Hmmm, by stand I take it you mean something like an enclosed box-like base for a smaller bandsaw? Money is simply the marker used as tools move thru the galaxy to their best-use destination.
Either way, we got him a larger, more stable, drawer-holding and mobile base out of our efforts. I think you're right, the motor is definitely mounted in line with the cast iron frame and would have to turn ccw to make the blade move the correct direction. I'm actually pretty tall, so it's tempting to raise the height a bit, but I'd hate to make it difficult for my wife to use, so I'll probably use the existing base as a guide line. My factory stand had no structural or cosmetic issues but the noise and vibration was just not good. Some people don't get that this passion for making things is a chance for us to express ourselves.
The big deal Tom, is that I so admire workmanship and seeing evidence of someone who took the time and effort. For sale is a extremely nice, one owner Craftsman Model R1000 Riding MowerWith factory Bag System.
After dreaming all our life of living in a mountain cabin in some faraway peaceful place, my wife’s two brothers bought 160 acres on the lower part of Mt.
After returning to Oregon I began building a portable Band Saw Mill, that would cut up to a 36” log, out of metal and used parts from the wrecking yard.
As you can see we used every bit of the log slabs, I round the edges and used them for my railing on the staircase and around the loft. For those of you who would like to build a cabin, by a lake in some faraway place, and the only way to get there is by seaplane, you can load the 6”x8”x72” metal parts package and a precut wood package of about 26’x 48”by 12” wooden package.

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Workshop Essentials 6 - The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig is the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to cut tenons on your bandsaw. The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig is easy and inexpensive to build and will provide you with a lifetime of good service. Workshop Essentials DVD 5 - Bandsaw Jigs and Advanced Techniques is packed with ideas for you to use after your machine is running sweetly.
The bulk of the DVD, though, is taken up with a detailed description of cutting dovetails on the bandsaw. A creeker suggested that building a new base rather than trying to rehabilitate the one I bounced would be time well spent.
Remember to make the base a little bigger than the base of the saw, it will give you a little bit more stability. Everyone kinda rolls their eyes at me when they find out I put hickory flooring in my shop. This 2014 Model Craftsman rider features A 6 speed, shift on the go, transmission, 30" Steel Cutting Deck,and features a Powerful 420cc Engine.
This would make a great gift and no sales tax so you save yourself a pretty penny therehere are the specs on it. We are authorised distributors for DoAll Australia Pty Ltd bandsaw blades, machines and parts.
Why I built it to cut 36 inch logs, I have no idea, because I never once cut anything near 36” in Montana. The side walls were covered with rejected ? waferboard, and then covered by slabs from the first cut off the logs.

Later we added a back porch where we had the well pressure tank, a hot water tank, a chest freezer, and the washer and dryer.
The two 2x10x16’ lumber with 1?1” 16’ metal angle iron, for the side rails of the track side runners, can be attached to the floats on the plane. Using just a couple of simple jigs (PDFs included), you can produce bandsawn dovetails that are indistinguishable from hand-cut ones. The property was three miles south of the Canadian Border, the nearest town being Eureka, Montana four miles away. We added a Greenhouse, which the kitchen windows over looked, with a door from kitchen into it. I then planed the top of the 1” trim pieces and varnished them, to go around the windows and doors etc. He cuts 6?8’s and then, with an attachment bolted to the end of his chain saw, he hews the outside design. Regularly spaced dovetails or variably so, all the same size or all different, symmetrical dovetails or asymmetric dovetails, the choice is yours.
If your saw had the open base, then you could probably get the parts needed to fix it from Delta. He could pay me $2,500 in the spring and work off the balance, sawing lumber from the trees that I would have already thinned from the property. Even for just one drawer this is an effective solution and if you have an entire kitchen or chest of drawers to make, this will save you hours.

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