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If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact support. Now that we're finally back on our feet from the break in and tool theft and with Ed's compressor going back to him this week and a "new" used Lincoln 180 from Craigslist back in our shop, it's finally time to start back building our shop. Grizzly and Jet band saws also have good reputation ; their band saws always look the same though. Jonathan I think most of the Chinese saws are contracted to maybe one or two companies with various grades of specificiations that the seller may or may not spec the same.

I guess if you ask 50 different folks and you gonna get a lot of different opinions on the saws, however if I bought a off shore saw I would purchase from someone where I pretty much knew that I could get replacement parts for it. The total cost including any applicable VAT (for EU orders) will be shown in your order confirmation e-mail. I'd like to buy a horizontal band saw but wholly distrust the reviews I read from the "experts". The thing has been run daily since 1968 and sits out in the Florida rain at my buddies shop.
And what i like about the smaller units is they lock in the upright position for cutting out patterns.

I dialed the cut in on mine then it had an alcohol related incident, it fell over and now I cant get it to cut straight. Is a wet saw worth the issues of cleaning and such for just occasional, weekend use and if so, is a Jet a decent choice. My 14 inch Morse and My Milwaukee 8" hand held can cut 4-5 to one over a bandsaw and plenty accurate for a metal fabber.

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