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Zymbiotix is a nutritional supplement that includes the tri-blend probiotic Regularis™ to help promote a healthy digestive system and to detoxify your body.
However, unlike many other digestive supplements, Zymbiotix contains Regularis™, a patented blend of three different strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria.
Zymbiotix comes with a 30-day refund policy, though you’ll need to contact customer service at (888) 664-5351 in order to initiate the process. Zymbiotix holds an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau, with nearly 30 closed complaints over the past three years.
Outside of the BBB, online customer reviews appear to be mixed, with the most common complaints citing failure to work, dissatisfaction with the autoship program, and customer service difficulties. If you’re looking for a quality probiotic to help balance your digestive system, you may want to choose something other than Zymbiotix. First, it’s important to note that all of the clinical studies cited on the Zymbiotix website reference probiotics as a whole, not Zymbiotix specifically.
You should take 2 capsules of Zymbiotix per day – one in the morning, and another in the evening. Finally, there are limited online customer reviews regarding Zymbiotix, and those that are available appear to be mixed. Join over 2 million HighYa readers who receive weekly how-to guides, tips & reviews and get a FREE COPY of our 145 Scam Hacks e-book.
I started a regular work out and a major change in my eating habits with 2 months down and not a whole lot of weight loss going on.
So in the end they got me for half the money anyone ordering on the website would pay and I had less time to try the product. Even though they’ve been widely used for more than a decade, probiotics recently entered the mainstream after being featured on the popular Dr.
But the good news is that at HighYa, we take an in-depth look at each of the probiotics we review, which helps you to become a more informed consumer, and to make sure that you only spend your hard-earned on those products that are worthy. Probiotic America’s Perfect Biotics is a probiotic supplement that’s claimed to help reduce gas and bloating, increase energy, boost metabolism, and more. ProbioSlim is a probiotic that claims to increase beneficial bacteria and fat oxidation in your body, which can improve digestion and help you lose weight. Vital Reds by Gundry MD is a powdered nutritional supplement packed with beneficial polyphenols and other ingredients to boost energy, metabolism, and more. PerfectBiotics from Perfect Origins is a new, all-natural probiotic formula that claims to balance digestion, improve immune system response, and more.
Manufactured by Leaf Origin, Essential Cultures is a daily, high-CFU count probiotic supplement that’s claimed to be designed to restore balance throughout your whole digestive tract.
Culturelle is a brand of probiotic supplements that are claimed to help improve digestion and immune system response using the Lactobacillus GG bacteria strain. MetaBiotic is a probiotic supplement containing Bifidobacterium animalis and Bio-Active 12 claimed to help boost immune response and digestive health.
The Fat Crusher System is an e-book weight loss guide that’s claimed to help you shed pounds in 7 weeks by implementing probiotic-rich foods into your diet.

Gundry MD Correct + Calm Redness Relief Cream uses a blend of soothing ingredients, along with probiotic-derived technology, to reduce facial and neck redness.
New Chapter’s Probiotic All-Flora nutritional supplement delivers 8 billion probiotic cells to your digestive system every day, which are claimed to provide a wide range of benefits.
Align is a daily probiotic supplement that claims to use a patented strain of healthy bacteria to promote digestive wellness. Attention everyone who wants to lose weight – have you heard about Mega-T Probiotics?
Perfect Flora by Probiotic America is a bacteriophage supplement that uses specific strains of viruses to kill “bad” bacteria and restore balance to your gut. ProbioMune by SmartBiotics is a new probiotic supplement that uses beneficial bacteria to balance your digestion and boost your immune system response. If you’ve been searching for a nutritional supplement that can help give your body a boost, Probiotic Pearls claims to help. If you’ve recently been searching around the Internet for probiotics, you may have come across Complete Biotics. Elsa Marta P de Haggard: Finally after more of 3 years of no sugar in my diet (matrix diet) my stomach started to calm down and diminish its volume.
KK: I was hesitant about starting to take this during a work week, so I waited until I had a couple days off.
Understanding Probiotics: Who Should Take Them and When, What Types to Take & Are They Safe? This tri-blend probiotic is claimed to help promote digestive and immune system health, to increase energy, to cleanse your body of harmful organisms, and more. As such, it claims to flatten your tummy, help you regain energy, relieve gassiness and bloating, help you feel lighter, and more.
The majority of these complaints appear to be related to the company’s trial offer and autoship program. As we mentioned above, the FAQ section of the site claims you should take 1 capsule per day, while another section of the site claims that 60 pills is equivalent to a 30-day supply.
When you cancel your order they will not take your call when you call back to inquire about a refund. In addition, the supplement is claimed to cleanse your system of unhealthy fat cells related to poor diet, and can even help treat skin conditions such as eczema, and digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Well if running to the bathroom and having exploding diarrhea is gentle I'd hate to see what they mean by rough. Since then, sales have skyrocketed, and it seems like a new probiotic (or three) enters the market every day. When I say I want my money back they say ok how about 35% and I was like how about we jump to 100% and stop wasting my time.

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