PhotosThe AEG Powermix Silent is a global innovation and features a patented sound reduction system which makes this powerful blender quieter than any other on the market today. The new table top blender from AEG is so quiet, you can talk while using it and still be heard.  Today’s blenders produce an average of 85-95 dB.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. Ideal for plunge cutting, scraping and sanding this 12 Volt multi function tool, which due to its interchangeable heads, is ideally suited for working in hard to reach areas. AEG Power Solutions has just announced that the company will refresh its popular Protect 8 family of products with new models that are destined to be installed in industrial environments including onshore & offshore oil and gas installations, energy & electricity generation and distribution as well as water treatment and instrumentation plants.
The new Protect 8 models that AEG plans to release provide three-phase AC current and their power rating ranges from10 to 120kVA, depending on the models chosen.
In addition, the units can output a maximum 522A and their voltage distortion is lower than 3%.

However, the operation parameters can be controlled according to the customer's needs as the Protect 8 UPS feature a modular design which can be customized by AEG and then controlled via an open communications platform.
No details regarding availability have been made public by the company until now, but the new three-phase Perfect 8 UPS products will be showcased at the 2011 Hannover Messe fair. By continuing to browse this website without changing your web-browser cookie settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. By using the services of AEG PS' certified experts, operators can maximize their plant's efficiency, and secure its long-term profitability. Quick repairs are done immediately, while more serious issues are documented in a report, which includes a list of recommended measures to guarantee the long-term optimal yield of the power plant.
Defective modules are checked for typical errors, including cell fractions, insulation faults, hotspots, delaminating, and discoloration. AEG PS service teams are regularly trained in the latest techniques, and have the appropriate in-depth knowledge and specialist equipment to carry out detailed analysis.

This communication contains forward-looking statements which include, inter alia, statements expressing our expectations, intentions, projections, estimates, and assumptions. These forward-looking statements are based on the reasonable evaluation and opinion of the management but are subject to risks and uncertainties which are beyond the control of 3W Power and, as a general rule, difficult to predict. As a result, investors are cautioned against relying on the forward-looking statements contained herein as a basis for their investment decisions regarding 3W Power.

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