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November 6, 2013 by Sharon Snowdon Leave a Comment Last week I wrote about how you can boost your immune system by looking after the health of your gut – you can read the full article here. The bottom line is that these drinks may help slightly to improve the health of your gut, but these benefits are mostly outweighed by the large amount of fattening and unhealthy sugar.
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Breezy Mama - Expert parenting advice, celebrity interviews, product reviews for kids, moms and babies and more! TweetAs parents, we are constantly bombarded with new information on what we should or should not be doing with our children.
For example, presently probiotics are frequently used in treating stomach bugs, having been shown to shorten the illness by about 40 hours.  The fundamental question is: is it worth taking a pill for a few days to shorten the number of days with diarrhea from three to two days?
If a child is of good health, and eats well, can parents just provide probiotics naturally in the food they eat (e.g., yogurt) or is best to supplement with a capsule form as well? When I was growing up, whenever my family would travel to Mexico or Chile, my mom would have us take acidophilus pills so we wouldn’t get “Montezuma’s Revenge.” Are probiotics the same thing?
1.  Product claims of health benefits must be based on sound research done on that particular probiotic strain.

2.  The product should contain the specific strain(s) of organism, used at the same levels as in the published research. 3.  The studies should be performed in humans and published in peer-reviewed, reputable journals.
I see probiotics being advertised in everything from sports drinks to yogurt to ice cream, and I know it can be ingested as a capsule form as well.  What should one consider when choosing a probiotic? Colic is where an otherwise healthy infant, during the first 4 months of life, cries and cannot be comforted for three hours or more every day.  It affects about 20% of all infants and has no known cause or cure.
Probiotics may aid an infant’s maturing gut to breakdown and absorb milk.  The theory is that the more rapid digestion, the less time the milk is physically in the gut, and less time it can be burped up into the throat (reflux). My doctor just gave my son antibiotics for a sinus infection, and wants him to start probiotics as well.  Why? What is the connection between probiotics and antibiotics?  If someone takes a healthy, daily dose of probiotics, will they need to be on antibiotics if an illness took place? If an infant is breastfed, do they receive more natural probiotics than one who is formula fed?
To keep our natural probiotics healthy, do we need to cut down on the anti-bacterial hand soap and sanitizers?

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Conti earned both a BA in Psychology and a BS in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.
He went to medical school in Michigan, and completed his pediatric residency from the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in 2001—consistently ranked by US News-‘Nation’s Best Hospitals’ since the 1990’s.
I feel like it exploded on the scene–all of a sudden there are probiotics for children, probiotic drinks, probiotic yogurt and much, much more.
Turns out probiotics can help with everything from not getting this week’s cold  to supplementing with antibiotics so your tummy stays healthy to soothing a colicky baby.

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