TRAVEL BALL’S FIRST E-ZINEFor Players, Coaches & Parents With a Passion for Competitive Play! THE NEWS SERVICE FOR COACHES & PARENTSThe Free Email Service to Help You Develop Good Players & Great Kids. This video is over an hour and covers Characteristics and Qualities of Catchers, Stances, USe of the Glove, Framing the Plate, Blocking, Throwing, Fielding Bunts, Tag Plays and Force Plays. Before using these catching baseball coaching drills, please ensure you understand the fundamentals of catching. These Catching Baseball Coaching Drills are designed for parents and coaches to instruct players on properly catching the baseball to: - Build the muscle memory to support the proper technique - Improve your catching ability - Improve the speed of the glove to hand exchange of the baseball - Expanding your catching area - Reduce injury risk.

When a player completes the station, they should run to the back of the line of the next station. Station 2: Catching Glove Side Remind players it is always better to get in front of the ball.
Station 3: Catching Backhand Remind players it is always better to get in front of the ball. Check out these one of a kind, original, hand painted baseballs of your favorite famous baseball players at this site. Leave Catching Baseball Coaching and see the innovative baseball items at Great American Baseballs.

In simple language, Coach George Horton of Cal State Fullerton breaks down the position step by step. Topics include what it takes to be a catcher — both mentally and physicallly, basic fundamentals of the positon like sign stance, receiving stance, throwing stance and blocking.

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