When I was young I really enjoyed “using” whichever of my dad’s tools I could get my hands on. As I got into middle and high school nothing resembling woodworking was of any real interest to me. Fast forward a bit – even though it took me a while, the entertainment center was a success and we continue to enjoy it to this day.
There have been a number of tools since that table saw, which I consider to be my first real woodworking tool, and in fact that table saw has since been replaced. The key to enjoyment in woodworking is to strive for that unattainable perfection, which continues to improve the quality of your work, while at the same time learning to appreciate the imperfections of the work and the wood. If you’ve had an opportunity to read my previous post on the setup of my SawStop PCS, you know that I built a router table into the extension wing shortly after assembling the saw. My new solution was not a minor amount of work, but the end result was absolutely worth it. Between the ProMax and the extra SawStop wing I had most of the hardware that I needed to get this done. After further review it looks like I can see a small part of the original legs still being used.
John again, would it be possible to post a few photos of the underside and the bolts you added to the rails? I do have my saw with a mobile base, I don’t move it very often but sometimes if a have longer wood and I am ripping. Also, did you use a bit to countersink the new holes in the rails (like the original holes) thst you drilled to put bolts in the sides of the Sawstop wing and the Benchdog table? I appreciate your help with this, I have all the parts and don’t want to make any mistakes. I came across this site while researching cast iron router tables as extensions for the Sawstop.
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I posted this in another thread, but wanted to start a new one, as I went slightly off topic in the thread I responded to. This is the Bench Dog Table Ext 40-103 table saw router extension with the Craftsman 21833 table saw. 1) Some (like myself) were concerned that the motor housing unit of the saw would interfere with the router.
2) The middle bolt connecting the two tables (as seen in picture) is a pain in the arse to tighten, because the motor housing unit is in the way…. I had big plans to take on a major Entertainment Console project, but Uncle Sam is a-calling again. Before you pick up those woodworking tools, take the time to ensure your safety in the shop! If you are selling your work, then you have entered a woodworking dimension with added complexity and stress. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. After that was taken care of, I took two pieces of angle iron and mounted them into the two front and two rear existing holes on the underside of the cast iron Bench Dog router table extension.
Once it was mounted to my router table, I sealed where it attached to the table saw extension with silicone.
Now, I still wanted to use the fence hangers so, I ended up bending the angle iron slightly to accommodate the fence.
Bench dog 40 100 promax router - Expand your table saw's versatility by adding this industrial grade router table in place of the extension wing. I say “using” because, let’s be honest, at 8 years old I wasn’t doing too much with them, and what I was doing – if I remember correctly – was probably not close to correct.

I took advantage of the Running Start program and spent 2 of my 4 high school years off-campus, so I never did take a high school shop class. There are things I would do differently if I was going to build it again, but I wouldn’t actually change a thing on that piece.
That’s one of the aspects of woodworking that I love most – with every new tool comes an entirely new challenge, learning experience and possibility to grow in the hobby. I started with the Bench Dog ProMax, which is specifically built to add a router table to the extension wing of your table saw. I laid out the SawStop extension and the ProMax together on the floor, and the mounting holes between the two lined up just fine. This gave me solid support on which to set the slab of cast iron, and it also let me add small shims to get the whole thing to just the height I wanted.
I did get a couple extra nuts, bolts and lock washers at Home Depot just to make everything a little more rigid where the pieces all come together. It added a substantial amount of weight to the saw, which is actually nice – it was always very solid but the router table setup did have a tendency to shake a little bit and that is no longer the case. Do you think you could roll this ( with mobile base) with help from another person gently helping to ” lift” the router end for a short move of the saw occasionally?
I have a crescent wrench that fit in there so I could tighten it, but it took some patience.
I am not sure if other 21833’s will be different, but I raised the table as high as it would go before tightening the bolts…..
To prevent the wax paper from drying out on the top side through a painters cloth or wrap the entire saw with a plastic throw.
Four portable wheels, and four plywood bulkheads.We know, we can never get enough with these inspiring designs with their jaw-dropping styles. Firstly, I needed to exchange the dust outlet position with the air vent position because there was not enough clearance between the router table extension and the body of my table saw.
This actually lines up perfectly and, because the angle iron I used had holes already in it, I found holes that lined up and it installed quite easily! Also, for that matter, I sealed the bottom plate of the router table extension with silicone as well as the dust outlet attachment to ensure a bit more of a seal from those locations (this way the majority of air being pulled into the enclosure will be from just the bit location and the air vent itself). I could have simply used heavier gauge steel instead of angle iron but I didn’t have any handy, which is why I just bent a portion of it out of the way.
It appears to be of great quality and the modification was pretty easy to do and it was mounted very solidly! Power tools were quite off limits, but I did have access to a combination square, screwdrivers, a hammer and a small handsaw which desperately needed to be sharpened (though as I reflect on that, I’m sure it was intentionally kept that way).
Every time I look at it I’m reminded of why I love this hobby so much, and how I got my start. I strongly believe as a woodworker you are never done, you’ve never learned it all and you are never the best you can be. I want to be able to share my approach to appreciating the hobby, and to share what I learn as it happens. It worked pretty well for a while, and did sell me on the idea of having this built into the table saw (a major space-saver over having a separate router table), but that laminated extension wing was never completely flat and it was very difficult to get the lift to sit flush with the table. I was not so lucky with the mounting holes on the SawStop rails (I would have been surprised if they did line up – this is not exactly how all of these pieces were meant to go together). The mounting holes from the side of the existing SawStop wing lined up with the mounting holes on the new wing, so it was just a matter of making a few new holes in the rails.
That sits pretty much directly under the additional cast iron wing (not the Bench Dog router table) and is built at the height to add support to that height. I love the the above table adjustment that I have with the extension, and I love the portability of it all. All that required was grinding the rivets off of the air vent, drilling new holes and re-riveting it to the rear.

The tools at my disposal (you know, the sort you might feel alright letting a young boy work with) did limit my projects a bit, but I always enjoyed attaching a couple pieces of wood together, putting a nail in something, and maybe on a rare occasion even cutting a board in two pieces. It wasn’t until after college, when I became a homeowner, that the idea of getting some tools and becoming “handy” started to have a little appeal. Every project is an opportunity to strive for that perfection though, and to create something that you can look at and enjoy for years and years.
Being an amateur woodworker has its challenges – finding the time to devote to the hobby, carving out enough space to work on your projects and often times reigning in the budget for this arguably expensive hobby. This led to some poor performance when pieces would not feed across the router at a consistent height. This worked out perfectly to have the miter track on the ProMax clear the rails on the front and back of the saw. I did add a couple holes for bolts into the front and rear rails, so with the additional bolts, cabinet and the original 2 legs I have really solid support. I have a workbench on the back side of my PCS that doubles as an out feed table, so I passed my original Sawstop extension off to someone looking to build a rough job site router table. I can’t say for sure how much weight that mobile base can take though, so I would definitely proceed with caution.
The rest of pictures are right below, scroll down and enjoy.Attractive bench dog router with black pullout handle doors, and portable wheels legs. Then, I removed the dust outlet attachment and, instead of dealing with the odd shape (the existing air vent hole was square and the dust outlet attachment was round) I purchased a $5 outlet from the local woodworking store and riveted it to the router enclosure. It started out with the simple home repairs, little updates and upgrades; the sort of thing a new homeowner might be interested in. My wife and I loved the design of it when we looked at it online, but when we saw it in-person, I was immediately struck by how the quality did not seem to match the price tag.
If you can work with these challenges though you will enjoy a hobby that is tremendously rewarding and relaxing, and full of such vast potential that you will never be able to do it all. That was a lot of table space to lose, and it would have left my rails hanging awkwardly out beyond the table. Long aluminum edge table, and white wooden cabinet.Contemporary bench dog route with tablehard plywood cabinet, and aluminum miter accessories. I started to build a tool collection from things like a screwdriver set to a cordless circular saw, and eventually a compound miter saw when I decided that I had a room that needed some crown moulding.
Somehow I managed to convince my wife that if we were to spend the money we had intended to spend on this piece of furniture on a table saw I could produce something just as good, if not better, and could continue to do that for other pieces we were interested in. Fortunately, SawStop does sell separate cast iron wings (you can buy then in pairs too, but one was all I needed).
Black round rubber feet, and small hole two sides cabinet.Exclusive table saw with dark silver metal board top, and black button sewing.
I could have used the original dust outlet attachment, but it would have required sealing the corners which were very slightly exposed. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I liked the idea of being able to do these things for myself, and I didn’t mind figuring out how to do them along the way. They are marketed for their contractor model, but they are the correct dimension for the PCS as well. Semi circle sewing blade, and red pullout ruler.Special bench dog router with grey spiral dust pipe, and silver plate hand wheel sewing. Red hand wheel height adjustment blade, and black metal bar sewing top.Inspiring router table with white cover sewing plate, and black orange l shape handle sewing. Metal bar board, and red metal rip fence.Interesting bench dog router with table saw router extension, and black solid plastic dust pipe.

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