Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.Read moreLorem ipsum dolor sit ametLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. If you want to search this text, hold control and F, and type the word you are looking for. 17 A® Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating WARNING : Instructions before first use of this product . This warranty excludes the bar and chain , which are expendable parts that can wear out from normal use in less than one year . This warranty applies for only 30 days from purchase date if this product is used for commercial or rental purposes .
The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1 Add to Compare Add to wishlist Welcome to our online shop your first choice for graund maintenance machinery and accessories.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights , and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state . Do to reduce the risk of fire , electric shock , not wear loose clothing or jewelry ; they and serious injury . Because a chain saw is a high - speed woodcutting tool , special precautions Safety Safety Chaps must be observed to reduce risk of acci - Shoes _ dents . Page: 3a?? Donotstarctuttinugntiylouhavea possible injury to the operator or by - cleawr orkareas , ecurfeootinagn , d standers .
Use only Craftsman acces - especiailflyyouarefellinagtreea , sories and replacement parts as rec - retreaptathK . OPERATE YOUR SAW SAFELY a?? Keep unit sharp and clean for better a?? Do not operate with one hand . It will do the other part that is damaged should be carefully checked to determine that it job better and safer at the rate for which it was intended .
Check for alignment a?? Do not put pressure on the saw , es - of moving parts , binding of moving pecially at the end of the cut . Doing parts , breakage of parts , mounting and so can cause you to lose control any other conditions that may affect its when the cut is completed .
Carry the chain saw by the unless otherwise indicated elsewhere front handle with the saw stopped , fin - in the operator's manual .
Don't use chain saw for purpose not a?? When storing saw , unplug and use a intended ; for example , don't use bar sheath or carrying case .
ELECTRICAL SAFETY a?? Do not operate a chain saw that is damaged , improperly adjusted , or ' _ WARNING : Avoid a dangerous not completely and securely as - environment .
Always replace bar , chain , electrical shock , do not use in rain , in hand guard , or other parts immedi - damp or wet locations , or around ately if they become damaged , bro - swimming pools , hot tubs , etc . Do and if damaged , have repaired by a not handle extension cord or plug with Sears Service Center . MAINTAIN YOUR SAW IN GOOD a?? Use only a voltage supply as shown WORKING ORDER on the nameplate of the unit . Do not formed by a Sears Service Center use in the presence of flammable liq - except the items listed in the MAINTE - uids or gases to avoid creating a fire NANCE section of this manual . The appliance plug will fit a?? Nonconforming replacement compo - into a polarized extension cord only nents or the removal of safety devices one way .
If the plug does not fit fully into the extension cord , reverse the may cause damage to the unit and Page: 4plugI . Contacting a foreign ( seeSELEACNTEXTENSCIOONRiDn object in the wood can also result in loss of chain saw control .
This contact can cause the a?? Secureextensicoonrdtopowecrord chain to dig into the object , which toprevednitsconnecftrioonmunit . The a?? Donotusetheuniitftheswitcdhoes result is a lightning fast , reverse notturntheuniot nandoffproperly , reaction which kicks the guide bar up orifthelock - oudtoesnowt orkR . REDUCE THE CHANCE OF Stand to the left of thes _ KICKBACK a?? Recognize that kickback can happen . With a basic understanding of kick - Thumb on Y ' _ , V _ _ ; _ Wkt back , you can reduce the element of underside [ _ ( ' _ surprise which contributes to acci - of handlebar _ " .
A loose or dull chain c a?? A good , firm grip on the saw with increase the chance of kickback .
Grip the rear Follow manufacturer's chain sharp - handle with your right hand whether ening and maintenance instructions .
Wrap the Check tension at regular intervals , fingers of your left hand over and but never with engine running . Make around the front handlebar , and your sure bar clamp nuts are securely left thumb under the front handlebar . If the chain is moving at a a?? Position your left hand on the front slower speed , there is greater handlebar so it is in a straight line chance of kickback occurring . Stand slightly to the left side of the a?? Do not attempt cuts starting with the saw to keep your body from being in tip of the bar ( plunge cuts ) .
Guide Bar and Low Kickback Ch Avoid Pinch - Kickback : a?? Do not cut above shoulder height . It is difficult to maintain control of saw a?? Be extremely aware of situations or above shoulder height . Follow all safety rules to helph avoid kickback and other forces whic a?? Always begin cutting with the saw at full speed and the saw housing can result in serious injury . Reduced - kickback designewdithdistancbeetween guide bars and low - kickback saw handleasnd " in - linwe " itheachother .
Thespreaadnd " in - linep " ositioonf Your saw has a low kickback chain and thehandpsrovidebdythisdesign worktogethteorgivebalancaend bar as original equipment . Repairs on a resistanicnecontrollitnhgepivootf chain brake should be made by an au - thorized Sears Service Center .
Thistype cause a lightning fast REACTION , barhasbeendemonstratotesdignif - kicking the guide bar up and back icantlryeductehenumbaenr dseri - toward the operator .
I _ ' _ SmaRlladius a?? Either of these reactions may cause you to lose control of the saw which could result in serious injury . Prolonged use in cold weather has been linked to blood vessel damage in Low Kickback Chain otherwise healthy people . CHAIN BRAKE An anti - vibration system does not a?? Chain Brake : designed to stop tile guarantee the avoidance of these chain in the event of kickback . Users who operate power , _ WARNING : WE DO NOT REP - tools on a continual and regular basis must closely monitor their physicals RESENT AND YOU SHOULD NOT condition and the condition of thi tool .
ASSUME THAT THE CHAIN BRAKE WILL DOUBLE INSULATION PROTECT YOU IN THE EVENT OF A KICK - CONSTRUCTION BACK = Kickback is a lightning fast action which throws the bar and rotating chain This unit is double insulated to help pro - back and up toward the operator . Double in - sulation construction consists of two back can be caused by allowing contact of the bar tip in the danger zone with separate " layers " of electrical insulation any hard object . This action sulation system are not intended to be may push the guide bar rapidly back to - grounded . Either of these vided on this unit , nor should a means events may cause you to lose control of of grounding be added to this unit . As a the saw which could result in serious in - result , the extension cord used with this jury or even death . DO NOT RELYUPON unit can be plugged into any polarized ANY OF THE SAFETY DEVICES BUILT 120 volt electrical outlet . YOU SHOULD USE THE Safety precautions must be observed SAW PROPERLYAND CAREFULLY TO when operating any electrical tool . WARNINGA " llelectricraelpairs STANDARDS : This product is listed by tothisuniti , ncludinhgousinsgw , itch , Underwriters Laboratories , Inc .
1 - 2000 " American Nation - latedapplianmceusbteidentictaotlhe al Standard for Powered Tools - Safe - partstheyreplacAe . KNOW YOUR CHAIN SAW READ THIS OPERATOR'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR CHAIN SAW , Compare the illustrations with your unit to familiarize yourself with the location of the various controls and adjustments .
It is not nec - to operate the unit after lock - out but - essary to maintain pressure on the ton has been pushed forward . BAR OIL CAP TRIGGER LOCK - OUT BUTTON Tile BAR OIL CAP is used to fill tile bar The TRIGGER LOCK - OUT button is a oil tank .
Tile CHAIN ADJUSTING WHEEL is used When the rear handle is gripped in a normal cutting position , the trigger to adjust the chain tension .
Page: 8POWER CORD CHAIN TENSION The POWER CORD is used to connect It is normal for a new chain to stretch the chain saw to an approved exten - during first 15 minutes of operation .
SELECT AN EXTENSION CORD Check oil level after every 15 minutes of Extension cords are available for this operation . Connect the saw to a power source To prevent disconnection from unit , se - using the proper size extension cord cure extension cord to power cord as ( see SELECT AN EXTENSION CORD shown in the following illustration .
CHAIN BRAKE Extension Cord , _ WARNING : If the brake band is BEFORE STARTING SAW worn too thin it may break when the chain brake is triggered . With a broken _ I , WARNING : Be sure to read tile brake band , the chain brake will not electrical safety information in the safe - stop the chain . The chain brake must ty rules section of this manual before be replaced if any part is worn to less you begin . Repairs on the electrical safety information do not a chain brake should be made by your attempt to use your unit . Take your from someone that does understa unit to the place of purchase or to the the information or call the customer as - nearest authorized service dealer . Be sure to fill activated if the front hand guard is the bar oil tank before each cutting ses - pushed forward , either manually ( by sion . If Craftsman bar oil is a?? When cutting with the saw , the chain not available , you may use a good brake must be disengaged .
Position cord so it will not be caught on branches and the like when the saw should be placed on the ground with the motor running .
Grip the a?? To avoid losing control when cut is rear handle with your right hand and complete , do not put pressure on saw at end of cut . Activate the TREE FELLING TECHNIQUES chain brake by turning your left wrist _ L WARNING : Check for broken or against the hand guard without releasing dead branches which can fall while your grip around the front handle . Do not cut near buildings or electrical wires if Inertia activating function control you do not know the direction of tree Ai _ WARNING : When performing the fall , nor cut at night since you will not be able to see well , nor during bad following procedure , the motor must weather such as rain , snow , or strong not be running and the saw must be winds , etc . Release your grip on area all around the tree so you can the front handle and use the weight of have secure footing . When on the uphill side of the terrain as the the tip of the bar hits the stump , the tree is likely to roll or slide downhill af - brake should activate . OPERATING TIPS a?? Study the natural conditions that can a?? Check chain tension before first use cause the tree to fall in a particular and after 1 minute of operation .
Do not cut metal , tree might not be apparent due to plastics , masonry , non - wood building uneven or sloping terrain .

If the trunk is Even a small amount of dirt will rotted , it can snap and fall toward the quickly dull a chain and increase the operator .
Page: 10Hinge holds tree on stump and helps a?? Removdeirts , toneslo , osbeark , control fall nailss , tapleas , ndwirefromthetree wherceutsaretobemade . Directiooffnall notch t NOTE : Before felling cut is complete , use wedges to open the cut if neces - sary to control the direction of fall . To FELLING LARGE TREES avoid kickback and chain damage , use ( 6 inches in diameter or larger ) wood or plastic wedges , but never The notch method is used to fell largehe steel or iron wedges . A notch is cut on the side of t a?? Be alert to signs that the tree is tree in the desired direction of fall . After ready to fall : cracking sounds , widen - a felling cut is made on the opposite ing of the felling cut , or movement in side of tree , the tree will tend to fall in the upper branches .
When a tree NOTCH CUT AND FELLING TREE doesn't fall completely , set saw aside a?? Make notch cut by cutting the top of and pull down tree with a cable winch , the notch first . Once the notch is cut Bucking is tile term used for cutting a move the wedge of wood from the fallen tree to the desired log size . Seoo _ j t W Hinge a?? Cut shattered wood very carefully ; sharp pieces of wood could be flung toward operator . This is done the log while cutting and never hold by making a cut about two inches the log with your leg or foot . Drag between the felling cut and the notch logs into a clear area before cutting to form a hinge . This hinge will help them by pulling out exposed and prevent the tree from falling in the cleared logs first . BUCKING TECHNIQUES _ i WARNING : If saw becomes pinched or hung in a log , don't try to force it out . See illustration above for cutting sawcanberemoveeadsilyR , estathrte logs with a compression side . Using a log for support Turn saw OFF and use a plastic or wooden wedge to force cut open , 2 nd Cut Overeutting begins on the top side of the log with the bottom of the saw against the log . Overcutting Undercutting Undercutting involves cutting on the underside of the log with top of saw against the log .
The compres - sion side of the log is where the pres - sure of the log's weight is concentrated . First cut oil compression side of log Second cut LIMBING AND PRUNING Second cut _ & WARNING : Be alert for and guard against kickback . Do not allow the moving chain to contact any other branches or objects at the nose of the guide bar when limbing or pruning . Al - First cut on compression side of log lowing such contact can result in seri - BUCKING WITHOUT A SUPPORT ous tnjury .
Sec _ , d cut a?? Starattthebaseofthefelletdree andworktowartdhetopc , utting brancheasndlimbsR . CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES _ [ _ , WARNING : Disconnect power source before performing maintenance . Various ad - The warranty on this unit does not cov - justments will need to be made period - er items that have been subjected to ically to properly maintain your unit .
To re - Improper maintenance may cause ceive full value from the warranty , the damage to the unit and possible injury operator must maintain unit as to the operator or bystanders . Contact Sears Service Center for re - Tighten _ Loosen placement of worn or damaged parts .
NOTE : It is normal for a small amount of oil to appear under the saw after chain _ c _ j _ motor stops . Using screwdriver , move chain a?? Power Cord - Discontinue use if around guide bar to ensure all links are in bar groove . FASTENERS AND PARTS a?? Bar Knob a?? Chain a?? Housing Screws CHECK CHAIN TENSION WARNING : Wear protective gloves when handling chain .
Turn adjusting wheel ( downward direction ) to tension chain until jump offthe guide bar and result in se - chain solidly contacts bottom of rious injury . 13 Page: 14CHECCKHAINSHARPNESS a?? Burring of guide bar rails is a normal Asharcphaimn akewsoocdhipAs .
CHECGKUIDBEAR _ [ _ File Rail Edges _ [ 7 [ 7 and Sides I U I Conditions which require guide bar maintenance : Square ] ] a?? Saw cuts to one side or at an angle .
Worn Groove Correct Groove a?? Saw has to be forced through the Replace guide bar when the groove is cut . If replacement is nec - Check the condition of the guide bar be - essary , contact your Sears Service fore each use and each time the chain Center . Fill Cap After each use , with unit disconnected from power source , clean all sawdust from the guide bar and sprocket hole . See GUIDE BAR ANDN a?? Clean the oil holes and bar groove CHAIN OIL under the OPERATIO after each 5 hours of operation .
INSPECT AND CLEAN UNIT AND Remove Sawdust From LABELS e Bar Groove a?? After each use , inspect complete unit for loose or damaged parts . CHAIN SHARPENING It is normal for a new chain to stretch Chain sharpening requires special during the first 15 minutes of operation . You can purchase sharpening You should recheck your chain tension tools at Sears or go to a professional frequently and adjust the chain tension chain sharpener . The chain must com - ply with kickback performance require - _ i WARNING : Wear protective ments of ANSI B175 .
Failure to install the bar clamp correctly may result in permanent dam - age to your chain saw . Slide guide bar on bar bolts toward the drive sprocket until guide bar Adjusting pin stops against the sprocket .
Proceed to CHAIN ADJUST - MENT , Tip of CHAIN ADJUSTMENT See CHECK CHAIN TENSION in the Bar MAINTENANCE section . PARTS AVAILABLE _ ll WARNING : Use of any other ac - cessory or attachment will present a risk of injury to the operator .
Place the chain around the sprock - Guide Bar - 18 " 71 - 36638 et and fit the drive links into the 71 - 36556 guide bar groove and then into the Bar & Chain Lubricant - 1 qt . If your chain saw is to be stored for a a?? Store chain saw and extension cord period of time : in a well ventilated area a?? Clean it thoroughly before lengthy a?? Store chain saw with all guards in storage .
TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE J _ , WARNING : Always stop unit and disconnect from the power source be - fore performing all of the recommended remedies below except remedies that require unit to be operating . Replace guide bar = If situations occur which are not covered in this manual , use care and good judgement . If you need assistance , contact Sears Service or the CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE HELPLINE at 1 - 800 - 235 - 5878 .
Esta garantia excluye la barra y la cadena , que son partes desechables y pue - den desgastarse al usarlas normalmente en menos de un aSo . Esta garant ( a es aplicable per s61o 30 dias desde la fecha de compra si este pro - ducto se usa con fines comerciales o se usa para arriendo . Esta garantia le otorga derechos legales especificos , y usted tambien puede tener otros derechos que varian de estado a estado . No desgaste uso , antes de efectuar servicio , y al la ropa suelta o joyeria ; pueden en - cambiar accesorios , como Io es la cade - redarse en las piezas m6viles .
Protec ) 6n _ h _ - ' r , _ Casco Duro Debido a que las sierra de cadena son de Oidos _ Imm'QI ' _ Protecci6n de instrumentos para cortar madera a alta Ropa Ojos velocidad , deben observarse precau - Ajustada Guantes de clones de seguridad especiales para re - al Cuerpo , _ Usodustria ( ducir el riesgo de accidentes .
Zapatos Pantorri ) leras PIENSE ANTES DE PROCEDER de Seguridad _ de Seguridad a?? Limite el uso de la sierra a aquellos usuarios adultos que comprendan y _ i puedan implementar todas las pre - cauciones , reglas de seguridad e a?? Mantenga todas las partes del cuer - instrucciones de uso que se encuen - po alejadas de la cadena siempre tran en este manual . No seguridad con puntas de acero y sue - permita que ninguna persona hagani contacto con la sierra de cadena las anti - deslizantes ; ropa ajustada al con el cable de extensi6n . USELA SIERRA OBSERVANDO a?? Lleve la sierra de cadena a un pro - TODOS LOS PROCEDIMIENTOS DE veedor de servicio Sears para que SEGURIDAD haga todo servicio menos aquellos a?? Mantenga las dos manos en las man - procedimientos listados en la secci6nl . El uso del aparato con una sola mano puede causar graves heri - tenga per completo cuando se suelta das al usuario , a los asistentes o a los el interruptor en forma de gatillo . Nunca arrancar la sierra con ridad podria causar daflos al aparato y la barra guia dentro de un corte . El aplicar limpia para mejor funcionamiento y presi6n puede hacer que se pierda el mayor seguridad .
Mueva la sierra de ca - servicio , y al cambiar accesorios , dena per el mango delantero con el como Io es la cadena de la sierra y el protector .
No use la deber _ , ser inspeccionada cuidado - de madera para prop6sitos que no samente para determinar si pueden 18 Page: 19usarsdeeformaapropiaydpaara patibles para el uso de aparatos de vierificsairpuedeefectuealrfuncio - exterior , y que tengan una clasificaci6n namienptoaraelcueaful edise _ ada .
Aseg0rese de que su cable de extensi6n este en buenas condi - rupturdaepiezasm , ontuyracualqu - ierotracondici6qnuepuedaafectar clones de uso .
Mientras m & s bajo sea el calibre a?? AInoencontraresneusol , assierras del cable , m & s grueso ser & el cable . No ma apropiada , o si el cierre de salida exponga el aparato a la nieve , a la Iluvia no funciona . Reparaciones al inter - ni al agua para evitar la posibilidad de ruptor deber & n ser hechas por un choque electrico . No exponga el en presencia de liquidos o gases in - cable al calor , aceite , agua o bordes flamables para evitar crear incendio oo .
Este enchufe en - a?? La proteccci6n del Interruptor de Fal - trar & solamente en una sola posici6n la de Circuito a Tierra ( GFCI ) deber & en un enchufe polarizado del cable de ser provista en el enchufe o circuito extensi6n . A su cept & culos con el GFCI incluido y vez , el enchufe polarizado del cable estos deber & n ser usados como me - de extensi6n polarizado . Inspeccione los enchufe polarizado del cable de ex - cables de la sierra de cadena per - tensi6n entrar & en el tomacorriente de i6dicamente y si 6stos se encuen - una sola forma . Si el enchufe no entra tran daSados , permit que sean repa - completamente en el tomacorriente , rados por una Centro de Servicio invierta el enchufe .
REDUZCA LAS PROBABILIDADES DE RECULADA a?? Est _ consciente de la posibilidad de reculada .
Re - culada es el movimiento hacia el toda obstrucci6nes comp por ejem - pla otros & rboles , ramas , piedras , frente , hacia atr & s o r & pidamente ha - cercas , tocones , etc .
Elimine o evite cia adelante , esto puede ocurrir cuan - toda obstrucci6n que la cadena pue - do la punta de la barra guia de la sier - da tocar mientras est & cortando . Las cadenas con objeto extraSo a la madera le puede paco file o flojasincrementan la pro - causar al usuario la perdida del control de la sierra de cadena . Siga las in - strucciones del fabricante para afilar a?? La Reculada Rotacional puedeen y efectuar mantenimienta de la cade - acontecer cuando la cadena ma - na . Verifique la tensi6n a intervalos vimienta entra en contacto con alg0n regulares con el motor parada , nun - objeta en la parte superior de la pun - ca en marcha . AsegOrese de que las ta de la barra gula puede causar que tuercas de la barra est6n ejustadas la cadena entre al material y se de - firmemente .

El resultado a?? Empiece y efectQe la totalidad fdeon - es una reacci6n inversa , a velocidad cada corte can el aceleradar a de rel & m , pago , que hace recular latr & do . Si la cadena se est & moviendo a barra guia hacia arriba y hacia a s una velocidad menor que la m & xima , hacia el usuario .
Reculadas y la Cadena Minimizado - ra de Reculadas recomendadas a?? La Reculada por Impulsion puedema - para su sierra . La separaci6n y la cola - caci6n en linea que este dise _ o pro - vee se combinan para dar equilibrio y resistencia para controlar la propul - Codo rigido si6n de la sierra hacia el usuario si acontece una reculada . Man - disePiada con punta de radio peque _ o tenga la mano derecha envolviendo que reduce el tamaSo de la zona de totalmente la manija trasera , sea ud . Sostenga la manija barras guias reducidoras de reculadas delantera con la mano izquierda , son aquellas que han demostrado que colocando el pulgar debajo de la reducen significativamente la cantidad manija con los fijo .
Mantenga su bra - y la seriedad de las reculadas cuandoon han sido examinadas de acuerdo c zo izquierda recta con el coda rigido . P _ trese levemente hacia la Zonade Punta de Radio izquierda de la sierra para evitar que Guia el cuerpo este e linea directa con la _ Pequei5o Barra cadena . 1 ( Re - bros , puedsto que torna dificil man - quisites de Seguridad para las Sier - tener el control de la sierra .
El uso pro - a?? Freno de Cadena , diseSado para de - Iongado en tiempo frio ha sido asociado tener la cadena en el caso de recula - con daSos a los vasos sanguineos de da . Si ocurren sintomas tales como el entume - PAtellANO REPRESENTA Y USTED NO cimiento , el dolor , la falta de fuerza , los DEBERA ASUMIR QUE EL FRENO DE CA - cambios , en el color o la textura de la DENA LO PROTEGER , _ , EN CASO DE RE - piel o falta de sentido en los dedos , las CULADAS .
Una reculada es una acciSn manos o las muSecas , deje de usar la r & pida la cual lanza la barra y la cadena m _ . Una reculada podria vibraci6n no garantizan que se eviten ser causada cuando se permite que la tales problemas . Los usuarios que ha - punta de la barra en la zona de peligro cen uso continue y prolongando de lasar entre en contacto con cualquier objeto herramientas de fuerza deben fiscaliz en la zona superior de la barra guia .
Cu - AISLAMIENTO alquiera de 6stos dos acontecimientos Este aparato tiene un doble aislamiento puede causar que el usuario pierda el para ayudar a proteger el mismo en control de la sierra Io que podria resultar contra de choques electricos .
NO DEPENDA CIEGAMENTE E consiste en dos " capas " de aislamiento CUALQUIERA DE LOS DISPOSITIVOS IN - el6ctrico en lugar de tener toma de CLUIDQS EN SU aCUIDADOSAMENTEs tierra . L bar - construidos con el sistema d doble ais - ras guia reducidoras de reculadas y las lamiento no han side diseSados para cadenas de sierra de baja acci6n de re - que tomen tierra . No se ha provisto para culadas reducen la ocasi6n y magnitud esta m & quina ning0n medio para la de las reculadas y son recomendadas . Reparacioness si6n usado con su aparato puede ser al freno de cadena deben ser hecho enchufado en cualquier tomacorriente per un Centre de Servicio Sears quesitio electrico polarizado de 120 voltios . Ueve la unidad al Precauciones de seguridad deben ser de compra a el Centre de Servicio observadas cuando se use cualquier Sears mas cercano . El sistema de a?? El contacto con la punta de la sierra doble aislamiento s61o provee protec - puede causar una REAOOION contraria ci6n adicional en contra de accidentes que a una velocidad vertiginosa expul - causados por fallo intemo de aislamien - sa la espada hacia arriba y hacia to electrico . INSTRUCCIONES z _ Verifique que no haya piezas da _ a - _ ADVERTENClA : Antes de usar das .
Modelo 358.341180 MONTAJE a?? Sierra de Cadena ( completamente ) El aparato viene completamente arma - a?? Barra Protector do y no hay necesidad de montaje . CONOZCA SU APARATO LEA ESTE MANUAL DEL USUARIO Y LAS REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD ANTES DE USAR LA SIERRA DE OADENA . Compare las ilustraciones con su aparato para faniliari - zarse con la ubicaci6n de los varios controles y ajustes . Tapa del Tanque de Aceite de Barra _ _ _ _ ] _ Protector de Mano Botoe de O ierre _ _ , , _ _ \ _ ! No set & necesario LO es usado para poner en marcha el mantener el bot6n de cierre del gatillo aparato . Oprima el interruptor en forma oprimido una vez que el gatillo haya de gatillo para usar el aparato des - sido apretado . TAPA DEL TANQUE DE ACEITE DE pues de haber presionado el bot6n de BARRA seguridad hacia adelante . BOTON DE ClERRE DEL GATILLO BARRA se usada para Ilenar el tanque El BOTON DE CIERRE DEL GATILLO es de aceite de la barra . RUEDA DE AJUSTE DE LA un dispositivo de control diseflado CADENA para prevenir que el motor sea pueston - en marcha de forma accidental .
Cua La RUEDA DE AJUSTE DE LA CADENA se usa para ajustar la tensi6n de la ca - do el usuario tiene agarrado el mango dena . Para Use Onicamente el suministro de vol - obtener la m & xima prolongaci6n de vida taje que se especifica en el aparato . Si el Hay cables de extensi6n disponibles aceite Sears no esta disponible , puedecad usarse un aceite SAE 30 de buena en Sears para este aparato . Voltios ( 7,67m ) ( 15,24m ) ( 30,48m ) Verifique el nivel de aceite despuOs de 14 12 NO cada 15 minutos de use .
No use Asegure la cable de extensi6n es con - el aparato hasta que sea reparado ectados al cable del aparato elOctrico por un Centro de Servicio Sears .
Conecte la sierra al recurso de en - ergia usando el cable de extension del tamaSo apropiado ( vea SELEC - CION DEL CABLE DE EXTENSION en Cable de Extension la secci6n USO ) . Presione y sostenga el botOn de _ , ADVERTENCIA : Lea toda la in - cierre del gatillo con el dedo pulgar de su mano derecha . Oprima y sostenga el interrupter en en la secci6n de Reglas de Seguridad forma de gatillo . FRENO DE CADENA Si usted no entiende la informaci6n elOctrica de seguridad no procure utili - ' _ ADVERTENCIA : La banda del zar su aparato . Busque la ayuda al - freno podr & romperse al activar el fie - guien que entiende la informaci6n o no si 6sta se encuentra demasiado Ilame 1 - 800 - 235 - 5878 . Si la banda del freno ee ACEtTE PARA BARRA Y PARA encuentra rota , el freno de cadena eno - LA CADENA detendr & la cadena . El freno de cad La barra y la cadena requieren lubrica - na debe ser substituido si cualquier ci6n . El lubricado de la cadena provee parte se deegasta menos de 0,5 mm lubricaci6n continua a la cadena y a la ( 0,020 de pulgada ) densamente . No se olvide de Ilenar el tan - paraciones al freno de cadena deben que de aceite para barra antes de rcadaa ser hechoe por un dietribuidor queal uso .
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