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This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. We also offer cordless power tool spare parts like battery charger, rechargeable battery pack. The above is our product samples of Battery Powered tools, for full product lines please write us directly. In this instructable I am going to show you how to make your own Soldering Station, it works with dimmer switch. This collection contains all the entries to Digilent Design Contest 2016 edition Nexys 4 DDR (FPGA) Based Lock-in Amplifier Entry to Digilent Design Contest 2016. Lock-in amplifier is an instrument, that measures amplitude and phase shift of periodic signals precisely.
The main purpose of this project is to buid a digital radio transmitter using a fpga development board (Nexys 4) from Digilent, a hardware descrption language(vhdl) and a high speed digital to analog converter from Analog Devices adv7123. It is a tool based on a ZYBO board which allows testing and debugging of microprocessors designs.
This instructable idea was like a technical challenge : try to detect the presence of a AC live wire, without contact and without current flowing.
I have appended all the documents concerning the complete description of the project both in schematic and theoretical format. Build a Wireless Power Transmission system that can power a light bulb or charge a phone from up to 2 feet away!
Our objective going into this project was the design a system which tracks cycles and displays their location and their availability online. This is my current AS Level Systems and Control project which i have been designing since September. Describe the topic to which your project is related.Since we decided to create an RC boat, we could say that our projet is related to electronics (Arduino - Motor, servo) and 3D printing (Body, propeller, etc).
This document gives an example of how to control the LED by PC, and solve some of the doubts raised, I will also do a video uploaded to the Internet, welcome Click to watch. We carry so much critical and sensitive information on our Smartphones, what would you do if your phone got stolen?Luckily both major phone platforms(Android,IOS) offer first-party methods of encrypting your Smartphones.Were going to be taking a look at both of them. I, along with many other people, have childhood memories of walking into a movie theater, grocery store, or arcade and seeing a large glass box filled with toys.
One of the more powerful capabilities of 1btn is its ability to integrate with existing web services such as IFTTT, Zapier, and others. For some reason I always end up needing a reason to switch a mains powered device with a microcontroller so I decided to finally make a test jig with some spare parts I have lying around. If you like the classic look on your n64, but want a change every now and then This is the instructable for you.
I wanted to connect an AC-Adapter to a device witch uses two AA batteries, but there was no place to connect the AC-Adapter.
So I have searched for a door look sensor but couldn't find a good solution so I made one of a microswitch and a nexa remote I had laying around. This IoT project is designed to create a useful device and also a framework for other devices.Why do you want this? Now that you have converted your miniquad to run the Ardupilot mini by following my previous instructable, it’s time to configure the software.
DieHard Gold Automotive Battery Group Size 35 (Price with Exchange)Diehard gold battery group size 35 gives powerful starts even in cold climates thediehard gold car battery 35is engineered to give you the starting power you need every time, even in colder weather conditions.
DieHard Platinum Microprocessor-controlled Battery Charger Engine StarterA battery charger engine starter that lets you power up the whole garage never feel stranded with the diehard platinum battery charger. Worked for a year then display is going nuts, lighting up multiple displays, fan would strain. I came looking for a charger for my odyssey battery and wanted a more capable unit than the ones odyssey sells that only work with odyssey’s dry cell chemistry.
One cold (around -20f), dark (six hours of daylight) morning my daughters car would turn over. Bought this charger two weeks ago as a replacement for an older deep cycle unit for use with a diehard platinum marine battery. Craftsman C3 Drill Driver Kit with Lithium-Ion BatteryThis craftsman lithium drill driver torques it tight a solid addition to any home, shop or job box, this craftsman c3 drill driver kit with lithium ion power puts a keyless chuck and 340 inch pounds of torque in your hands. Battery lasted just over a year before the charger began flashing red that the battery was defective. The main reason i rated this at 4 stars, is i haven’t owned it very long or used it very much. I have bought several battery drills over the years, but i like the overall weight of this one much better. We got this to use around the house and it is great how did i live without a drill all this time. This isn’t the heaviest drill like the xcp kit, but for the price its great for around the home. This drill is excellent had to replace my cordless drill because it died and bought the craftsman c3 with the compact lithium-ion battery and charger. I got this on done of their crazy sales thinking it would be a decent one to have and was really surprise at how well made it is. Makes my diy projects easy to do craftsman is dependable and with a name like that you know you can never go wrong.
While i don’t own the drill i do own 3 of the c-3 batteries two compact and high capacity and they are 3 to 5 yrs old and work great i can tell you if left in cod to freezing temps they may fail i know from experience i have lost two lithium ion batteries that were in temps of 32 degrees not craftsman so if you are in the midwest where temps get below 32 batteries may suffer.
Few of the c3 tools come with battery and charger but this one does and it does the job well. With the new type battery and charger this heavy duty drill is now lighter and more powerful than my old hitachi drill. Owned another craftsman 19.3 ni-cad battery drill before this one and decided it was finally time for a new one. The charger said the new batteries were defective if you pushed them all the way down on the charger. I really like the charger with these lithium batteries and they will also charge the older non-lithium batteries. Bought this drill to use around the house for all my fixing up projects, it is working great and getting the work done. The drill is fine but i have three of the lithium batteries and there all junk i would recommend the drill but not the batteries. Well i was looking for a drill i went to other stores and ask salesman what he had on sale.
Great for the price, this is the second drill i bought, 1st for me, and 2nd was a gift, because of the great price.
I’m an apartment maintenance technician, and i have also operated my own home repair and remodel business. Works good except the directional switch needs a more positive detent for each of the three positions. I like having the option of using this new lithium-ion battery with my old 19.2 combo pack.
It is smooth to operate, has plenty of torque, i haven’t used it long enough to know how long the batteries will last yet. Bought this kit onsale because i could get a drill, charger and battery for $10 more then just a battery and charger.
Whyawould you sell drill kits with only 1 battery when it runs down i don’t have time to wait for it to charge you used to include 2 batteries. I wanted to start upgrading my nic-cad c3 set to lithium and this was a great way to start for under 60.00. Love the power from the lithium battery as i have a number of c3 tools with the ni-cad battery. DieHard Battery Maintenance KitBattery maintenance kit brings you professional service at home grab your diehard battery maintenance kit and keep your battery at its peak performance. The negative and positive screw-on terminals are not the same size, so one lug and wing nut (the positive terminal) from previous setup doesn’t attach to the terminal without modifications, and when i asked for nuts to fit the terminals i was given two of the same size.
I have had two of these battery’s for five years i do alot of trolling with a 24volt trolling motor i have fished for 8-10 hours of constant use and they have never let me down. You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland Digital low bit-rate voice communication Entry to Digilent Design Contest 2016. Nowadays modern society brings a lot of needs for a living person while the time to look for, to repair and to check everything is becoming insufficient. Instead of signal filtering to measure known frequency, it uses properties of sine function to achieve very high Q factor (selectivity).

The beauty of it is that you'll only need a MCU (arduino nano here), a wire, two resistors and a LED. Old, unused cycles can be repaired and can be allotted for these purposes in campuses like IIT G. William James, August, 2015Abstract Blinking LEDS contain a small IC chip that cause them to continuously blink on and off when a voltage is applied. Hopefully this will be much safer than having exposed mains wire floating around everywhere. However the remote broke and I had to use something else, like this magnetic sensor which is supposed to have a on or off activated constantly. Armed with unique power and safety features, this user-friendly charger assures allows you to power up a variety of batteries. I have owned it for about 3 years now and the only thing it is good for is for being a pretty trickle charger.
Charged a battery after a while checked and he 28.71225 that is the 2a 12a 30a 80astarter overheated. As others have pointed out odyssey (enersys) makes the die hard platinum battery, and the algorithm that this unit uses in the platinum mode supposedly works for charging odyssey batteries. It never takes more than 3 hours for a deep discharge and that is pretty good it excells at charging the platinum series batteries do to the high rate of charge these batteries need because they are agm batteries. This has happenned to both of my cars, one ten years old and one two years old (i left the radar detector plugged in and drained the battery).
Brought home to jump start a monthold battery that uses a 6 month old alternatorin a 2000 ford ranger after my 16 year old left headlights on draining battery.
The meter accuracy is within 0.05 volts, and the charging algorithms appear to work quite well, although they are not described in the instructions.
This charger did a much better job of topping up the battery than the old unit — i got about 20% more run time out of the battery after this charger got through with it.
Ready for powerful drilling and driving with precision, it swaps easily between 24 adjustable torque clutch positions, while the dual speed gear box delivers the speed or torque you need to take on any job.
The cost to replace the batteries were almost the cost of this drill with the lithium battery. Decided to get another as sometimes we need to use two at the same time it was on sale so i got another. He fully charged the day he got it and the next day began using to fix anything and everything around the house and even built me a little table using it all off that single charge. I got this kit to upgrade to lithium ion batteries as it was only slightly more than 1 batter and charger, bonus spare drill for the extra $10.
The battery never ran out and it was still working the following day when i used it to mount my tv to my wall.
Hopefully, the lithium-ion battery lasts longer and better than the regular battery that came with previous drill. This drill has worked great and has plenty of power to do anything i have tried to do with it.
So i give batteries a five star i also own three c-3 drills the compact batteries will last a full day under constant use and the high capacity will last a day and a half under constant use like fastening 3\.
The drill charges quickly and has plenty of power to do the simplest projects or big projects. Easy to use and the battery has ran for several days with lots of use and hasn’t lost power.
The ni-cad battery i use to have on my older 19.2 volt drill fits this one and uses the same charger, so when the lithium one needs charging, i have a spare to continue my work.
Highly pleased with the lightness of the lithium-ion batteries and recommend to anyone who needs a household cordless drill. With the addition of the lithium battery to their already great drill driver, i get at least twice the work time between battery changes.
Has lots of power we’ve alwayed used my dads older craftsman ones but this one i just puchased. The new battery also fits my old drill and provides amazing blazing power and speed for the old drill. It is very handy to have the bit right on the drill, but when it no longer has a good tip on it, it is only frustrating. He showed me the drill i bought because it was on sale and i got $10 off the price with points. The batteries on our old craftsman 19.2 drills were getting to where they would not hold a charge any longer. It started out working fine, but after about 10 months battery wouldn’t hold a charge and then exactly after the one year mark it started smoking.
I will have to consider going with a competitor so i will have the extra battery soai don’t waste time waiting onaa battery to charge a.
I’m not a carpenter but do build a few things and or want to hang or fix something frequently.
The lithium battery charges quicker but does not last a long as the nicd full size battery. I have been very happy with the c3 line of tools and will continue to add those tools i need when i need them. Went to top off charge (with craftsman recommended charger) and get ready for season, will not hold charge. With plenty of power for starting your inboard or outboard engine, this diehard battery offers up to 560 cold cranking amps and a reserve capacity of up to 85 minutes. It has a high reserve capacity of 205 minutes which ensures you will be safely ashore even in an emergency. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Power rated at 625 cold cranking amps, this battery is designed for your northern climate so that you have enhanced cranking ability even on the coldest days. Being microprocessor-controlled means this device provides fast, efficient, powerful charging and fault detection. Anyway 125 amp jump start feature didnt work, neither did any other feature (2 amp charge, 15amp charger, nor the 40 amp charge).
I have a couple of old cars in my garage and typically the batteries in them are completlydead by the time i have some interest in taking them for a spin (yes i should disconnecttheir batteriesbut i don’t). I use this on an electric vehicle to balance the battery pack if one or more batteries is lower than the rest of the pack. Manager was able to get it to work on a battery in the shop, so i brought it back home-bad mistake.
The different charging levels make it very versatile, and the automatic operation works perfectly, eliminating the worry of leaving it on too long.
Powered by the latest in battery technology, the craftsman lithium drill driver maintains a charge up to four times longer than other battery formulations, and delivers 20% more runtime than previous versions. I upgraded from the old style batteries where i had to charge it before every time i used it. The lion battery charges really quickly, so you don’t have to plan a day ahead for projects.
I don’t use a drill alot, mostly to hang pictures or small projects around the house.
When he needed a new one i was pretty insistent on paying a little more for the craftsman and so far he says it is the best drill he has had. So now i have 2 wonderful drills with all the power you might need for all of your projects. Got tired of finding my favorite drill missing so for his birthday thought it would be the best thing for both of us, also got him two extra batteries.
The lithium ion battery is interchangeable with most other craftsman 19.2 v systems which is what made this drill most attractive for me.
Instead of replacing the batteries i decided to upgrade to this drill with the lithium-ion battery. Honestly, there are drills out there that have more torque and heavier duty gearboxes, but they also cost two to four times as much.
Would have given 5 stars but it does not come with a case and it would be nice if it had an led. But so far it’s performed like a champ and a lot better drill than my previous drill of another brand. I guess to get the full effect of the lithium you have to get the much more expensive full size lithium.
The dry charged, flooded lead diehard powersport battery 16cl-b offers superior performance and durability.
And, because it’s meant for boats and other marine vehicles, you can expect its proven technology to withstand vibration. Unfortunately, aaa can’t come to the rescue, so why not arm yourself with the best battery possible the best defense is a good offense, and putting trust in this diehard battery is a good way to ensure security. This maintenance-free battery features an evolution technology that adds to its functionality and durability.
I don’t see how this battery could out, unless you are charging it wrong with the wrong type charger. We all fall in love with mechanics and electronics, we are learning in technical universities.
Thediehard gold battery group size 35is a maintenance-free battery built with safety and performance featuring demineralized battery acid, a heat-sealed polypropylene case, full-frame calcium alloy grids and flame-retardant safety vents. Then it stalled at 65% and the charger cables got very hot where they connect to the battery terminals.
They didn’t want to unwind from the plastic pegs that hold them, and wanted to recoil instead of extending and clamping. With my old charger i would connect the charger to the battery, run an extension cord from the charger in the garage to the house and plug it in, let it charge for a few hours and then unplug the extention cord.

The 40 amp capability is in the form of a long timed pulse of about 2 minutes followed by 15 amps for a similar time period, then repeating until the voltage has risen enough that it isn’t required. A couple of things to note: 1 you must connect the battery before plugging in the charger or it may not start its charging cycle properly.
Complete with a battery, multi-chemistry charger and a dual ended drill bit, bring this powerful drill home, and get to work, right out of the box. If i get my additional lithium battery as the rebate offer in september, it will be a great deal. I charged this when i got it and even after using it multiple times and it sitting in my tool box it doesn’t seem to even need charged yet. Now he uses his drill, but still takes mine cause other students help on the stage construction too. I was using the old type battery and the new one at the same time in two drills the drill with the lithium-ion drill lasted much longer than the nicad drill.
Yes, i realize the weight is related to the battery pack, but i need a cordless drill, so dilemma.
I was hoping to move to lithium for the extra power and run time but i was kinda disappointed in this one.
Middle cells overfilled and emptied the end cells with the remaining fluid blowing out the vent tube as well as seeping out of the fill plugs all over the top of the battery.
Even though diehard batteries are the most reliable and enduring, a thorough cleaning and charging will ensure your battery performs as well as the day you bought it. Make powerless watercrafts a thing of the past with this reliable, durable, sturdy marine battery packing 700 cca (cold cranking amps). Suitable for recreational and marine vehicles, the battery has a long off-season storage time, so you can just crank up and speed away. Switch to a higher amp rate with the easy push-button options and put power to your car, suv and truck batteries. Who would design something with cheap leads that very often would be called upon to work when batteries fail most – in the dead cold of winter it failed this test miserably.
I would not consider storing this item inside in a closet as automotive items are not stored in the house. Then the next day i would just plugthe extension cordback in and the charger would continue doing its job. I do agree with other reviewers that if the ac power is interupted the charger will not start up again in the same mode you had it in. 2 if running on a generator you will note that during the early phase of the charging cycle, at least on the 40a setting, the generator will load up periodically as the charger dumps more current into the battery.
Craftsman c3 drill driver kit with lithium ion includes: drill, dual ended bit, battery and charger in. I also found that the keyless chuck on the drill was had to tighten if you have larger hands and the ribs were almost too smooth to grab.
This battery has plenty of torque and the charge seems to last a longer time, compared to my old ni-cad batteries. I have probably put my drills through more use and abuse than they are designed to handle, but they always come through for me. When he held the keyless chuck with his hand to see how much power it had it about burned him it spun so fast. The diehard marine battery size 31m has tin-coated brass terminals and 99.99 percent pure virgin lead plates, that make it durable, powerful and reliable. I keep an on board charger on them when parked during season and pull them in the fall and keep on a charger all winter.
You definitely cannot leave it alone and expect the battery to be charged when you return twelve or 24 hours later. Sleeve accommodates bits big and small dual gear settings deliver high toque (0-400 rpm) and high speed (0-1,400 rpm) settings ergonomic design delivers grip and limits fatigue lightweight battery increases maneuverability 24 position clutch helps put an end to stripping and blow-out lithium battery delivers longer run time, charge retention and more charge cycles than nicd versions.
Usually had a very hard time getting drill bits to stay tightened in the chuck though driver bits weren’t as much of an issue. As a matter of fact, i only bought this drill because i needed a new battery, and it was only twenty dollars more for me to get the drill and the battery together.
I keep either locking the tooll or shifting it to go in the opposite direction i want it to go.
The only thing me and him dont like about it is that you don’t get any warning that the battery is almost dead, because its a lithium ion battery. With all that power you shouldn’t run out of energy, but if you do, an impressive 180 minutes of reserve capacity has you covered.
Safety first design features a non-spillable and sealed design with an absorbed glass mat construction. Diehard knows batteries, and the battery charger engine starter is engineered with the custom diehard platinum multi-stage charging algorithm-specifically designed to charge diehard platinum automotive and marine agm batteries. However, with this new digital charger there are two major problems, firstly, if the battery that you wish to charge is in a car and completly discharged, the charger will not begin to charge (ever). Unfortunately, when i try to use this modern, microprocessor controlled charger, i usually have to drag out the 20 year old charger to do the job. Only negative: if the ac power is interrupted the charger will not resume charging at the settings you chose when power is restored.
Would be nice if the brake would hold the chuck in place to tighten instead of easily moving, making it a challenge to get both hands on the small chuck. All the cordless drills i have had in the past i have had to keep 2 or 3 batteries charged up at all times because if the battery drains it would take hours to recharge it and i would have to stop working and wait to get the battery recharged and wouldn’t be able to finish what i was working on. These glass mats are instrumental in keeping the acid in place to make the battery vibration-resistant and easy to mount.
Since too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, the charger comes with float-mode monitoring, where a constant flow of energy keeps batteries fully charged without overcharging, so your battery stays useful even when you can’t babysit your power station.
Oh, and the handle flops just right to get in the way when it’s sitting flat on its bottom. A schumacher sc-800a charger (schumacher actually makes the diehard 71227 charger) did the same thing. You have to manually reset if you want anything other than regular battery charging at the 2a rate. This comprehensive kit comes packaged in a rugged storage case to give you a professional look. Sail away on a sunny day or as the rain lashes at the shores with this weather-resistant battery.
The diehard platinum battery charger does more than just charge-it also comes with a 125 amp engine start to help jump start 12v internal combustion engines. Just enough light to hook up the cables but not enough to read all the directions without a flashlight.
As a result, i would not recommend using this charger unattended, say to keep a marine battery charged over the winter. This device is safe even for novices, thanks to reverse hook-up protection, which protects battery and charger against harmful effects of backwards or incorrect hookups. My old, analog charger was simple – hook up the cables, plug in the cord and flip a switch. Both batteries like to blow acid from the fill caps or out the vent even at a 1.25 volt charge rate. The second problem is that if the power to the charger is interrupted, such as a loss of power(or in my case unplugging my extension cord) the charger will stay in test mode and will not charge until you physically push one of the buttons on the unit to select a charging amperage. Although the instructions for diehard platinum (odyssey) say to choose a charger with 14.8 volts, this charger was obviously designed with these batteries in mind. Not sure if it is just because it is the smaller lithium battery and the bigger one may have more punch or maybe i got a bunk one. If the fill caps are on during a charge cycle, the middle cells would fill up and the end cells will empty themselves. Feel safe knowing that this product is ul listed, recognized for meeting the highest level of safety design standards to protect against electrical, chemical and mechanical malfunctions. These are the only two issues that i have with this charger, as a charger i believe that it works fine, however as a tool to make my life easier, it does not quite do the job of my old analogcharger. The only negative i noticed was that if the ac power cycles, after 15 minutes it will come back on as a charger set for regular battery mode and set for 2 amps.
The fill caps won’t stay tight fitting over time and eventually get loose, are easily pulled out so no wonder they leak.
Never did put the battery into service as having acid all over the inside of the battery compartment is not an option. Told by a local battery dealer that this issue with acid leakage is not a new one on these diehard batteries.
I have a smaller 10l-a2 diehard that has not had this problem and still going after 5 years. I’ve used it to charge and maintain a motorcycle battery, a automative gel cell, and regular automotive battery. It is also maintained with a battery tender charger, has never blown acid out of the vent or transferred acid between cells, and the fill caps are still very tight. I dumbly tried to quick charge the motorcycle battery once at 15amps and it automatically backed the charge speed down to 2amps and the float mode works great.
I got out my jumper cables, connected them and, in less than a minute, had the car running.

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