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What used to be a run of the mill task is now an operation, where you best be prepared, armed with knowledge and research if you are to choose well and leave without falling into the deception of good marketing, trendy diet products or old-fashioned cravings.
Each aisle is lined with misleading labels and competing brands, one product often contradicting the message of the next. Well-known advice includes shopping the perimeter, reading the label and only buying organic.
Sugar also hides on labels under unassuming titles like fruit concentrate or misleading names that appear healthy like raw sugar.
Reading a label is helpful, but getting duped is still possible even when you have the best intentions.
Organic potato chips are still potato chips, organic lollipops (yes, these exist) are still lollipops. Check out the clean fifteen and dirty dozen from The Environmental Working Group to help make wise, economical choices for your family. These grocery store rules are great guidelines to have in your toolbox but this one nugget of grocery store wisdom trumps them all. The definition of real food is food that comes from the earth, from nature and is not processed packaged or refined. Food manufacturing and nutritional science are constantly changing and keeping up with the newest health trends can be nothing short of exhausting. Feel free to share your grocery store challenges and any advice on how you seek out the healthiest options. If you want to step up your beauty game and stay beautiful while smelling divine, check out our list of best summer perfumes you must try!
There are things that can make you feel hot and sensual, and who doesna€™t want to feel like a sex goddess?
When youa€™re flirting with the line between casual and appropriate, shorts sometimes throw a wrench in the plans. If you had the idea to try out pole dancing or simply wanted to try something new and really cool, get inspired with our exclusive interview with the best pole dance bloggers. LIVE Soda, from right here in Austin, is one of my favorite kombucha brands because it reminds me of all the soda fountain drinks I crave – flavors include Root Beer, Cola, Ginger, Orange, Limon and even one called “Doctor” that will remind you of Dr. Eat Better by Not Skipping Breakfast: I’ve stood on a soap box about this a million times, so it’s embarrassing to admit that I skip breakfast on occasion! Be Healthy by Mixing It Up: Aside from the soda, the foods on my plate are pretty darn fit and fresh.
This awesome, Idaho-based company makes dozens of different fresh dressings, dips, cheeses, ciders and freeze-dried herbs that you can find in the produce department.
What ends up in our cart eventually defines the level of health or illness we encounter in the weeks, months and years to come. Although very helpful, these nuggets of wisdom have exceptions and loopholes that deserve some attention.

Ita€™s where we find most produce, but wea€™ll also find ice cream here next to the probiotic yogurt, hot dogs next to the grass-fed beef and processed fruit juice next to the oranges.
Scanning a label should be an automatic instinct when purchasing anything in a box, bag, bottle or can. Worse still, some ingredients, depending on the amount used, might not legally have to be mentioned on food labels at all!
However, unhealthy foods are gaining a health supportive boost when the word a€?organica€™ is slapped on the label. Keep in mind that sticking to a€?organica€™ as your golden rule might still leave you with unhealthy foods at the checkout line. Behind plant-based, paleo and raw food movements youa€™ll find a common undercurrent and that is that they all focus on minimally processedA real foods.
Keep the above tips in mind, and know that you are armed and ready to march through the battleground that is the grocery store aisle. A lot of people seem to think it’s better to go big or go home, but a large chest can result in some fairly large problems.
This ultimate guide is here to show you how to make this dream a reality and to teach you how to get glowing skin! Check out these 7 reasons to go vegan and why switching your diet could be your best decision ever! By body fat ratio is low, my VO2 max is high, and my doctor usually has to retake my pulse because he can’t believe my heart is still beating. I’ve been trying to break this bad habit by switching to healthier beverage options – more water, green tea, kombucha and such. Pepper.  It’s pretty much sold all over the place here in Austin, but check out the store locator to find LIVE Soda in your area. Eating a morning meal that includes adequate protein has been proven to reduce unhealthful snacking later in the day.
Love Grown Foods makes all their products without the use of genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.  This kid-friendly cereal looks like your typical Cheerios, l, but instead it’s made with a bean blend than includes navy beans, garbanzo beans and lentils to provide 4 – 6 grams of protein per serving.
However, I tend to rely on some staples over and OVER again – like eating a spring mix salad with the same dressing and toppings EVERY night for a week. These products are made fresh and need to be kept cold (except for the herbs) – no MSG, preservatives or unhealthy fats like the nasty shelf-stable stuff. Although reading the label will help you to decipher if the product in question has unhealthy ingredients, ita€™s frequently difficult to decipher what constitutes unhealthy ingredients. Organic produce is worth striving fora€”especially when it comes to specific fruits and veggies. Ita€™s not enough to reconsider a food because of whata€™s written on the label; reconsider it if it has a label! Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumesa€”these are the foods that promote health, happiness, and longevity.

Ita€™s worth noting that the health results experienced on each of these diets are often attributed to their differences, when in actual fact it might just be their similarities that deserve the credit. Things like Dijon mustard, tamari and apple cider vinegar are going to be premade for your purchase.
Imagine a flowchart where a€?Is this real food?a€? is the first question and all other checks follow. I attribute my body’s efficiencies to eating well, making exercise part of my lifestyle and all-around good genes. Kombucha also makes a healthy and hip alternative drink during the holiday party season – not everyone wants to drink alcohol. But get real people, sometimes there just isn’t time to scramble eggs or even blend up a protein smoothie. Thanks to my relationship as a blogger for Litehouse Foods, I’ve really been learning to “mix it up” for the last few years as I’ve created recipes for the company.  I might still have the same “base” salad, but have learned to rotate through a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins to ensure I’m not missing any important nutrients in my diet. We dona€™t need to take this caveat too literally; real food can come in a box with a label that identifies what the food is.
Creating health supportive, plant based and gluten free cuisine is my calling, my jam, my vegan bread and butter. But, before you start rolling your eyes about, I am NOT without vices or bad habits and, well, most of them are eating related.
If you’ve never heard of Kombucha, it’s a sparkling probiotic tea that has been fermented to create a slightly sweet and sour fizzy tonic. But, Love Grown Foods has the best cereal called Power O’s that makes it easier to eat a quality breakfast in the morning.
If, however, youa€™ve chosen a food that is considered processed, then the other guidelines weigh a lot more. You can find me blogging, sipping a green smoothie and pondering the big questions in life. My three worst nutrition no-nos are drinking diet soda, sometimes skipping or scrimping on breakfast, and a lack of variety in my (albeit mostly healthy) diet. Starting now through the holidays, I’m going to focus on ways to kick these little problem areas in the butt – and, to encourage you to make any healthy changes you might need to, I’m hosting a Eat, Drink & Be Healthy Giveaway! Here are my goals and giveaway items (enter through the rafflecopter app at the end of the post). When you enter the giveaway below, you could win a “Love Drop” of four boxes of Power O’s , one of each flavor – Original, Strawberry, Chocolate and Honey.

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