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Some prescription acne medications contain higher doses of benzoyl peroxide, mixed with a mild antibiotic. Patients using accutane must be monitored closely for depression or other negative mental health side effects.
If the human eye was as powerful as the Hubble Space Telescope's camera, you could read a newspaper a mile away.
Acne is an inflammatory skin ailment that is marked by pimples appearing on almost any part of the body, but most commonly on the face.
While there is no permanent cure for this condition, it can be treated and even prevented quite successfully. Always cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser that is non-drying and non-aggravating, also called non-comedogenic.
Prescription acne medication comes in many different forms, from higher dosages of benzoyl peroxide mixed with a mild antibiotic, to powerful antibiotics, oral contraceptives, accutane, acid treatments, and even stronger medications that often take off several layers of skin.
As a result, it is now widely accepted that honey and cinnamon have both antibiotic and antibacterial properties. A combination of honey and cinnamon is also known to help strengthen white blood cells which, in turn, are better able to fight bacterial and viral infections.
The typical method of using honey and cinnamon as an antibiotic is by drinking it in warm water. Honey and cinnamon are also used in the paste form to treat external infections, such as toothache, acne, eczema, insect bites, and ringworm infections.
Cinnamon, on the other hand, comes in two types, the Ceylon Cinnamon commonly referred to as the ‘real’ cinnamon and the Cassia cinnamon.
Last, but by no means least, is that honey – whether in the natural raw form or the diluted or processed form – should not be given to infants. Crystal All Natural Raw Honey is made by third generation beekeepers with over fifty years of experience and knowledge.
I still have some dryness around my mouth where I occasionally break out, but my skin is 99% better than what it was before I started using this trio of products. If you are currently, or have ever suffered from acne, you know how it can start to run your life. Combined with the tropical pinapple yogurt, I was once again transported to paradise in my mind!
Ugh bad bad horrible acne throughout my younger teen years (I’m 19 now, still struggling with it some) I went through every kind of face wash, cream, etc. Hey IGE, great post on skin care, i use Dermalogica and swear by, its mighty pricey but worth the tag for sure! I have always had the occasional breakout and still do, being 29 I keep hoping it will get better.
This coconut oil is probably the best product I’ve ever used in my life (this is all products, not just skin products). I started using a face wash a few weeks ago that I LOVE but I might have to try some of these. Also, we can buy them in bulk at BJs wholesale club – so they aren’t that expensive!
It was all over my back, so I didn't wear a tank top or go swimming for about a year at one point, because I was so embarrassed about it! I tried a bunch of different scrubs and things from the drug store, and nothing really worked.
I'm female, and I've never had acne, but if I did I would probably try birth control pills first. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt made offerings of honey and used it for healing wounds – and embalming the dead.

That is not surprising considering that most modern prescription antibiotics are derived from plants and herbs.
For instance, laboratory tests have shown that honey and cinnamon stop the growth of foodborne microorganisms such E.
Antibiotics are medicines that stop the growth or kill a wide spectrum of microorganisms that cause illness, while anti-bacterial medicines are medicines inhibit or destroy bacteria – itself a type of microorganism but with distinctive and often resilient disease causing potency. To begin with, it is best to use raw, natural honey, as distinctive from diluted or processed honey – because natural honey has a higher concentration of nectar extracts in their natural state. The problem is that the Cassia variety has a natural toxin that necessitates extra care in use.  For details, see our blog Not Just Any Honey and Cinnamon Help in Weight Loss.
First, of course, is that it is advisable to use the correct honey and cinnamon – that is, natural raw honey and Ceylon cinnamon. If you have never taken either before, it is a good idea to first take a small sip or spread just a bit of the paste on the skin and wait for at least ten minutes before proceeding with the remedy.
Babies will love the taste but it can give them botulism, a paralytic disorder that can be disastrous.
Rarely did I have a blemish, and there was never much thought put into my skin care routine. All the products I’d been using before had benzoyl peroxide in them, which I figured out was way too harsh for my face. I finally went to a dermotologist who started me on antibiotics and perscription acne cream. I’ve always heard what you eat does not affect your skin but I think what you drink does.
I finally found happiness (I thought) with Oil of Olay daily cleanser, but eventually that made my skin red and blotchy, so I switched to the Loreal 360 clean that comes with the mini scrubber – LOVE it. My doc recently recommended Cetaphil lotion but I couldn’t find the one you use at Wal-Mart (live in a small town and that’s all we have)!
What this means is that the coconut oil is converted to energy faster versus being stored as fat, like all other saturated fats. Cetaphil was one of the first things I tried in my teen years and it didn’t work for me. I’ve tried everything, including Accutane, which worked for a short period of time (max. It's great that you guys found out what the problem was though, so your fiancee didn't have to use prescription drugs.
Honey and cinnamon cures are also famous for their skin treatment ability as explained in our blog, Honey and Cinnamon Skin Treatment Wonder.
Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have also long used honey, preferably in combination with cinnamon, as a treatment for various ailments, including colds and flu. Cinnamon is, of course, an extract from the inner bark of a tree found mostly in Sri Lanka and the wider Far East.
As a rule, therefore, it is best to use the Ceylon cinnamon variety in any medicinal concoction or paste. The natural toxin in the Cassia cinnamon has, for instance, an anticoagulant property that can be dangerous to people taking blood thinners. The rule of thumb, if you must give your baby honey, is to use only honey that has been cooked, such as that contained in cereals.
She took one good look at my skin and said the statement that completely changed the way I had been going about clearing up my acne.

All this time I’d been trying to get rid of the oil and breakouts by drying my skin out with harsh chemicals and products, but little did I know that it was making everything worse, and making me break out even more. Salicylic acid is much more gentle, isn’t as drying, and works much better than benzoyl peroxide. But you know what, cetaphil was my facewash all through high school, college and into adult life! I’ve tried all sorts of skincare lines from $ – $$$$ and funnily, the thing that works the best is Neutrogena! I still use it after removing my make up with coconut oil and then I moisturize with coconut oil. I try and avoid moisturizer to “dry it out” but then my skin is itchy and worse!
The combination has also been shown to be an effective antiseptic in hospitals and doctors’ offices, a significant fact because that is where to find bacteria and other microorganisms that are resistant to common antibiotics. The darker the honey, the more natural and raw it is and therefore the more effective it is as a medicinal remedy. Proactiv, Proactiv for sensitive skin, antibiotics, this face wash, that face wash, trip after trip to the dermatologist. So it worked wonders on my super sensitive skin THEN, but you know how sometimes you need to switch it up after so many years? I’ve since switched to the Pill (amazing results!) and gentle face wash with a light moisturizer.
Better than Chanel, etc… You just have to play around until you find the products that are right for you.
I might have to try the Cetaphil you have, because I’ve heard good things but never tried it yet. I just use a q-tip to put a little dab on the offending blemish, and it usually goes away within a few days. I started using Cetaphil when I was a sophomore, nine years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Since then my face has cleared up and don’t have a problem any more (maybe it was age). I did try an antibiotic that my friend used and I’d say my face is clear 98% of the time. Meanwhile, my other friend's acne cleared up, but the antibiotics bothered her stomach so much she stopped taking them. Drinking a lot of water helps & my make up application skills are pretty phenom so I deal, haha.
I really like your idea of using a heavier moisturizer before bed, because I always end up using too much during the day and that does lead to shine. However, if you can conduct the treatment properly then you can easily step out of the condition fast and successfully.

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