Each time the coach blows the whistle, players jump as high as they can to touch their knees to their chests. Each time the coach blows the whistle, players jump as high as they can to touch their feet to their buttocks. This is an old one but a good one, great for coordination and foot speed as well as a good conditioning drill. Remind players to maintain their balance throughout and to keep their heads up and their eyes forward.There is a more developed jump rope conditioning program on the site as well if you want more drills of this type.
Basketball is often referred to as a "big man's game", where advantage is given to the bigger team. Agility is important on both offense and defense - you can't get around a defensive player unless you can fake him, change directions quickly; and you can't stick to your man if you can't match his movements and beat him to the spot. These basketball agility drills will improve your speed around the court, quickness, co-ordination and most importantly your ability to change direction with minimal deceleration. Agility Drill #4 - Box DrillMark out a square approximately 6 yards X 6 yards.Place a cone in the center. Fitness Tests - Step Number 1 To Athletic Success Mar 25, 16 11:53 AMFitness tests form the foundation of any good sports training program.
Some shooting drills with some conditioning that hopefully you might be able to use in your pre-season program.

These drills are from Coach Justin Remington’s Moreno Valley High School Out of Season Shooting Program.
Player sprints to corner and receives pass from coach, if it is missed they must sprint back to half court and back to the same spot again until a basket is made. When a shot is made they sprint to the half court line and move on to the next shot in the progression; the wing shot, then top of the key, then other wing, and then corner. Player starts at the top of the right elbow sprints diagonally to left block, turns and curls the corner and runs up to left elbow, curls and receives pass from coach for a shot, then runs to the bottom right block and curls that cone and curls the top right elbow cone for another pass and jumper. The possibilities here and patterns are endless, use your creativity to incorporate agility into shooting. Player starts under the basket and sprints to the sideline, touches, and sprints back receives pass from the coach and finishes (can be a regular finish or a reverse layup, or any style of layup finish you feel needs to be worked on).
Player will go to the other sideline, touch, and come back to the rim again for another pass from the coach.
This is a start-stop game that depends on players being able to change direction explosively, whether on offense or defense. But a quicker team can beat a bigger team, and a big team with quickness and agility can win championships. So in a sense, basketball - particularly the one-on-one aspect - is essentially a test of who has the better agility.As it is something we find in every aspect of the game, other drills seem to be agility drills in disguise.

And if a player can't do that, his ability to contribute to the team is going to be drastically reduced. It isn't often you see a big, slow team win championships.Thus it is important to work on your players' agility, particularly early in the preseason when you are focused on conditioning. Not only will you be able to move from one end of the court to another much more quickly, you'll be able to transfer much or all of that energy into other basketball-specific movements. Basketball agility drills like these are great for combining physical AND mental awareness. The agility drills presented here complement other agility drills found on the site - mix them up and use them regularly to improve your players' agility and quickness. Receive a pass but this time keep the ball.Turn with the ball, dribble or drive towards the finish. Be sure to look into the most effective approach for developing basketball specific strength and explosive power.

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