Generally speaking, Apple intends for them to go against the other hordes of tablets occupying the space at the moment, but we cana€™t forget that consumers might be inclined to decide on only Applea€™s tablets. In reality, however, the difference is hardly noticeable, both from normal and close-up distances.Unfortunately for the iPad mini 3, thata€™s the only area where ita€™s able to best its sibling, seeing that the iPad Air 2a€™s display bears traits that indicate to us that ita€™s higher in quality. Looking at their brightness outputs, the iPad Air 2 shines stronger at 410 nits a€“ whereas the iPad mini 3 chimes in at a lower 312 nits.

Obviously, the iPad Air 2 is the larger of the two, but whata€™s notable is how incredibly thin it is in comparison to the iPad mini 3, which doesna€™t see any improvements to its design when compared to its predecessor. And finally, we should point out that the screen of the iPad Air 2 is also fully-laminated, which makes the panel appear closer to the surface a€“ thus, giving it that floaty look.

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