from Ancient Sparta, the home of long-haired heroes. Through the Xobba platform, Authors Can Learn to use Wordpress and begin a guided track towards managing their own sites and maximizing efficient use of the publishing platform.
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April 20, 2014 by ToolDude There are many different types of saws available to purchase online and at your local hardware store. They all provide various features that make cutting materials a lot easier and prevents you from wasting energy. This Skil Circular 5480-01 Saw Kit has an adjustable rear depth level that assures accurate cutting. This Dewalt DC390B Bare Tool Cordless Circular Saw operates at 3700 rpm and has an 18 volt battery.
It is made in Mexico and has a high strength magnesium shoe along with an upper guard to protect from accidental cutting and chips flying into your face. This Porter Cable Circular PC15CSLK Saw with Laser Guide has a laser guide that helps align the cuts easier.
All of these items are among the top choices when you are searching for the ideal circular saw. When looking for the best circular saws we took into account many different things including: cutting power, blade adjustment, overall design, reviews and more. They can cut through wood easily and safely without taking a lot of time and give you a nice clean cut and tidy edges for your woodworking projects. A rear lever depth adjustment and a patented anti gauge lower guard helps provide a smooth operation. The one comment you made that seems buried for how important it is, would be that you can’t see the battery gauge when the battery is installed.
I’ve built several decks with it and never got my corded saw out, even to cut stairs. Circular saws are the most popular choice for this type of work and the biggest seller in the power saw market today. These types of portable saw can be used for a wide range of tasks such as bevelling, plunge cuts, ripping and cross cutting all of which can be done with great ease.
I have also done some individual reviews on some of the most popular choices for people which I have included right below. I would recommend a circular saw that allows easy adjustment and blade visibility as seeing where you’re cutting is vital when making the most accurate of cuts.
There are a few things to consider when buying this type of saw, it really depends on the user. Yes it can get confusing, but the good news is that there is guaranteed to be one, that will suit your own particular individual needs. It is a versatile saw and a good one to have in your garage or workshop as and when you need it.
The important thing to note, is that if you are using one of these for long periods of time, the weight of the saw becomes an important issue in terms of user fatigue. This design also means that the average speed the blade turns at will be about 6,000 rpm which is pretty fast. The average speed of this blade will be around 4,500 rpm, but the actual driving torque is much higher. The sidewinder has the blade on the right, so if you are right handed, the weight of the saw will be able to rest on the wood that is being cut, which is good.
This one is great for ripping sheets of wood, framing, major renovation work, or for cutting when you are holding a piece of wood. Sidewinders obtain their name from the protruding motor which is situated from the side of the blade these are much cheaper and tend to be a lot lighter (Mr DIY).
Choosing the best circular saw for the task is a complex decision and should be based upon much more than the lowest price.
The speed, efficiency and the ease of cutting straight lines makes these tools one of the workhorses of the construction industry, where high quality and durability are the main concerns.
Cordless circular power saws have gained a notorious reputation for being underpowered, but improvements in rechargeable battery technology have ensured that they are now suitable for all but the heaviest tasks. 24V and 28V are preferable for heavy use, and the best batteries are lithium ion or nickel-hydride. This can lead to undue stress and strain upon the blade and it can shatter, resulting in high velocity shrapnel scattering outwards. The simpler in-line circular saw has the motor situated perpendicular to the blade, and the shaft runs directly from the circular saw blade to the motor.
This type produces more torque, giving the brute force and high-speed to cut through metal and steel.
However, larger blades will require more power to ensure that the blade reaches the required cutting speed, so large diameter circular power saws are usually more expensive.
Needless to say, safety is by far the most important factor when investing in any circular saw, so never be tempted to try to save a few dollars by going for the cheaper option: it is false economy.
Whether to buy corded or cordless circular power saws really depends upon preference and whether you are likely to be near to an electricity supply.
Whilst I have never used Michigan, as I have never seen them in the UK, I am led to believe that they are excellent circular power saws. He covers a range of styles, from academic writing to sales letters, and loves writing about home improvement, freelance writing, and all things Greek. If you are looking for the best circular saw for the money you can analyze each of the following selections to determine which one best fits your needs.
It has an 18 tooth carbide blade and the foot is 20 percent larger than other traditional saws. It costs about $50 online and it received 4.5 stars from 125 Amazon reviewers to make this one of the best circular saw for the money. It comes with a 6.5 inch carbide tripped blade that provides two times the capacity of cutting at 90 and 45 degrees and it has a fan cooled motor. It costs about $70 online and it received 4.5 stars from more than 70 amazon reviewers to make this one of the best circular saws for the money. Circular saws should last you for a very very long time, so buying the best one is crucial. A lot of framing and woodworking had to be done and I kept borrowing table saws, so I wanted a circular saw that would get the job done right.
As a “how is the manual” test, I let my wife install the blade (without battery, of course). I had to consider whether an electric brake was worthwhile, but I really consider it important to have. When sawing certain material you can easily cut slight corners without bending the blade or engaging a kickback reaction. The versatility and power makes it my number two power tool (my drill being first of course). The most important thing I know to keeping long battery life and a good cut is a good sharp blade, I prefer the Diablo by Freud.

All you need to figure out is the task you wish to accomplish and I will help you determine which device suits your needs to accomplish it. There is another model of the Rockwell known as the RK3441K which has some slightly different features and you can read about that one by clicking here.
This is a feature that is often over looked, and yet it remains for me, the most important thing when you come to actually using the saw. The wheel then spins very quickly and takes all the manual effort out of sawing through different materials such as wood, plastic and various types of metal. On a regular basis, manufacturers are adding features to these, to try and make their brand stand out and be different from the others.
It is used extensively in the construction and building industries, and many home owners, will have one of these in their workshop, tool shed or garage. With a sidewinder, the actual motor of the saw sits alongside the blade and uses a spur gear to transfer the power and the torque.
Due to the rear position of the motor, a worm drive circular saw is longer and much heavier than the sidewinder version.
However the trade off is that the actual sight line of where you need to cut is a little restricted.
My favorite use for a worm drive is doing plunge cuts and these are made simple using a worm drive circular saw. Other types of highly portable saws are the trim saw which is simply a scaled down version of the circular saw and not to forget the portable cordless saw. You can also get a cordless version of the sidewinder, and that is the one that is by far the most popular.
High-speed power tools can maim or kill, so buying a flimsy machine, without sturdy safety guards, is simply not an option. For carpenters without easy access to a power supply, they are an excellent addition to the armory. For corded varieties, 13 Amps is sufficient for most household tasks and cutting wood, but professional carpenters, tilers and metalworkers generally prefer the extra speed and power given by a 15 amp corded circular saw.
This is not a good thing – saving a few bucks on blades often results in high medical bills and time off work. These traditional circular saws are the most common, and in-line saws are cheap, efficient and suitable for most tasks. In addition, worm drive circular saws are usually fitted with gears, giving finesses, especially when cutting harder substrates than wood. Personally, I avoid Black and Decker because they are flimsy and the casing usually shatters when dropped; they are not in the same league as their DeWalt siblings.
It has a ball bearing motor that gives the saw a longer life and it has a safety lock that prevents the possibility of accidental starting. There is a rip fence, wrench, and storage case that is a part of the items you receive when you buy this product. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
From a cordless tool perspective, it really is the best circular saw – an excellent and versatile saw with professional features. When I would trip and fall and drop the saw, the blade would stop almost instantly preventing further disaster.
Today you can pick one up from about $30, though if you want something that will last, and have the important features, then allow a budget of about $70-80. Our advice here at The Saw Doctor is to ignore the advertising and marketing hype and just focus on the important features that you will need to complete the jobs you need doing. The sidewinder is also cheaper than the worm drive version, so here at the Saw Doctor, we say if in doubt, go with a sidewinder. The disadvantage is the cost; because they are much more complex than traditional circular power saws, they are more prone to mechanical problems, so buying a high-quality brand is essential.
First off, it starts smoothly and it’s pretty quiet when compared to other circular saws. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. This 0” is very exact, you could place the saw on a table (guard retracted) and the blade would touch the table, but not lean on it. I’m looking forward to using my saw a little more with some forms and cutting ply with this review in mind.
I have saw some pretty horrific accidents as a result of not being careful when using one of these. It is also a good choice as both of your precious hands are kept well away from the cutting area.
The worm drive will also need oil from time to time and that is not required with a sidewinder type.
So, now that we have gotten that decision out of the way, what else should you be considering. Some of these ideas are not fit for a battery powered saw, but there are a few things that are just plain easy to solve.
For people that don’t have L-Boxx’s, like me, this is an excellent feature to store the saw.
It is placed pretty high on the handle, but it accessible both for left-handed as well as right-handed people.
Also, I regretted seeing a riving knife on the saw; this feature is more common with high-end saws.
With the worm drive the blade is on the left hand side, which means the motor weight is on the right. It can easily be used for two or three hours straight, depending on operation and application. This saw is perfect for anyone who knows they will have to cut through tough things on a regular basis.
The Milwaukee 6390 is a powerhouse saw, if your other circular saws can’t cut something, theres a good chance this milwaukee can. I've researched hundreds of products, looking for the best quality and value to help save you time and money.

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