The hand is a remarkable tool, worthy of taking the time, to do some close observation by making some, detailed, hand drawing studies. Research shows that none verbal signals, carry about five times as much impact, as the verbal channel. If you want to start understanding the hand, more closely, then you could place your own hand, palm down on a piece of paper and just draw around it, to start out with, now take a look at the shape without any detail.
Same hand but with more detail, using, hatching methods of mark making, mostly to further define, shape and form. Now you could draw your own hand again, with more detail this time, it will enable you to observe it more closely and understand the shapes, and form better.
The hand showing bone structure, in some detail, Phalanges, Metacarpals and Carpals, that make up the different bones in the hand, and part of the wrist. The body of the hand or the main bulk area, is about the same length as the index finger, from the knuckle, ball and socket joint.
Hand image, showing how the index finger, can be used to understand the proportions better.
If you place your hand over your face with the tips of your fingers near the hair line and the part of your palm, where it connects to your wrist, at your chin, you will notice, if you look in the mirror, that your fingers start, just below your eyes.
Because of the fact, that there is as much information, to be noted in the hand, as there is in the rest of the human body, it is worth understanding why and also realizing, that they are often just as difficult to draw.
Hand image, diagram showing, how the middle finger can be used, in comparison to understanding, proportional sizes better. As the time progresses the art of stitching and sewing also developed and becomes a part of our life. In the time of modernization and globalization, people have less time for hand embroidery or hand Sewing and stitching. Chain stitch is very easy and attractive stitch to make this bring the needle up at A point and pass the needle down through the same point with forming a loop bring the needle up at the B point.
Is formed as similar to the chain stitch needle come up at A and goes down at B with forming a loop needle come up at c point repeat the process for obtaining a chain this appears as broken chain. Back stitch is similar to the running stitch, to make this stitch first bring needle up at A point and then put the needle down to B point, then bring the needle up at D and come back to the point C put the needle down at this point and pass the needle at E point. This stitch is formed by bringing needle up through fabric at A point hold thread with left hand finger and thumb and wipe thread 4-5 times around the needle and insert needle in B point, twist lie on the surface.

It is a kind of running stitch but in this stitch space between them is lesser then the length of the stitch.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Parking at a convention or rally can be a tricky undertaking with the number of families attending these popular events.
The parker giving directions to the driver must possess a very good understanding of the degree of maneuverability of the coach and visualize an imaginary path of the rear wheels that lead to the desired parking spot without hitting anything. IF YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE HIGH-VISIBILITY LEFT SIDE OF THE COACH, GIVE THE STOP SIGNAL TO THE DRIVER.
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If you are interested in the figure or drawing people, then it is important to study the hand in detail because it is also, an important aspect of human interaction and communication. Hands play a significant role, in this none verbal communication, so if you are drawing studies of the figure, it is important, to have some understanding, of what the hands might have to say. This means that the distance, from your chin to just below your eyes, is the size of the main body area, of your hand from your wrist, to the start of your fingers. This work was performing from the Stone Age when the needle was made of bones and thread was made of animal parts or plant. Mostly work are performed by the machines to save time and labor, and because of this hand embroidery work is dying, but in some areas this skill is a base of their livelihood. People use many kinds of stitches for making designs some of them are simple but some of them needed extra skill and practice to make them perfect. Certain kinds of stitches are used together to make a beautiful things when kind of stitches are combine to make a certain type of stitching, it call as embroidery work. It is a creative work and helps you to express your creative ability and give satisfaction and pleasure. Visually it looks like running stitch at surface and at the backside appears like stem stitch. For this needle bring up at A at bottom line down at B top line take needle up at C and Down at bottom line at point D, up at E and repeat the process. For this stitch, bring needle up at A, goes down at B point and come up from c, and goes down at D point.

Needle come up at a point and then goes down at other point repeat this process in equal distance. Make a line of running stitch then pass the thread from these previously formed stitches without pricking the fabric.
The basic parking signals below are being furnished to assist you in arriving at your final parking space in a safe manner. Be wary of low-hanging limbs, overhead wires, utility connections, and sharp corners on walkways or patios. The hands, have a great deal to say without words but through gestures, they can often convey many different meanings and are an important element, of visual communication, along with body language. Multiply this by two and you have the size of the whole hand, from the wrist to the finger tips.
Many types of machines have developed for the sewing and embroidery too, with this, computerization led to revolution in textile field.
For making this bring the needle up at A and loop the thread around from left to right and take needle through B and bring it out from C. Bring the needle up at A at bottom line put the needle in at B and out from the C then put needle in  at D  and out from B point and  in at E find an X (cross)repeat the same process for  embroidery. Instructions listed below are for drivers, as well as for the parking crew directing you to your parking location. When the parker needs to leave the preferred high-visibility left side of the coach to determine whether the other side is clearing, the STOP signal will be given.
It is hoped these uniform signals will allow for confusion-free parking into assigned spaces at our conventions and rallies. If at any time you do not understand the hand signal or additional directions are needed, wave your hand out the driver’s window and signal the parker to approach for conversation. Sewing and stitching is mainly associated with fabrics but also used in other places like shoe making etc.

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