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Make a small batch of my Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip for an easy go-to afternoon snack, a healthy salad dressing, or the perfect party dip!
The summer is coming to an end and school is starting around the country either has started or will be starting in a few weeks. My son LOVES Greek yogurt and he also likes ranch dressing so the two go hand-in-hand in my book. This weeks lecture was focused on SWOT Analysis (After the rest of the presentations were done). Why not whip up my recipe for Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip for your child’s lunch box this school year?
I always have all the spices and herbs on hand in my cabinet and I almost always have a tub of Greek yogurt in my refrigerator–making this dip a go-to.

For next week I have to do my own SWOT based around my business proposal presentation the week before. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It dawned on me when I was making this for the kids that I had never blogged about this recipe. You can make it on a Sunday and then add it to a mini container each morning, or portion it out on Sunday so it’s an easy grab and go snack for the lunchbox each morning! I like to use whole milk Greek yogurt for this dip since I find that the whole milk Greek yogurt is a lot less tangier than the traditional low or no-fat Greek yogurts. Even my husband who is not a fan of Greek yogurt likes this dip and we even use this as a salad dressing!

I couldn’t find yucca chips so instead we used pita chips, cucumber slices, and carrots to dip in our Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip. If your looking for a healthier alternative and one that has no mayonnaise in it, I invite you to try my recipe for Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip.

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