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I have been taking probiotics for several years now and I must tell you that I am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life.
I have recently had the pleasure of collaborating with an amazing company that makes a probiotic that I feel 100% confident in sharing with you. In May 2013, Lucas Siegel and Matthew Piskorz founded their AlternaScript, a healthcare company determined to unleash ideas and products that make the world a better place.
We live in a time where there is a prescription or medication for every problem you may have and it seems like doctors aren’t really wanting to get to the bottom of the real issue. I would now like to introduce you to NuCulture, a probiotic that is going to change your life. Another great fact about NuCulture is that it contains a prebiotic that, unlike other prebiotics which take days to take effect, will become effective within hours of consumption, works in both your small and large intes-tines, doesn’t cause gas, and only requires small doses. AlternaScript offers NuCulture as a monthly subscription that can be completely personalized with a completely free 14­day trial of 7 capsules, including free shipping.
As you take your antibiotic, it works to remove the bad bacteria that have been attacking your system. Probiotics are the kind of bacteria that help us process the foods we eat and fight the other types of bacteria that can make us sick. The critters in our gut are so important that most people benefit from adding probiotics to their diets. So many factors are linked to the health of our stomachs, which makes taking probiotics an encouraging solution. A healthy body is all about balance, and that includes the balance of good bacteria to bad bacteria in our gut. Not only that, the friendly bacteria in our intestines can help us break down food and absorb certain nutrients such as B and K vitamins. When fermentation occurs with certain foods, they become more digestible, have more minerals, and release more protein.
For example, soybeans have a lot of protein, but they also have estrogen-mimicking molecules and other things that are less than great for us.
In addition to making sure to eat fermented foods that are known to be healthy, adding a probiotic supplement to your health routine is one of the best ways keep your colon well-regulated. So to sum this all up, probiotics are helpful bacteria which keep your gut in line and help your immune system and if they sound like something you want to incorporate into your life (and really, why wouldn’t you?), read on! There are two ways to get the probiotics you need: either taking them as a supplement or receiving them through foods which are probiotic. If the idea of taking a supplement doesn’t work for you, we have good news: many delicious foods- which you might already be eating!- are naturally probiotic! Try adding miso to a homemade salad dressing and tossing it with shredded cabbage, carrots, scallions, and peanuts for a delicious Asian salad.
There are so many easy ways to give your body a probiotic boost and the benefits of these beneficial bacteria are just too good to pass up. I can literally count on one hand the amount of times I have been sick in the last five years. I have heard their story on conference call and have been given in depth details about their products.

AlternaScript had one simple, yet uncommon purpose- to scientifically design products that actually work and are accessible to everyone. AlternaScript makes premium, scientifically-designed, solutions that are answers for healthy people looking to enhance their lives and optimize their productivity without taking potentially dangerous products intended to treat conditions they do not have. Fully dedicated to bringing you honest and informative content and sharing my expertise on parenting, travel, recipes and living a healthy and active vegan lifestyle! Sometimes all the best DIY remedies and store-bought medicine just can’t beat the bug you have.
However, unfortunately, antibiotics don’t make the distinction between “good’ and “bad” bacteria, ultimately wiping it out collectively. Yogurt is a good source, but is it the best way to get our intake of system-boosting bacteria?
If you experience a lot of stomach pain, nausea, or constipation regularly, chances are that you don’t have enough good bacteria in your system.
Antibiotics in particular can wipe out the bacterial organisms in our bodies, good and bad. Certain bacteria feed off of animal based protein and create a lot of toxic byproducts in the process. Probiotics replace the harmful bacteria and this then affects our immune system, digestion, metabolism and body composition. This is because fermentation helps the good bacteria live and gets rid of indigestible lectins in the food, helping our bodies absorb the good stuff.
Tempeh and miso soup are made of fermented soybeans and contains a higher protein content than soybeans alone. They’ve been receiving A LOT of attention over the past decade and it looks like they’ll be sticking around, but what exactly are they and how do they work?  And let’s just cut to the chase: are they something you should be including in your diet? Probiotics support our bodies in two ways: they aid in digesting food effectively and efficiently and they help healthy immune responses.
Probiotics in supplement form are available as either capsules or liquids and they are simply a strong, healthy dose of the beneficial microorganisms.  Many people choose to consume probiotics as a supplement because it’s fantastically easy: with just a couple seconds set aside in your daily routine to take a capsule or swig an ounce of liquid, you’re providing your body with a powerful dose (we’re talking billions of bacteria)! Looking for an extraordinary way to enjoy kimchi?  Check out this recipe for kimchi pancakes.  If you like Reuben sandwiches, ask for extra sauerkraut to up the probiotic content! Along with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, probiotics has defiantly been the key to my health streak. I have visited their social media pages and read their many comments from customers that have nothing but praise for their products. If Lucas and Matthew could do this, then they could change people’s lives- and could change the world. Finding an honest company with affordable products can be rare, but I am excited to share with you one that I know you are going to love! There is a void in the healthcare industry between single-ingredient supplement products that do not work, and on the other side, people being over-prescribed medications for conditions that they don’t actually have.
Combining clinically studied probiotic strains with a powerful prebiotic strain makes NuCulture the probiotic of the future.
I spend my days in sunny Georgia, juggling my blog and three very active and amazing kids.What Are You Looking For?

In the event that you need to take an antibiotic, be sure not to overlook another crucial component of the recovery process: Probiotics. By nature, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that confer a positive health benefit on their host. Fermented foods include raw or unpasteurized yogurt, fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, and fermented drinks like kombucha.
Fermentation provides friendly bacteria with a place to grow and produce their byproducts like alcohol, lactic acid, and acetic acid.
Fermentation partially breaks down these foods before they enter our bodies, giving us more nutrients and getting rid of unwanted chemicals and acids that occur naturally in the food. Probiotics not only support your immune system, but they also assist in protecting you from harmful, bad bacteria. This company is legit my friends and they are truly committed to providing you with the best product out there, without cutting corners and going the extra mile for their customers. Healthy populations are being given drugs meant to treat diseases, instead of health products for healthy people. It is encapsulated in a patented delayed-released system to ensure NuCulture probiotics arrive alive.
In fact, recent research has shed the light on your gut, calling it the “second brain” or the “enteric nervous system.” That’s because it houses over 100 million neurons, which is more neurons than is found in your spinal cord.
When these are eliminated by an antibiotic, the user can experience a host of unpleasant side effects, namely antibiotic-induced diarrhea. Probiotics also help healthy bacteria thrive, reduce bloating, fight food cravings and it greatly supports your digestion. Imagine your body is a garden and the good bacteria that colonize in your gut are the blooming flowers. The newly released formula has a cutting edge probiotic as part of the formula and comes in tasty orange or berry flavors.
Your first step towards your journey to better health is finding a quality probiotic and I must warn you, there are many on the market that are far from that. These flowers have been overrun with weeds (the bad bacteria) and NuCulture’s prebiotic pulls out the weeds so there is room for the probiotics to plant seeds for happy, healthy flowers to blossom in your newly rejuvenated garden.
In fact, one out of every three people taking an antibiotic suffers from it.   Since probiotics are also believed to help support strong immune and digestive health, it is especially important to replenish otherwise depleted probiotics. You need to do your research and make sure you are receiving a quality product that is actually going to be effective. So they only question that remains is… why haven’t you started taking NuCulture yet?

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