In the USA, Dewalt only gives UWO specs, but their UK and other foreign sites and distributors often list torque in newton meters as well. According to Dewalt’s UK page for the DCD740 drill, it delivers 33 N of hard torque (they give soft and hard torque specifications, a discussion for another time), which is 292 in-lbs. On paper, the Dewalt is faster and more powerful than the Bosch, Milwaukee, and Makita right angle drills, but do you need a lot of torque? I’d pick whichever one you already have batteries for, or whichever platform you see yourself buying more tools from down the road, or simply based on price. For those of you that use right angle drills on a regular basis, which one did you pick, and would you recommend it to others?
They’re useful for drilling into cabinetry, drawers, and things like that where a full drill can be awkward or impossible to use.
I used it to drill holes through joists in a finished drywall ceiling to run wires for lighting. I was thinking the other day I should get a right angle drill for drilling wiring holes in studs and such.
I looked at the little Bosch 12v one and I was really disappointed that it didn’t come anywhere close to the torque of their regular 12v drill.
Looks like the problem is that the Bosch units don’t have the 2 speed gearbox to get more torque in the lower gear. If you have a s lot of stud drilling, I’d rather have a good 12v drill that can get in the stud space (might need a stubby spade bit). I’d also consider if you could get away with just using one of the decent right angle or near right angle drill attachments. Perhaps what may be more useful is what size fasteners (in terms of length and diameter) the tool can handle. I might be an odd duck – but when I drill I am usually using the high speed setting for most drills. On the Makita, in addition to the keyed chuck being physically more compact, it allows the bit to seat deeper into the chuck. If total head depth is a driving criteria, then purchasing a unit with a keyless chuck is going in the wrong direction. Since applying downward pressure can sometimes be a limitation, stubby spade and auger bits with a screw tip can be very helpful in the appropriate materials.
When I first saw this (0370-20) style drill – they were made by Sioux – and aimed at use in shops and the aircraft industry.
As far as right angle drills – my professional experience (now back a few years) was that no right angle drill was correct for everything.
I’ve acquired over the years both 12v Bosch right angle drills, the 18v version, a (obviously corded) geared Hole-Hawg for real work and the wildly overpriced Makita right angle wrenches.
A right angle drill is one of those tools that isn’t used every day, but a huge pain and problem solver when it is. For occasional use, I’d suggest the right angle drill attachment for the Jobmax, if you have compatible batteries. I’d love a complete list of things that can be done specifically with the 90 degree tool.
No 90-dgree attachment that I know of can handle a big selfeed bit for roughing in plumbing or conduit work.
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Cordless drills hit their stride when have added much nimbler 18-volt models 12-Volt Cordless Drills : We Test 13 of the Best drill, cordless drill, driver, cordless driver, compact drill, compact driver, 18-volt drill, 18-volt driver Return To Top Get the best cordless drills by using cordless drill reviews and check out the best 18v cordless drill review.
In our search for the perfect 18v cordless drill, we evaluated over 25 top models and then whittled the list down to 10.
A great choice if you are looking to save a little money but still want a top of the line drill.
Angle Grinders like the Ryobi R18AG-0 18V One+ Cordless Angle Grinder are an awesome part of every man’s tool kit, they aren’t just for grinding angles either… in fact that doesn’t make any sense.
The 18V Ryobi R18AG-0 Cordless Angle Grinder delivers up to 6500 RPM for the best combination of speed and precision, its handily located and intuitive trigger switch allow you to vary that power according to your needs giving you ultimate control over the task at hand. The three position side hand is made with Ryobi’s GripZone overmould for improved comfort and hand-feel for extended uses. The tool free adjustable wheel guard allows you to change the guard’s position quickly and easily to ensure that you are always working safely. The Ryobi R18AG-0 18V is part of the One+ range, the world’s largest cordless power tool system with interchangeable batteries.
This category has available different items for angle grinders 18v cordless in the major online merchants. For added comfort Ryobi’s unique micro grip texture makes the angle grinder easy to hold and use for extended periods. Supplied By IDEABRIGHT LTD Description MAKITA BGA452Z 115mm 18V Cordless Angle Grinder ( Bare Unit ) - Powerful angle grinder now free from the restriction of cables and power sockets. It  features no-volt switch to prevent unintentional restart of the tool, for added safety.
This cordless screwdriver also comes with an angle screw adaptor and off-set angle adaptor for those hard to reach areas.
What's Included 1 x MAKITA BGA452 ANGLE GRINDER 1 x MAKITA BJV180 JIGSAW For specification of individual items please contact seller for more info if required. Cordless 115mm grinder for unrestricted use 4 pole high performance motor Cut and grind with high waste removal 10,000rpm the same speed as many mains powered grinders Motor (EMP) and battery (ECP) cell protection Slim body grip, well balanced with low weight Supplied with 2 x 3.
115mm grinder Li-Ion technology to give power and better performance Anti restart Electronic current limiter Body only without batteries charger or case. Superb powerful grinding from go anywhere 18v lithium power, these DCG412M2 Angle Grinders get the job done. Powerful battery With a built-in 18 V Lithium-ion battery, the MultiReach delivers powerful cordless cleaning. What's Included1 x MAKITA DGA452 ANGLE GRINDER2 x MAKITA BL1830 BATTERIES1 x MAKITA DC18RC CHARGER For specification of individual items please contact seller for more info if required. Boasting powerful Tri-Beam LED lights shadows on bits and fasteners are eliminated even in the darkest work areas. This cordless angle grinder is great for cutting tiles grinding and cutting metal as well as paint and rust removal. This cordless angle grinder is great for for cutting and grinding metal sharpening blades and shaping stone or paving.
0Ah Battery with Lithium+ advanced cell electronics Advanced battery chemistry increases the power of tools, up to 10% 25% more run time than the 4. The adjustable front shoe allows you to use the entire blade, increasing blade life and saving you money. These tools are designed for drilling holes and driving fasteners in the tightest of spaces.

I’ve used some of these models, but find myself unable to tell you anything special about them. That’s what I ended up using for wiring a new house, and then had a dewalt right angle adapter for a couple awkward holes. One thing I really like about the DeWalt is that it has an extremely deep throat, it will almost swallow a 2″ bit, that means you have an overall shorter profile when using self-feeding bits and standard drills. The paddle switch takes a little while to get used to but I don’t regret the purchase.
I am heavily invested in the M18 platform but do keep a few 20V max tools around when they are superior to the Milwaukee offering.
Come to The Home Depot’s Community Forum to discuss with other DIYers the best way to get a project done or to share your ideas on how to complete a project. See our ratings and reviews on over 25 18V drills including Makita, Bosch, DeWalt Looking for cordless drill Reviews?
Compare Prices on 18 Volt and 19.2 Volt Cordless Drills by Milwaukee, Makita, Porter-Cable, DeWalt, Panasonic and Bosch. Put simply angle grinders are used for cutting things or removing excess materials from things. CP2518 Cordless random orbital polisher with A?230mm 5-ply foam pad and two polishing bonnets.
Metabo MPTW18LTX 115 mm 18 V Weatherproof Li-Ion Cordless Grinder - Metabo W18 LTX 18 Volt 115 mm Cordless Grinder. I like and know that the Bosch and Milwaukee torque-wise are about 150 inch pounds {you helped me a while back with one of my drills 60 newton meters = 531 inch pounds}. I purchased the keyed model chuck because it is approximately one inch shorter in depth and will fit into a tighter space than the keyless model. This 18 volt cordless drill is related as one of the best cordless drilling machines available in the market today.
The best 18v cordless drill tend to be the typical power tools owned by general contractors. Just turn it on and clear that unwanted flora off your paths and patios to leave everything looking neat and tidy.
Bosch electronic cell protection (ecp): protects the battery against overload overheating and deep discharge.
When using boring bits to punch holes through studs, the provided side handle is very useful in maintaining control when the bit breaks through the other side.
I personally do not use spade bits unless I am using a custom ground shape for some specialty application.
The torque on the Makita is fine for general drilling applications, but the variable speed can be a bit twitchy on this model with its paddle style switch. FPS and ECP tool works with Slim Packs or Fat Packs, monitors battery to reach maximum life. Slim-mount burst-wheel resistant guard design allows full usage of wheel diameter and resists rotation in case of burst wheel.

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