DEWALT Fueled by DEWALT’s 40-volt max lithium ion batteries and powerful motors, these tools provide the runtime and performance landscapers demand. Makitaa€™s team of Engineers and Product Specialists talked to professional tradesmen to find out what they want in a professional cordless power tool, and the answer was more power, less weight, better fit, and more work. Makitaa€™s new LXT Cordless Tool Series has been designed specifically for Lithium Ion technology and shifts the cordless paradigm by giving you 18V power in the size of a 12V tool. Energy is generated every 90 degrees on the magnetic field rather than 180 degrees like the competition.
With a more compact design, the LXT models are 40 percent lighter but deliver 18V power with the weight of a 12V. Makita's Cordless Driver Drills are available in the LXT Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion, and standard cordless product lines.
A hammer drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw, and lantern are included in this award-winning combo kit. The ergonomically designed grip and handle provide maximum leverage, and the five-position belt hook and lightweight design allow you to take this tool anywhere. The CR18DL’s ergonomic design and tool-less blade changing system provide comfort and efficiency. The Elastomer grip and electric brake provide comfort and safety during operation, and the built in spotlight illuminates your work surface for cut-line visibility. And with a convenient 360-degree, eight-position handle, the lantern can be hung from a pipe, rail, tree, or it can be carried with ease.
HXP Lithium-Ion batteries operate within optimal voltage limits, protecting both the tool and batteries from damage. And if a surge in power is detected during use, Hitachi’s Over-Current Protection technology will temporarily shut of the power to protect the batteries and tool from being damaged. HXP batteries come with a two-year HXP Lithium-Ion Battery Warranty, which protects against possible defects in materials and workmanship. The Industry’s Longest Lithium-Ion Tool WarrantyEvery Hitachi cordless power tool is designed to the highest standards and rigorously tested for both performance and durability. The Bosch Power Box PB360S has been one of our favorite products for years, how many other jobsite radios you can play Corn Hole with (see our 2011 video below) while the radio is still playing. Earlier this year we got a chance to try out the Bosch 12V Circular Saw (released in Europe not US) and we disappointed because we could not have imagined what use it could possibly have. The extremely compact size makes this tool very easy to hold and maneuver highlighting the best aspects of the barrel grip design.
For those looking for a great Father’s Day gift idea Bosch Tools and Ohio Power Tool have teamed up to make the choice pretty easy on you. A few years back Bosch announced a newly designed Brute Hammer Drill with 4 Pole Brushed Motor and it really was, in our opinion the best brushed heavy duty cordless drill on the market, a title we think they retain until today.
At the World of Concrete when we saw a new Bosch Brute Tough Drills DDH182X and HDH182X we thought for sure we were looking at new brushless heavy duty drills. For the past few days we have been visiting the US Bosch Tools home office to see many of the tools that will be launching later this year and into 2012.
When I pulled the PS21-2A out of the box the first reaction was honesty, did they really need to redesign the whole tool just to shave an inch or so off the nose. It is safe to say the new PS21-2A blows away the competition in the 12V compact driver category.
Currently if you purchase the PS21-2A you can get a Free PS20B (Gen 2 Pocket Driver tool only), battery (BAT411 not the BAT412 it comes with) or LED flashlight, with a mail in rebate.

Plus they are ergonomically designed to give you an amazing degree of even pressure on the hand and increased control. Also included are two high-capacity 3-Ah lithium-ion batteries, a Universal Charger, and a durable tool bag for easy transport and storage.
Its powerful motor generates 0-2,100 strokes per minute for cutting wood, metal, and composites.
In LED mode, the lantern can run up to 150 hours on a single charge; in florescent mode, it can run up to five hours before needing a charge. Where NiCd and NiMH batteries could be used for up to 500 charge cycles, HXP Lithium-Ion batteries can be used for up to 1,500 charge cycles! Protection circuitry built into the included batteries and charger monitors the charge and discharge for each battery cell, resulting in peak operating performance. This feature allows the power to return to optimal voltage, thereby extending battery and tool life beyond any competitive lithium-ion products. All HXP Lithium-Ion cordless tools come with a 10-year Lithium-Ion Tool Warranty, which protects against possible defects in materials and workmanship. Hitachi is a leader in power tool research and development and has achieved many firsts in the power tool industry.
But times they are a changing and Bluetooth is the undeniable feature everyone is looking for these days.
The GSR 18 V-EC FC2 comes with several heads for a variety of drilling and fastening applications.
We could not feel more opposite about the new Bosch 12V jig saw JS120 ($119, bare) we recently had the opportunity to demo. The problem is however since that time brushless has become the technology everyone else has begun to adopt for several advantages in runtime, tool life and power. These drills will get improvements in safety first with brushless versions coming later, our guess would be 2015. Fast forward to 2010 and the compact cordless tool category has exploded with tons of exciting new tools in the 10-12 volt range for home owners and professionals alike.
It turns out the smaller compact design is just a nice bonus but the real reason it got an overhaul is the guts. However the short fall with the Bosch 12V Max line of tools does not come from any one of their tools but more with the depth of the line. Also you can still take advantage of the Free Shipping deal from Ohio Power Tool until the end of March by using the coupon code MARCH at checkout or calling in and mentioning the Free Shipping promotion. Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs.
The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company.
Its unique two-step switch lets you select from four different speed settings to dial in the perfect speed for the job. For convenience, the automatic switch changes the lantern from florescent to LED when the battery gets low. Today, Hitachi continues the tradition of innovation and engineering with new features in addition to classic quality. Answer the new Bosch PB360C ($199) which looks to basically be the same radio but with built in Bluetooth of course. Festool has offered this for years in the premium tool category and more recently we’ve seen less expensive options that can interchange out all kind of saws, sanders and other types of tool heads.

Additional features include the Active Response Technology (ART) a nice safety feature which keeps the tool from spinning out of control when it binds up. Bosch has also announced their own brushless drills however they are in the compact category along with Makita, Dewalt, Hitachi and others.
At first we felt a little disappointment however when we actually saw what this new feature did we realized how many injuries the technology will prevent and understood the priority of getting this into the tools as quickly as possible. These 4 models will replace the existing Brute Tough and Compact Tough models but join their Super Compact Drill DDB180-02 ($169, Ohio Power Tool) and Super Compact Hammer HDB180-02 ($199, Ohio Power Tool) for a total of 6 drill options in the Bosch 18v line up. Both of these tools have plenty of torque to hang cabinets or even help build the occasional deck.
The new Pocket Driver has 265 in lbs of torque where the first generation had 80; it also now has 2 speeds like a real driver should. After 90 screws the entire board was full and still plenty or juice left so to really test the torque and clutch went back over all 90 screws to see how far into the wood the screws could be driven.
With a head start as the creators of the category you would expect they would have the most tools in their lineup but that is definitely not the case. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
It looks like this is definitely a trend that is not going away so it’ll be nice to see other professional brands get involved so the tools actually perform and it’s not just a gimmick that make a nice infomercial. Overall we think this compact jigsaw is going to be a huge success for woodworkers, remodelers and homeowners alike. The Electronic Precision Control (EPC) utilizes soft-start and a reduced output for more precise drilling in cinder block or fine chiseling.
For serious all day applications in concrete many users would probably prefer a true cordless Bosch bulldog hammer but it’ll be interesting to see how price and access to batteries factors in. For the heavy duty brushless category Milwaukee remains pretty much unchallenged for a few years now which is truly shocking. This line up seems to make sense because it pretty much eliminates the need for a separate 14.4v offering keeping all batteries and chargers compatible. At the same time the light weight design and 20+ clutch settings make it a nice tool for delicate jobs like working on computer boxes or assembling different items which can definitely be awkward with an 18v drill. Basically hitting max torque 90 times in a few minutes, at which point you might expect some overheating but was not a problem for this tiny tool even with my other hand basically covering the entire tool. The Milwaukee M12 line for instance now sports over 20+ tools, many specific to professionals but lots of versatility throughout the line. With a few breaks to snaps pictures and find some more loose nails it took about 30 minutes to kill the battery at which point the 2nd battery was fully charged ready to roll again. I am pretty confident in most real life situations the battery would be good for an hour or more of constant use and easily last all day with occasional use. In a variety of finishes and functions, including pullout or pull-down faucets and one or two-handle options.Shop Kitchen Faucets--> Related Information Cutting Crown Moulding With DEWALT Miter Saws Discover the best practices for cutting crown moulding with DEWALT miter saws.

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