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This angle grinder’s powerful 15 amp motor gives it the power to tackle tough metal cutting, shaping and slag removal jobs. You describe the motivation for wanting to break this rule which is where the rule came from in the first place. I’ve got a modified extension cable for using my grinders (and any applicable power tool) that has an inline foot switch with a velcro tab that wraps around my boot. I can guarantee your power tool can take off one of your fingers both before your foot comes off the switch, and it spins down. My dad’s fingers were saved by a pair of thin welding gloves when he got too close to a band saw blade. Ever had a table saw get pinched by a piece of hardwood and nearly have your throat cut by the saw blade? If you work with tools that spin really fast with a lot of inertia, and there’s any chance of something getting caught, probably better to go bare-handed or use gloves that can easily tear away (say, neoprene or latex).
If two hands are kept on a grinder at all times, there shouldn’t be an issue with gloves getting caught in the tool.
One other thing, the fiber reinforced wheels have been know to frag and kill or severely wound people. He said in the video that he has a bench grinder, it’s all about saving time by the looks of things. The timing of this post is impeccable, I’ve seen 2 news stories this week about mishaps with angle grinders and the utterly stupid things people did. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The type of attachment placed on an angle grinder depends on the task being performed and the materials being used. Tool of the Week is taking a much-needed vacation as we recuperate from the Mini Maker Faire. Several weeks ago, I profiled the Tool Library’s awesome bike stand and mentioned that there were other bike repair tools in the collection. The Tool Library currently has two bike pumps available: a Bell floor pump and a foot pump. The bike repair kit in the collection is a Park Tool AK-37 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit, which contains 37 professional grade tools to help you do necessary bike maintenance and repairs. If you want a more hands-on demonstration of the bike repair tools at the Tool Library, we’ll be at the West Seattle Farmers Market this Sunday, doing bike demonstrations.
The West Seattle Tool Library has a collection of over 1,300 tools currently available, is free to use and run primarily on user donations. Angle grinders, also known as side or disc grinders, are small power tools used to grind, polish and cut other materials. The West Seattle Tool Library has a collection of over 1,500 tools currently available, is free to use and run primarily on user donations. Chris brought in a handful of broken electronics including a broken flashlight and a broken garage door opener.
I, myself, spent two and a half hour taking apart a string trimmer that had started smoking and then quit turning.
The wind turbine group agreed that the project needed more time and rescheduled the windmill building party for the following Monday.
This upcoming Thursday we will be kicking off our first Bike Repair Fixer’s Collective meeting. Image of a gray and orange string trimmer on a concrete floor, with a trimmer manual and a pair of safety goggles in front of the trimmer. With the recent warmer weather and the handful of sunny days we’ve had, the plants in my yard are thinking it’s spring. A string trimmer, also commonly called by a popular brand name: Weed Whacker, is the perfect tool for cutting weeds down to a manageable size. String trimmers have a motor inside that spins a thin piece of plastic really fast, so fast that is slices right through grass and weeds and even some thin woody material. Cordless electric trimmers are extremely portable and also pretty light in comparison to gas trimmers.
In addition to a collection of over fifteen hundred tools, The West Seattle Tool Library also has a small book library.
Along with actual books, the book library contains old issues of magazines, like Popular Mechanics and woodworking magazines.
Finally, the book library contains catalogs from the major tool companies including Grainger, Grizzly Industrial, ETCO Fisheries Supply and a few others.

The next time you run out of home improvement projects or need some inspiration, come take a look at our book library. At Seattle Share Fair, you’ll learn how to use all these services to gain easier access to thousands of tools and household items, workshops, cars, media, and even land for gardening.  You’ll also learn how to personally start up similar services, just in case you’d like to have a Tool Library in your own neighborhood.  The Seattle Share Fair is the place to get started!
When finishing wood, use steel wool between coats of finish, then use a magnet to clean up steel wool fibers.
Tuesday, January 10th, 7-9 PM Learn how to prepare your own beer!  Participants will be introduced to all the necessary brewing equipment while learning how to prepare the mash, cook it, add flavors, and complete the brewing process. Tuesday, January 24th, 7-9 PM There a lot of buzz around bees these days.  This class will cover basic beekeeping tools and equipment, local laws, getting started, basic hive management, and processing the harvest.
Tuesday, January 31st, 6-9 PM Learn the basics of using small powertools such as circular saws, jigsaws, powerdrills, impact drivers, nail guns, and miter saws.  During the class, you’ll demonstrate what you’ve learned by building a take-home, cedar planter box. This angle grinder has a durable 4.3 amp motor that delivers 10000 RPM for fast stock removal. Features include an all ball and roller bearing construction for durability and tool-free adjustable guard. It may be better to refer to it as a bench motor, as he uses both a grinding wheel and a wire brush while showing off his project. The first is a piece of square tube that runs parallel to the body of the grinder on the side opposite the handle. It was my understanding if the cloth gets caught your hand gets mangled, while if it hits skin you get cut but you don’t get pulled in. That’s everything with saw blades and anything that has a slot with stuff turning in it. I think if you’re planning on getting close enough to the grinder with your hands that being pulled in is a risk then you should consider holding the work in something.
If you regularly work with really sharp edges or very hot materials, it’s probably a good idea to wear calfskin or kangaroo leather gloves. However, gloves are to not be worn for stationary equipment like lathes, mills, bandsaws, and bench grinders. Its best to teach not to use gloves because the chances of people having the right ones is pretty slim. I’d rather not use a handheld grinder on the bench for the same reason I trust bolts more than a vise.
Wood requires an open sandpaper like surface where the sawdust and resins take longer to accumulate. What does Harbor Freight charge these days?), I have no idea why you’d do this, unless you want to loose some fingers. A british guy was having trouble with a tree stump in his garden, his chainsaw wasn’t playing ball, so he decided that putting a circular saw blade in an angle grinder, he attempted to cut the tree stump out with his contraption, it was the last bit of DIY he ever did, he got massive kickback and hit himself in the neck and severed his major arteries, his wife found him in a pool of blood in his back garden. The angle grinder also features a rugged cast aluminum gear case, wheel guard, two position auxiliary handle and all ball-bearing motor for long life.
The angle grinder also includes a three position rear handle for comfort and control along with easy access brushes making this a powerful tool for the professional metal worker and hobbyist alike!
This doubles as a larger gripping area when using it as an angle grinder, as well as giving him something to clamp in his bench vise.
And in this case, since grinding tends to generate a lot of heat, holding a metal piece bare handed probably isn’t an option.
It will grab your glove and pull the rest into the machine since it can’t cut through the cloth it pulls instead. No clothing, loose or tight should ever be permitted around a grinder or any rotating machinery, this applies to lathes, mills, drill presses, sanders.
The right gloves for grinding are tight fitting rigging gloves which are about as loose fitting as a spandex bodysuit on a fat person. My finger got caught between the disk and guard and then was spun out the far side – luckily in one piece!
I guess if all you have is an angle grinder and you happen to have some metal stock and a welding setup on hand, this would be a good idea as a cost-saving measure. However, they are also useful for re-inflating tire pressure on wheelbarrows, hand trucks, and carts that use inflatable tires.
Park Tools also has a blog with detailed articles and videos on how to do bike maintenance and repairs, so you can teach yourself how to fix your bike. I have two of these and the similar one with the switch on the back, I prefer the switch on the side like this model has. On another occasion a 9 inch grinder threw a short piece of 1 inch box which skimmed along the back of my hand slitting it.
I hope the new site they are launching will give a little more consideration to the demonstrations in the videos they post because spreading bad and dangerous practices is really in irresponsible thing to do.

A temporary fix allowed the opener to continue working, but the insides may shift again at some point. As regards the hack above, the hands look too close to the brush for comfort on such a short piece of box.Also if a grinding disk is used, the guard wouldn’t give any protection against a shattered disk. Adding more quality grease does wonders for the heating up as well as the noise these little grinders make.
I have a professional quality grinder for any heavy work so I bought these solely to save having to swap from one type of wheel to another. They are a great value if not beat on and you invest five minutes in packing quality grease in the gearbox. Luckily the switch broke when I was cutting through the last of the bolts so I did get the hitch out. I haven't decided if I'm going to return this or just tear it apart and try to fix it myself.
The switch locking mechanism is really annoying, latching when you don't want it to and not latching when you do. The only downside with the older model is that the switch would get loose and it would shut off on its own after a while which was annoying since you had to hold the switch in the on position.
A real pain when you are on the floor under a truck and you plug the thing on and it starts to spin up. When I went in to get a new one, I noticed they had the new model and the old model still in store.
After reading reviews about the power needed to grind with the diamond wheel I chose the heavier duty 9", 15 amp grinder and glad I did. I also noticed that the motor spins at 10000rpm as opposed to the old model's speed of 11000rpm.
I can't speak for it's longevity as I only used it once for about 2 hours straight but it had the power needed for that heavy grinding. They may have fixed the switch, but the gearcase and motor have also been changed, and clearly not for the better.
Even with a commercial 15 amp exhaust fan running the dust was so bad in the room I could not see the other worker 3' away from me with a shop vac trying to collect my grindings. 15 Amp Heavy Duty Angle Grinder:I bought this to help in the demo of a kitchen and baths in a house I bought. I could not believe the amount of abuse it took on the end of 4 down to 0 6" long pipes strapped on it. 15 Amp Heavy Duty Angle Grinder:I just purchased this 9in 15 amp Grinder in conjunction with a 7in diamond blade (for cement).
Im still not sure about Chicago Electric motors but decided to purchase the largest amp motor to be on the safe side. I wanted a new mulching mover, but the one I had still worked, so I ran it relentlessly hoping it would break down so I could justify that new mover. I incorrectly used a tiny gauge 20 foot extension cord and while grinding my very rough cement sidewalk ( did it myself ) the Grinder quickly overheated (Texas Heat) and automatically shut off. I keep thinking it's going to break down, so I give it all the hard jobs so I can replace it with a more expensive one.
I put two and two together and went grab a thick gauge copper extension cord and for two hours never shut down again. I can say with out a doubt that grinding cement for hours is probably the best way to test this tool because the overwhelming amount of cement dust can kill a just about anything.
I've got grinders that cost ten times what this grinder cost and it's performing just as well as they are. I left it in the rain, dropped it from 5ft+, ran it for hrs until it was too hot to handle,and it is still kicking after many years of abuse. Just maintain the gear box with fresh grease once in a while, and it should last a long time.
One other thing the spanner wrench that comes with this is a hunk of junk, I had to make my own. Dont run it too hot, use it in breif intervals of like 5 to 10 minutes and let it rest for a bit.

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