For people who are looking for a handy power tool, not only the overall power of the device is deemed to be important but it’s overall usability and functionality too. But since this is a very powerful device, it would be wise to choose a product that’s made by a reputable Company. With a Makita grinder, you can be sure that you are getting a quality device on your hands. Weighing only about 4.5 pounds, it’s very easy to handle and operate even if you are working on different types of surfaces. You will also appreciate the long cord on this Makita grinder model as it makes moving with the tool really easy and convenient.
Designed with a side handle that can be attached on either side of the unit, the Makita 9557PB can be interchangeably used by both hands for utmost convenience and functionality. Note that the Makita 4 ? inch grinder package also includes 5 grinding wheels as extra as well as a diamond cut-off wheel that you can use on concrete. Priced at around $79 on the Internet, this model of Makita grinder often comes with free shipping, depending on the vendor. It also comes with a 1-year warranty; and since a lot of Makita customers have the experience of owning power tools from this Company for a number of years, this 4 ? inch grinder can be considered a practical and wise investment. If you want to take a look at another model that also comes with a carrying case, clicking here will take you to our review of the Dewalt D28402K Angle Grinder.
People who invest in an angle grinder are typically contractors who work in the field or handymen that frequently improve their home. The different jobs that can be done with an angle grinder include cutting, grinding, and polishing. This is a more affordable option for people who only need to use an angle grinder for a short period of time or for a smaller project. Despite the size of the Hitachi grinder, it provides a 6 amp motor and 400 W of output power for the user. The brushes will automatically stop the tool and let you know it needs to be cleaned before using it if there is too much dust or debris on the blade. The power input is 700 watts and is considered to be one of the highest outputs it its class.
The low profile design allows the user to get into hard to reach crevices that typical angle grinders can not reach because of their size. If people choose to keep the angle grinder after 30-days and decide it’s the best angle grinder for them, then Hitachi includes a 1 year limited warranty against any defects the device may encounter. I just picked up one of these two packs last night and they seem decent but I guess time will tell how durable they are. Are you thinking about getting some extra work done on the construction site or in the workshop?
So naturally by now, you still may not know exactly what an angle grinder is and what benefits you are likely to get from acquiring one; the truth is, this piece of equipment is a power tool that can be used for multiple purposes, including polishing, grinding and cutting. Variations in the disc also occur based on the type of task that you plan to undertake, with more abrasive materials used for grinding and cutting, while less abrasive materials are used for polishing surfaces. Determining what is the perfect angle grinder for you is often a difficult task because you’re presented with so many options. One of the big advantages of this Hitachi power tool is the fact that it is extremely compact and lightweight. Durability is also enhanced by the presence of an ejection system that removes damaging dust and debris particles entering the tool through air intake vents.
If you’re considering buying this model of angle grinder, learn more about its features by reading our full review of the Dewalt D28402K.
Motor output on this grinder is optimized by the presence of a completely ingenious air cooling design that has been incorporated into the manufacturing of this brand.

Angle grinders are very specific tools that need to be the right weight and carry enough power to help you complete your job effortlessly. Based on our principle of "market-oriented and customer-oriented", we are constantly improving our product quality and developing the latest products to meet customers' demands. With an angle grinder, you will have a multipurpose tool that can tackle a lot of different projects at home and at work. Getting a substandard item can lead to accidents and injuries; and in this case, saving up on money is not a practical move as it could endanger your safety and life as well.
And since it is incorporated with thick wiring, the risk of overheating during operation is minimized even when continuously used for a long time. As the Makita brand is really well respected in the industry because of their quality products, we can say that this unit is not only affordable and practical but is worth every penny as well.
An angle grinder can also be known as a disc grinder because it uses blades or discs in order to complete the job. This makes tough grinding jobs easy to complete.  Some jobs may require the use of several different sized discs to finish the work.
These are considered to be high durability and ensure that clean cuts will be made each time the power tool is used.
The lightweight of the angle grinder also allows the user to easily maneuver the device without using too much force. They will refund your money back if the grinder does not meet the requirements for the job at hand. This allows a user to feel confident in their purchase and know that their investment will be protected. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I had been using the better (dark red) Harbor Freight grinders but the quality seems to be heading even further downhill on them lately. In many angle grinder reviews that you may come across, you would see that the types vary according to many factors, including the brand, model, size and power requirements. With regards to power variations, the wattage on angle grinders varies between 500 and 2500 Watts. First and foremost, these grinders are made with special control features that prevent the exposure of operators to injuries. This model features a 6 Amp motor with 400W of output power for handling tough grinding jobs that would otherwise take an extremely longer time to complete.
This feature boosts maneuverability and makes working and handling this power tools as comfortable as possible.
This grinder features a comfortable slim grip that makes handling this power tool as practical as possible. This model comes accompanied by a diamond wheel, which is naturally one of the most durable and effective disc materials available on the market.
With such features, added to its compactness and light weight, this model makes an ideal choice for operators in search of more quality for less. This grinder features a very unique and modern design that holds more advantages as compared to other regular brands. Both guard and disc changes can be done without any hassles, thanks to the presence of the quick change technology that allows tool-less maneuvering of these parts. It has a 7.5-Amp internal motor that produces great power even if it comes in a compact appearance. And all of these accessories and the Makita grinder itself can be placed inside the accompanying aluminum carrying case that also comes with this model’s purchase. These discs can range in size and price depending on the amount of work they are about to complete.

The Hitachi grinder includes a spindle lock which makes changing discs and other accessories simple to do. This ensures that the life of the grinder will be prolonged and makes the motor more functional as well.
It is easy to transport to off-site jobs and can easily be stored in tool box or provided carrying bag when not in use. I can pretty easily stall the HF grinder but I can barely slow down the Ridgid, which makes some sense due to the HF being 4.5A and the Ridgid being 8A.
Unlike the old days of spending long hours doing manual labor, the development and use of the angle grinder has totally changed the manner in which work gets done around the working premises, and have also reduced the time frame needed to do so considerably. The spinning and abrasive action of the disc on angle grinders is what gives these useful tools the properties that they possess. As you would soon notice later on in this review, there are really great brand options from which to choose.
In addition, some models are designed to work with 110 Volts AC, while others run on 230 Volts. One of the biggest and most important features is the presence of an adjustable guard, that that prevents the operator from the byproducts, such as dust, sparks and metal shavings. In addition, uses must take the necessary precautions, such as the wearing of gloves, eye protection and protective clothing, among other safety gears. The presence of a special spindle lock makes changing angle grinder accessories, including the disc, a whole lot easier. This simply means that your heavy duty grinder can work more effectively, without any worries about power damage. The Bosch 1380 runs on a 7.5 amp motor that is guarantees good quality of work without the hassle. It is a high performance power tool that is very user friendly, thanks to its ergonomic design.
Hopefully you’ve received enough help to be able to make a determination based on cost, features, and brand. Our well-trained QC team carries out inspections during each stage of our production to control the quality before shipment.
So this attractive case with storage slots inside can keep your power tool and accessories organized and safe so as to extend the equipment’s life.
A common benefit of this tool is that they are adjustable and can be angled to support the right cut for the job. Since they are listed as power tools, it is vital to note that angle grinders can utilize the power emitted from compressed air, an electric motor, or even from petrol engines.
The models vary in accordance to disc sizes, within a range of 4.5 to 9 inches, and with each model varying in size by about 1 inch. Durability is another big asset of this model, since it features extended life auto-stop carbon brushes.
This allows a person to choose the best tool for them depending on the resources they have available. With rich experience, advanced technology and professional skills, our sales and service teams are always keeping customers' benefits at our top priority. Our continuous emphasis on quality, technology innovation and customer satisfaction keeps us doing better and better.

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