Setting and Using Screens: Skills and Drills presents a comprehensive overview and step-by-step discussion of how to set and use screens effectively.
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Looking for a shooting drill for a lighter practice I’m going to have this afternoon, so thank you for that. Three lines at one end of the court, ball starts in the middle with the first person and the 2nd person in each line at that end have a ball. I always tell the girls, the middle person wants to take their lay-up fairly quickly, it’s the side ones that can take their time. Basketball team drills that focus on basic plays such as the pick 'n roll and give 'n go should be a mainstay in all your practices, especially when you coach youth players.
But on the other hand, if your players can run the pick 'n roll, the give 'n go, simple cuts, etc. The focus of basketball team drills like these needs to be on the offensive movement, in this case, the pick 'n roll, and on setting it properly. Use these drills to practice the moves in game-like situations, making adjustments as needed. And while some of your player’s will have a natural feel for when and how to run it, you’re going to want to explain each and every option available to the ball handler and the roll man. One of the most underrated aspects of good pick and roll play is setting up the screen.  By setting up the screen properly,  you decrease the chance of the illegal screen call, as well as make it tougher to defend. If you wanted to come off the screen going to the middle , bring the ball down to the side, just below the screen, and then come back around over. If the picker’s defender comes and flashes up high,  you want to hit the roll man with an inside bounce pass, in between the two defenders.  The roll man will have your defender on his back, and an easy lane to the basket. If you can beat the second defender high, come off the screen hard and look to wrap the bounce pass around the outside, hitting the roller in stride.

When the defense sends both defenders at the ball handler, the roll man should ‘stick’, or ‘pop’, making themselves available for a pass around the three point line. Continuing to roll in this situation is usually to tough a pass to hit over two defenders, and if the roll man has range, this shot will be open for them all day.
If you’re looking for a couple plays to input into your offense that feature the pick and roll, make sure to check out my basketball youtube channel!
The DVD also details when certain screens are appropriate and reviews the key factors involved in specific types of screens. Within 30 days of delivery of your order, you may return any merchandise purchased from Mansion Athletics in its original condition with your email order confirmation or packing slip. This is a great way of paying it forward and sharing our knowledge with other like-minded folks in the basketball world. The passes should be perfect, the layups should be made because there is NO defense, but time ticking down always adds pressure.
These moves are the building blocks to any play, and if players can't do them properly, they will never be able to run any play successfully. Run one option a few times and then the other, or run both options at the same time and have #3 choose the receiver. It is so common to see a player getting called for blocking because they didn't have their pick set, because they moved into the defender they were setting the pick on, or because the player receiving the pick cut too early.
Often you can confuse the defense with the consecutive picks, catching them off guard, even if they defended it well the first time. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Start the clock when the middle girl begins with a pass to the right, she will get the ball back and then pass to the girl on the left as all three of them move down the court together. And while the middle person is going fast, she can’t go faster than her side teammates can pass her the ball.

If I set the bar at 67 the next day and they only get 62, they owe me 5 sprints at the end.
Being able to execute these moves confidently will allow your players to improvise successfully when needed, and continue to put points up.So, once you've completed the introduction to setting screens and the pick 'n roll, start adding drills like this one into each practice to ensure players continue to improve their play-making abilities. Mix up the moves - not just pick 'n roll, but add in some give 'n go, some straight cutting, etc. This first time you do it you’ll have to set a standard for how many lay-ups your team makes and then you can challenge them from there. The last pass to the middle should be as close to the other end’s top of the 3-pt line as possible. And mix up the drills you add to each practice to ensure you prepare them for whatever opportunities arise in the game.
And add in a variety of offensive scoring moves as well so they can practice things like a drop step or baby hook, or from the wing they can drive or pull up for a jumper.Be creative, put together basketball team drills with a variety of moves and skills - the more they are exposed to in practice, the better able your players will be to adapt in the game.
Their job is to communicate and take turns attempting (hopefully making) their layups, they will then become the passers for the next group coming down. All this time the middle person has taken their lay-up, is getting it out of the rim and then doing the same thing down to the other end, but now passing with the two girls that just passed from the baseline, they will then repeat same thing that started the drill. Middle gets the layup, taking off from the top of the 3-point line, side people get the pass from the baseline and take turns shooting their lay-up.

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