Plain mirrors hanging on the wall with clips – functional, but not very pretty.  I removed the clips and remounted the mirrors with Mirror Mastic. Once the glue is dry I will paint the frames in a semi gloss white and caulk to hide all the imperfections. Since the mirrors are not quite finished and I don’t have a pretty AFTER photo for you, I thought I would end this post with something pretty. I also wanted to tell you that the Linky Tools I have for The Daily DIY page are not working – so I could not add anything this week.  I will be posting the ideas in a different format from now on, but here is one that I think you will enjoy.

Caulk is a DIY’ers best friend when they are installing crown molding and want it to look good.  Once that is done the mirror frames will be done. Here is my favorite from Suzy over at  Better Decorating Bible.  Ice cream sprinkles in a whole new way. Miter Saw with a battery operated Laser that makes aligning the blade to the workpiece more convenient and precise. It is like Liquid Nails, but is made especially for mirrors as the adhesive will not bleed through the finish of your mirror and ruin it.

It features a powerful 14 Amp motor that cuts through wood like butter and spins the 10 in.

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