Aluminum husky tool chestAluminum tools case, Aluminum husky  tools chest, aluminium tools boxes. Tool box G-580-T, tool case, plastic tool box, tool chest, tool kit, tool cabinetWe supply a series of this product,high quality and very cheap, looking forward to cooperate with you!
Become more organised with your tools, socket sets and DIY spares by keeping them tidy inside this tool box.
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This sturdy tool set includes 15 smoothly sanded wooden pieces, providing hours of building fun! The main compartment lid flips up and is hinged to reveal a spacious inside, suitable for all your tool storage needs. All three compartments have a soft felt interior for keeping your tools in good unscratched condition and prevents them moving around whilst in transit. The main compartment can be secured by using the two lockable latches at either side, with the two drawers below providing easy action access.

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