You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Nearly all STIHL pruning saws can be sharpened and returned to near-factory condition (excluding impulse-hardened blades). When you require more protection than traditional landscaping gloves, turn to Proscaper Series™ Gloves from STIHL. The PS 30 folding pocket saw from STIHL features a curved-blade design, delivering better contact with the limb.
Its die-cast body holds up under high demand, while its chrome-plated blade features a sap-clearance groove to keep it sharper, longer.
These gloves feature premium boarskin for terrific softness and padded palms for abrasion resistance. With each stroke, its chrome-plated steel blade works harder to cut through more wood, decreasing overall saw time.

When the blade eventually dulls, it’s designed to be re-sharpened, and even replaced, extending the lifespan of the pruning shears. I February 2, 2016Rated 3 out of 5 by Carlo Good design, suboptimal blade A handy saw I used for landscape pruning & while wildland firefighting.
Ideal for average-sized hands, this is an essential garden tool for any landscaping professional who keeps a full pruning schedule. The folding design and size are ideal for pant or pack pocket storage, the handle is comfortable, and the locking mechanism works well, but I was disappointed with the blade quality. Combined with its convenient, folding-blade design, this pruning saw is the perfect secret weapon against stubborn shrubbery. The cost of a replacement blade was certainly more than I expected.Overall, it's a good saw that could be an excellent saw if it had a better blade.
I bought this to carry in my backpack or pants pocket while working on mountain bike trails.

September 13, 2015Rated 4 out of 5 by Organic360 Strong handle and Replacable blade Awesome bite while using little effort, though blade is not all that strong.
April 22, 2015Rated 5 out of 5 by Daniel Almost as good as their chain saws I bought this saw about 2 years ago for pruning limbs of Crape Myrtles and other shrubs and trees. Like most other pruning saws, the curved blade and a pull cutting stroke make this a very fast cutting saw. Stihl also sells the file to sharpen these saws but it does take some patience and skill to get right so just buy a new blade or new saw when this one dulls and practice on the old one, then test it against the new one. November 20, 2012Rated 2 out of 5 by jfigel Blade Lock Broke After just 6 weeks the black plastic blade lock that holds the blade open and closed broke.

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