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A CITY can rest easy knowing a pair of notorious ice cream bandits have been arrested after a billionaire shop owner issued a $6500 reward to catch them. WE DON’T often stare into the eyes of strangers, but a new movement is encouraging people to do it for minutes on end. THIS woman was napping on a beach, just minding her own business, when a group of police officers descended on her. More scientific research is advocating the inclusion of these micro-organisms in your diet. HEALTH experts have been a-buzz about "good bacteria" for a while, and words such as lactobacillus have become mainstream.
SHOULD PROBIOTICS BE REFRIGERATED?You don't always need to keep probiotics in the fridge, thanks to the introduction of active ingredients that remain stable without refrigeration. AS the weather warms up for Spring, be inspired by these stars and their trendy fashletic looks.
KNOWN as much for her life out of the pool as in it, we look back at gold medal-winning swimmer Steph Rice. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Probiotics—the “friendly” bacteria The normal human digestive tract contains about 400 types of probiotic bacteria that help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and yeast and help promote a healthy digestive system.
These ten strains help restore the body's "friendly" bacteria and help support immune health and intestinal function.* Natural berry flavor in fun animal shapes. One Chewable Contains: Strains are Bifidobacterium (lactis, longum, breve), Lactobacillus (acidophilus, plantarum, salivarius, rhamnosus, paracasei, breve,), and Streptococcus thermophilus. This combination of “friendly” probiotic bacteria, including ones commonly found as soil organisms, is blended into a fermented whole food base. Lindberg Probiotic 4 Billion  4 strains of beneficial bacteria Contains four different strains of the “good” bacteria needed for a healthy body.* The unique capsule matrix protects the bacteria and allows delivery to the small intestines.
One Capsule Contains: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium infantis, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. This high potency probiotic formula contains three major strains of probiotics found in the body.
One Capsule Contains: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis and Bifidobacterium longum.
Claire Parkinson was desperate to find something to help her young son, Giovanni, cope with his constant digestive gripes, such as painful stomach upsets and wind that had afflicted him since babyhood. Claire says the probiotic supplements quickly made a substantial difference to the frequency and intensity of her son's tummy upsets.
Claire claims that since taking the probiotics, Giovanni has been less anxious and there have been 'big improvements' in his concentration and general behaviour.Coincidence? In one analysis of 60 people, he found that connections between different regions of the brain differed depending on which type of bacteria was most abundant in the gut.In another study, where several probiotics were given twice a day to a group of healthy women aged 18 to 55, their anxiety levels were reduced compared to women given a placebo or no treatment. Other theories include an idea that gut microbes might even produce neurotransmitter chemicals that might somehow influence brain chemistry.So does that mean we can alter our behaviour by altering ourA  gut bacteria?
Probiotics supplements can help balance the beneficial flora in your stomach and prevent gut aches. Probiotics and prebiotics can help with gut ache prevention, too, because they help your body maintain beneficial gut flora.
It’s important to remember different bacteria cause different problems, but supplements like BioVi are designed to give you a healthy balance of probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants and anti-inflamatories to fight gut aches.
If you get a gut ache despite all of your good efforts, it’s worth trying any number of preventive home remedies for stomach aches to see if you can at least minimize symptoms.

Certain teas, such as ginger and mint, can have calming effects on your digestive system, while replacing liquids. Probiotics can help fight illness caused by stomach bugs as they cut the length of infection and reduce the chances of repeat episodes, new research finds. It is thought that probiotics, often described as gut friendly bacteria, may fight off the various germs responsible for diarrhoea by competing for the same nutrients.
The main treatment for diarrhoea is usually rehydration fluids but these tend not to reduce the length of illness, said researchers from the Cochrane Library.
A review of 63 studies involving more than 8,000 people by researchers from the Cochrane Library found that taking probiotics with rehydration fluids cut the length of time people had diarrhoea by around a day. Only recently, a European food watchdog said the claim that probiotic drinks and yogurts boosted the immune system or aided digestive health could not be proven.
Professor Stephen Allen of the School of Medicine at Swansea University, who led the study, said: "A striking finding of this review is that most trials reported that probiotics reduced diarrhoea.
DISCLAIMER: The contents of this site are for information purposes only and do not constitute medical advice.
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Probiotics are live microorganisms similar to the beneficial microorganisms naturally found in the human gut. It contains 13 active bacterial strains and has been designed to support gastrointestinal health and immune system function. What's more, while this product doesn't require refrigeration -- making it convenient for travel, work and outdoor activities, storing it in a refrigerator extends the potency.  Take 1-3 daily. These three strains help restore the body’s “friendly” bacteria, help crowd out “unfriendly” bacteria and yeast, and help support immune health and intestinal function.*  Take 1-2 daily.
Despite her initial scepticism, Claire, 31, a mother of three from Lewisham, South-East London, decided to try giving Giovanni, who was 11 at the time, a dietary supplement containing probiotic bacteria, having read about their claimed benefits on the internet. However, the idea that the carbohydrate-heavy standard Western diet may be a problem is one to which Mayer and Tillisch subscribe - they believe that compared with diets high in vegetables and fibre, the Western diet means fewer beneficial strains of bacteria grow, allowing 'worse' gut bacteria to flourish.Mayer also thinks gut bacteria may even mould the structures of our brains as we grow up and wants to investigate whether giving repeated courses of antibiotics to babies can affect their brains by wiping out beneficial bugs in their tummies. Not every gut ache can be solved with preventive measures. However, routine stomach aches CAN be minimized with prevention. Healthy gut flora aids in digestion and prevents discomforts such as diarrhea and stomach gas. One of the advantages of BioVi is that it’s based on lactic yeast, which helps prevent the breakdown of good bacteria by stomach acid or antibiotics.
It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation of the stomach lining. If you think the time has come to use medication, consult your doctor or pharmacist to help you decide what to use–or whether you need to be checked for more serious problems. Avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of a gut ache by eating right, using probiotics, prebiotics and anti-inflammatories. THE GUT'S GOOD GUYSProbiotics are the live micro-organisms found in bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Also known as "friendly" or "good” bacteria, they generally come from two groups, Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium. FOS is included to assist the healthy growth of acidophilus and Bifidobacterium organisms.* Take 1-3 daily. Probiotics are live bacteria which, when consumed, are thought to colonise the stomach with bugs that help digestion.
The behavioural problems linked to her son's Asperger's syndrome were also significantly reduced, she says.Asperger's is a form of autism that causes difficulties with communication, interaction and imagination. Our study shows the gut-brain connection is a two-way street.'Meanwhile, another researcher, Professor Stephen Collins of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, colonised the gut bacteria of anxious mice with bacteria from fearless mice.
For example, Dr Faith Dickerson is leading research at the mental health institute at the Sheppard Pratt Health System, in Baltimore, to see if a probiotic can help to prevent relapses of mania among patients suffering from bipolar disorder (previously known as manic depression).

Probiotics add and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, and prebiotics add food for beneficial bacteria. Some digestive illnesses leave your body dehydrated and your stomach ache will continue if you don’t replenish the water you lost. Information accessible on this Site is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Other recent studies have found a psychiatric and psychological benefit in taking a regular probiotic. The lactobacillus and bifidobacterium bacteria are the most commonly used probiotics as they can best survive the passage to and through the gut.
Their beneficial effects are not wholly proven, although there is some evidence they might help with a range of problems, including diarrhoea and food allergies.
Asperger's children may have problems relating to others, and have narrow and repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests. In July, a study by Arizona University's Biodesign Institute found that a group of autistic children had significantly fewer types of gut microbe than other children.Our first dose of 'good' bacteria should come as a baby passes through its mother's birth canal.
In one study, healthy volunteers received either a probiotic combination or placebo for 30 days, and those who received the probiotics reported lower stress levels. SURPRISING SOURCES OF PROBIOTICSMost people know about the probiotic content of yoghurt, but these healthy bacteria are also lurking in other easy-to-find foods.
En route, the baby ingests the mother's vaginal microbes, which begin to colonise the newborn's gut. She had tried all sorts of things - including fish oils - to try to improve Giovanni's symptoms. In another study, volunteers who consumed a yoghurt containing probiotics reported improved mood.Further research published last year found that New Zealand rugby players had about 40 per cent fewer colds and gastrointestinal infections when they took a probiotic compared to when they took a placebo. One report, in the authoritative journal PLOS One, recently speculated that the effect of Western-style diets - high in fat, sugar and salt - on gut bacteria might be contributing to the incidence of autism. The new research suggests that babies may be passed on a poor mix of gut bacteria if their mothers are stressed. But the antibiotics also destroy friendly bacteria at the same time. So once you are off a series of antibiotics, the gut flora is wiped out and you may be susceptible to picking up another infection since the good bacteria are gone and can't fight against the new pathogens, bad bacteria and yeast that may find their way back into the digestive tract.
Another study on mice, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, suggested that pregnant women may transmit the effects of stress to their foetus by way of bacterial changes in the birth canal.Pregnant mice subjected to stress had remarkably different bacteria in their birth canals than unstressed mothers. Claire was initially sceptical about probiotics, but decided to try them out of desperation when all else had failed. A few days after birth, their pups were found to have the same bacterial patterns as their stressed mothers. This intestinal balance helps your digestive system to work smoothly and helps your immune system fight off the growth of harmful bacteria. He is calmer and 'certainly has seemed a lot more settled at school', says Claire, who is also mother to Alice-Sara, ten, and Harley, four. Taking probiotics can replace beneficial bacteria lost by antibiotic use, poor dietary habits, or other health conditions.*Lindberg Probiotic 500 Million  2 strains of beneficial bacteria  Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium are two of the primary probiotic strains in the body. In the stressed mothers' babies, 20 genes were affected by the reduction in the 'good' bacteria, Lactobacillus.These included genes related to the production of new brain cells and the growth of connections in the brain, according to the research, revealed at the Society for Neuroscience conference in California.
They help restore the body's "friendly" bacteria to support immune health and intestinal function.* A unique capsule matrix protects the probiotics from stomach acid. One theory is that the bacteria may interact via the vagus nerve, which runs from the stomach to the brain, and communicates feelings such as hunger and fullness.

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