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Much of the art of making formulas with probiotics is to combine them with other ingredients that don’t kill them. My son asked me to check out the “latest craze” dietary supplement program being promoted by some of his employees at a large resort in San Diego. There are two main problem “kill factors” to watch out for in the ingredients that you combine with probiotics. The water activity scale extends from 0 (bone dry—very good for probiotics) to 1.0 (pure water—very bad for probiotics). At one point, we thought that high antioxidant or high antibacterial properties in herbs and fruits would kill off probiotics.
Bottom Line: If you see several ingredients (and especially if you see lots of ingredients) combined with probiotics, suspect dead probiotics.
If you really want the benefit from probiotics, buy a good one from a company with experience in formulating probiotics. Subscribe to Nutri-NewsOur free, twice weekly email newsletter with health news and advice. October 23, 2015 by info Leave a Comment One common health problem that most of us face over a lifetime is a broken bone.
July 8, 2014 by info Leave a Comment Unless you are blessed with the most remarkable genes and a lifelong supportive healthy environment, you probably can benefit from these 5 natural anti inflammatory supplements with anti inflammatory benefits. May 9, 2014 by info Leave a Comment Inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis have no known cures – but probiotics are fast becoming a natural remedy treatment option with a great deal of promise.
From what we’ve reported above, research shows promising evidence that the introduction of more helpful and friendly bacteria into the body, into the digestive tract, may be a positive approach to treatment for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.
As always consult your doctor before trying any alternative treatments while under their care. Our bodies naturally produce “normal flora” which is good bacteria that protects you from yeast and fungal infections. Supplements help symptoms from irritable bowel syndrome such as abdominal pain and bloating. Of all of the brands available, you will probably find that VSL #3 is the best probiotic for people with chronic inflammation. Helps to balance normal flora to support a healthy immune system while decreasing harmful bacteria.
Customer reported taking product for 2 years and has less bloating and gas; and stays regular. A customer living in a foreign country reports that he takes this product and it helps his stomach out. Customer comments that she had constipation issues for years and has been taking this product for two years now and does not have any more problems with constipation. A customer notices a difference when she doesn’t take it; her abdomen feels better when she takes it.
As mentioned above, you can buy probiotics useful for chronic inflammatory diseases at local health food stores.
So, if a store does not store their probiotic products in a refrigerator case, they may not do much to help reduce inflammation in the body. Finally, you can certainly get some probiotics from yogurt (avoid the sweetened ones that negate the value of the yogurt and the probiotic cultures). January 25, 2014 by info Leave a Comment Many people think that their chronic health problems are fixable with a simple magic bullet. Drink filtered water, eliminate major chemical exposures such as pesticides, toxic cleaners and solvents, and synthetic materials from your home and work environments, use air filters, buy organic cotton clothes and bedding.
While there are many outstanding antioxidants out there these days, vitamin C is a fundamental building block. Many companies offer products of from one to a dozen different herbs that have both antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects on many different tissues of the body. Even mainstream doctors are beginning to recognize the importance of the good bacteria in our guts for maintaining immune and inflammation health. January 11, 2014 by info Leave a Comment Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil are widely considered to be a useful way to help reduce inflammation in the body. They found that the severity of the sepsis and organ failure was signfiicantly less, with lower rates of death in comparison with standard care alone. Still, if you were ever to end up in this type of bad medical crisis, making sure that you started off supported over the long term by good anti inflammatory diet and natural supplements like fish oil before a problem like sepsis might ever become an issue for your health. And, if you are diabetic, by all means optimize your nutritional status to reduce your risk of ever having to deal with a sepsis crisis in the hospital.
Another natural remedy strategy in patients with sepsis is homeopathically prepared remedies. Bottom line – take care of yourself with an anti inflammatory preventive approach to health care.
As an anti inflammatory supplement, astaxanthin can change multiple biochemical functions for the better in a whole cascade of pathways involved in causing inflammation.
Of course if you are allergic or intolerant to the source of the astaxanthin (or any other natural anti inflammatory supplement), you will need to find alternatives for regulating your inflammatory response in a healthier direction.
In healthy dogs, one study showed that astaxanthin can improve mitochondrial function (J Anim Sci 2013 91:268-75) in white cells in the blood. In short, astaxanthin is worth a close look as part of your anti inflammatory tool kit for health benefits with lower side effect risks. Filed Under: Anti Inflammatory Supplements Tagged With: anti inflammatory supplements, astaxanthin benefitsFat-Burning Veggies? This complete self care 4-module program with amazing bonuses gives you the full foundation for your anti inflammatory lifestyle -- and all in one convenient place.
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We know by now that gut flora is important for our health but do you know what could be damaging it?
I have previously discussed the importance of keeping your gut flora healthy, and outlined a diet you can implement to restore and maintain your gut health. Today I would like to outline some things that may be negatively affecting your gut flora.
Keeping a healthy diet and trying to maintain your stress levels, and limiting our alcohol consumption, are things we should try to keep in check for all aspects of our health. For a probiotic you want to have a water activity of 0.2 or less in all the ingredients you use.
Water activity measures how much water is “unbound” and moving freely through the ingredient. Some of the higher dosages were sunflower lecithin, green tea leaf powder, acerola fruit extract, and apple fiber. A 2008 study tested a variety of ingredients with varying antioxidant and antibacterial levels:  chlorogenic acid, coffee extract, catechin (found in green tea), quercetin, lingonberry leaves, chokeberry extract, and hawthorn extract to find out if they killed off L. Some of the ingredients with high antioxidant levels stimulated probiotic growth; some of the ingredients with high antioxidant levels killed the probiotics.

Ya never know, so carefully test each ingredient you put in a probiotic supplement before including it in a formula.
Kids fall off things, athletes of all ages break bones, and the elderly, especially those with osteoporosis (with loss of bone density), deal with bone fractures.
Since y0u can monitor the level with simple blood tests, it is worth taking what your individual body might need and re-checking periodically. Be aware that adequate doses of good old vitamin C help you repair collagen, which will help connective tissue recover and do what you need to hold things in place.
You can usually find products to support bone health nutrition in your local health food stores.
How to help bring down tissue swelling and encourage the bone to knit together well (and as fast as possible).
These can offset genetic vulnerabilities and environmental challenges (not just social and psychological, but also physical, chemical, and biological stressors) that can otherwise actualize disease potential into real diseases. Vitamin D3: Most of us do not make enough or eat enough vitamin D in our daily outdoor activities (you need skin exposure without sun blocks) or diet. Probiotics: A growing amount of research tells us that the gut is a major player in immune system health. Fish oils: Omega 3 fatty acids from fatty fish like wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies, and others have powerful anti inflammatory effects. Nutrients are not drugs, and they take time to repair your body rather than just suppressing symptoms the way drugs usually work. There are almost 500 different types residing and working inside of you like a little community. In the age of “superbugs”, our immune systems can’t seem to cope since we have basically sanitized everything. Odd name, but a high potency therapeutic product with a very high number of the beneficial bacteria. For that reason, as soon as you get a bottle of probiotics, you will want to refrigerate them (but NOT freeze them). While people have been eating bacteria in yogurt and cheese and other food for many, many years, the game is changed with you throw in a condition like inflammatory bowel disease. Sometimes medications such as antibiotics, certain diets or environmental issues get rid the good bacteria in your body along with the bad bacteria, making you susceptible to fungal or yeast infections. Ingesting probiotics either through food sources or supplements helps to keep a consistent amount of good bacteria in your body.
It has shown promise in treating people with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases. If you have a special GI problem, you may want to see a functional medicine doctor who is an expert in which probiotics work best for complicated health issues. Some of the brands advertised on TV may not have enough good bacteria in them to make it worth your while.
However, if you already have an inflammatory disease, you probably need a lot more of the good bacteria than you can get from eating yogurt, even daily. While there is no such easy-button way to get to a healthier inflammation response, there are basic steps that you can take if your suffering motivates you enough. Find natural nontoxic alternatives to herbicides for dealing with keeping your yard in good shape.
If your levels of lead, mercury, cadmium or others are too high, find a health care provider who is experienced in helping people detox heavy metals safely with natural approaches. It would be like not bathing for a month and expecting a high quality cologne or perfume to make you smell OK. If you have trouble with diarrhea if you try to take enough to matter, then look for either of two different forms of vitamin C that are easier on your GI tract. You want whole herbs when possible to take advantage of the fact that herbs are different from drugs in many ways. Most of the better products need to be refrigerated to keep the bacteria alive until you take them. Usually we think of omega 3’s (mainly ALA, DHA, EPA) in terms of preventing inflammation-related health problems, joint conditions, depression and bipolar disorder, and more. Even more patients can have some lesser but still serious form of systemic inflammatory response syndrome.
Researchers did a placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial of appropriate homeopathic remedies added to standard care. But, if you get into trouble, you and your family should ask about other natural supplements like omega 3 fatty acids to add to standard care. This is a natural anti inflammatory and antioxidant supplement that comes from seafood such as shrimp, crab, lobster, or salmon. The pathways include COX2, which the more toxic nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs also affect. The good news is that you have many such options, as we discuss here on this website and in our educational materials. As always, it is best to get wild salmon rather than farmed or Atlantic salmon to avoid eating a food that was not itself fed optimally and was exposed to toxic pollutants and additives. Other research shows that it can avoid becoming a pro-oxidant while it works its effects – something that better-known anti oxidants such as vitamin C cannot claim.
Developed by a medical doctor and alternative medicine researcher, this site is your resource for self education and self empowerment in optimizing your health and health care.
It’s important to know what these things are, as some of them are external and can be avoided if you are aware of them. When water comes into contact with probiotics, they start activating and going through their life cycle, and die.
We wanted to combine it with some probiotics that had in vivo evidence of helping weight management. Be aware that many people may also need vitamin K2 to direct the calcium that they take for bone healing into the bones rather than into the arteries of the cardiovascular system. To help with inflammation, consider omega-3 fatty acids, quercetin, and enzymes such as bromelain. There is a research basis for recommending some of these remedies, especially the Symphytum, for bone healing. This just helps replace some of the nutrients lost in the urine from the high blood sugar effects. Low or marginal magnesium is a problem for people prone to muscle cramping and spasms, insomnia, anxiety, and even some heart arrhythmias. Low vitamin D has been linked in population studies to a wide range of health problem risks, from certain cancers to type 1 autoimmune diabetes to high blood pressure to osteoporosis to even autism.
And, when available, get blood or other specialized tests to know if your supplements are doing a good job.
Could they help change the future for those suffering from IBD conditions like ulcerative colitis?
Well, if you read the label, it will tell you that it contains “live cultures.” You might not know what those are but still not be keen on eating anything that might still be alive inside you.
Many make their home in the intestinal tract, fueling absorption of vital nutrients, protecting the integrity of the tract and moving waste along to its excretion point.
When you have a fever brought on by this infection, antibiotics are taken to kill them off.

The friendly bacteria in probiotic formulas may help reduce the incidence of some symptoms like diarrhea. Certain doctors prescribe this (though you can get it over-the-counter) to help their patients with ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel disorders.
The immune system may be compromised or weakened by treatment drugs or the severity of the disease. It is also important to realize that probiotics are living bacteria – they need to be refrigerated to stay helpful for you.
In addition, many people with chronic inflammation also have multiple food intolerances, which will take dairy products like yogurt out of the picture. Let’s look at what causes inflammation and talk about action steps to take care of these issues. If you want relief, you are likely to have to look at not only dusts, molds, pollens, and grasses, but also pollutants in and around your home and workspace. You may want to add in a program of bentonite clay or zeolite in water or cranberry juice to catch the toxins in your gut and carry them out of your system. And you want to replace them with healthier foods that promote a healthier pH in your system that will countact the inflammation-causing effects of the junk foods and pollution that you do encounter. Those include buffered vitamin C (Ester-C is one good brand) and a special form that lets you get in thousands of milligrams per day – Bio Energ C. A key difference is that herbs can gently modulate the function of more than one biochemical function at a time.
There are many different good products on the market for this purpose, but likely you will want to take over 20 billion live good bacteria in a mix per day. Now a study on patients in an intensive care unit who went into a life-threatening acute complication of infection, that is, sepsis, had better outcomes when treated with fish oils (Hall et al JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr 2014). They looks at the extent of organ failure in persons who got standard conventional care versus those who got the same standard care with omega 3 fatty acids added.
You probably need daily supplementation, as poorly controlled diabetes by itself can cause the body to lose zinc, making infections more likely in the first place. Over the long-term, people with sepsis had better survival rates 180 days after treatment began if they had homeopathic remedies added to standard care (Frass et al Homeopathy 94(2):75-80, 2005).
Over time, this remarkable carotenoid substance can even lower CRP (C reactive protein) levels in your system, the marker that doctors use to test for generalized inflammation in your system.
The farmed version of salmon usually has to have carotenoid added for color because of the lack of natural foods and exercise to help the fish develop into a truly healthy specimen. Some people report some additional benefits toward anti aging effects and supporting cardiovascular health. You need proteins to keep muscles strong, but poorer protein status at the time of a fracture can slow down the bone healing process and leave you susceptible to complications. While the research on homeopathic Arnica montana is mixed, some people report significant benefit from the remedy for the soft tissue bruising, swelling, and pain. These conditions include autoimmune disorders like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and Crohns disease, and cancers. If you hate fish or can’t find a tolerable liquid or capsule form of fish oil or are a strict type of vegetarian, then at least use flax oil supplements. It might interest you to also know that the human body is alive with many such small organisms. They all have a job to do and that is to create a delicate balance that keeps the immune system working as it should. Like most of the better products, you will find a mixture of multiple types of bacteria, not just one or two. Adding more bacteria in the form of probiotics at this point might do more harm than good in some people. Probiotics are good microorganisms that you ingest in the form of food or supplements; they are also known as “friendly bacteria”.
Other companies have tested their products and can get them to you by mail or shipping services without chilling them during transit – but then you are strongly advised to get them into your refrigerator once they get to you. And, if you don’t tolerate a lot of medications or the drugs make you feel even worse, your body is telling you to pay attention. It will probably mean a gluten-free, sugar-free existence, but if you check things out, you are likely to discover many good alternatives to these types of foods.
People who want to support their system with vitamin C every day through the challenges of a bout with cancer may need to try the special form. Some are formulated specifically for children, seniors, pets, or people with certain types of GI disorders. Of course if someone had a history of severe allergic reactions to fish, this is not an option. But always do your own due diligence in checking out how it would interact with your own medications, other supplements, and health issues.
Positive studies have emerged from the plastic surgery research literature, but not for every type of surgery. Just assuming that you are taking enough is risky – absorption varies a lot, especially if you have any condition that impairs gut function. Omega 3 intake may help stabilize mood in higher doses for people susceptible to bipolar disorder or certain depressions. Taking too much is also dangerous – so work with a knowledgeable doctor to sort this out for your unique situation. Bacteria naturally live inside the body where they thrive and help with day-to-day functions, especially regulating your immune and inflammatory system.
With an inflammatory bowel disease, damage to the intestines could be the catalyst for the abnormal response that results in the inflammation. Discover how to replace toxic products and medications in your life with over 215 healthier natural alternatives with this living natural plan. One of the best such combination herbal supplements for inflammation is a brand called Zyflamend.
If you have a serious inflammatory condition such as inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease, you may want to look into the medical probiotic supplement called VSL #3. It is something that needs everything Western medicine can bring to bear on the problem to keep the person alive and survive the crisis. And recheck the level after a couple of months if you change your diet, add medications or other supplements. And, to be on the safe side, many manufacturers ship their probiotic products with cool packs to keep the bacteria alive. Odd name, but a solid product with research related to its effects — and it delivers one of the highest amounts of good bacteria found in these types of products. It is important to note, however, that the relative proportion of fatty acids like ALA are higher in flax oil than in fish oil, so it would remain to be seen if this might help in sepsis.
This is a natural supplement by a well-established company that has a commitment to putting out a good product. Another option is also based on a combination of several well-known herbs in a natural anti inflammatory product – it is called Defense Anti-Inflammatory Support Dietary Supplement.

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