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Probiotics are living microorganisms, a type of bacteria that is good for your gastrointestinal system. Probiotics are needed because of chlorinated drinking water and and foods that have been overly processed because you are not receiving the right amount of beneficial bacteria that your gut depends on. The major benefits of a high quality probiotics is an aid in digesting your foods, enhances the B vitamins and improves calcium absorption, helps maintain a healthy amount of intestinal micro-flora, helps support the overall immune function, plus many other benefits.
Probiotics can help your pets immune system, healthy digestion, and help your cat’s overall health. For younger healthy cats probiotics may not be needed since they should have a decent amount of good bacteria already.
It can get overwhelming looking at all the different types and prices of probiotics available. Many veterinarians say probiotic supplements are safe with little or no known side effects and will not cause your cat any harm, since the bacteria is natural and should be already in the body of your cat . Another advantage is if your cat has a digestive ailment such as diarrhea it can help naturally without causing any harm to your cat, since your cat may not have enough good bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria.
If your cat has excessive flatulence (or gas), constipation, diarrhea, sluggishness, skin problems, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), then you may want to consider a probiotic supplement since it can help with these common problems. As your cat ages the balance of good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract can be affected. When trying to keep your cat healthy be sure to keep in mind garlic and onion destroy a cat’s red blood cells, to much calcium and vitamin D can be toxic, and too much vitamin C can lead to overly acidic urine, which can lead to crystal formation and a life threatening blockage.
One thing that I think you should add is that human gut bacteria are different from cat gut bacteria. Probiotics are the new craze in health stores, but is it something your baby needs, and are they safe? For your baby, there are specific baby-friendly infant probiotics available over the counter at most grocery stores and pharmacies. If you breast feed, your child can receive probiotics through breast milk if the mother has a diet rich in them. The use of probiotics in infants has been linked to helping cure children from skin irriations, diarrhea and colic. Probiotics help balance out the immune and digestive system, and they have a great track record of helping those children who suffer from digestive problems. Some believe it has to do with painful digestive problems, as most children tend to start their excessive crying after a bottle. Before starting your child on probiotic supplements, you should consult with your child’s doctor. So remember, probiotics are a bacteria that help your baby fight off disease and remain healthy.
Remember that it is always best to consult with your child’s doctor before starting probiotics. When feline (and human) health is concerned, Probiotics is the name given to a group of supplements containing live bacteria or, in the case of many pet supplements, fermentation products. One reason a cat may need added probiotics is that as he ages, he no longer receives all the benefits of the food he eats. Member, and former team member, LDG, deals with chronic feline health issues on a daily basis: "My cats are mostly older, all feral rescues. If the cat has gas, very smelly poop, constipation, diarrhea, is sluggish or has skin problems, it could be a sign that the bad bacteria outweighs the good.
Easy to use, a healthy benefit, and affordable, probiotics can improve the life of your cat. The forums are the only place where you can get quick answers to your cat-related questions. The number one best way to get probiotics into your child is to give them probiotic-containing foods.
As far as supplements go, it may be difficult for the bacteria in capsules to make it to the small bowel intact. This one is a little more expensive; however, it contains 16 strains versus only 6 in the one above. I personally would choose a powder over a chewable; however, if this is what you want, go for it!
So, in the end, I would recommend the iFlora product, but you may decide on something else because of price and individual tolerance.
Probiotics were first investigated for their ability to help in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems. I know the scientific reviews about vitamin supplements are controvertial I believe it can only help to try to give my body proper nutrion even when there is no time for a good healthy meal. For best results we recommend that adults take one bottle per day for a month and – 1 bottle a day afterwards and for children aged 1-12 1 tablespoon to bottle per day. These live micro organisms can be very beneficial when introduced into the digestive tracts of both humans and dogs.Much like us, dogs can carry bad microbes in their stomachs resulting in poor health with symptoms difficult to accurately diagnose. There are different ways for you to intake the probiotic such as vitamin capsules and your everyday foods like yogurt and sauerkraut. It has also been argued that probiotics help the development of allergies in children, and may also help prevent yeast and urinary tract infections. It can also help reduce allergic reactions, prevents the overgrowth of certain types of fungi, kills off the harmful bacteria, and stimulates the immune system. To help your cat you should definitely invest in the supplements to improve the number of good bacteria.
Some probiotics are better than none but there is a recommended amount your cat should be given.

Giving a human probiotics to a cat will end up with a confused mix of gut bacteria in the cat. We try to provide them with healthy diets and foods that are fortified with vitamins and nutrients.
These are safe and “healthy” bacteria that helps our body’s immune system fight off infection. Typically, these are sold in pouches (dry form) or droppers (liquid form) that are then added to your child’s bottle or food. This saves you time during preparation and also saves you some money, as they are not cheap. Yogurt is perfectly safe for your child after he or she is six months old and as long as the yogurt has been pasteurized.
While probiotics are healthy, we recommend consulting with your child’s doctor if they suffer from skin irritations, diarrhea or colic. Adding probiotics to your colicy child’s diet may help reduce their pain (and give parents a rest). He or she may have a specific brand for you to try or suggest using the probiotics found naturally in foods over using supplements.
They have been known to cure digestive issues in children, such as colic, diarrhea and gas, and has even played a major role in treating eczema and other skin irritations. Not only will they be able to discuss the topic and answer your questions, but they will be able to provide you with information regarding dosage, usage and frequency in order to keep your child safe.
These supplements help keep the digestive tract healthy which in turn, keeps the rest of the body healthy too. Antibiotics can’t tell the difference between the good kind and the bad kind and so will wipe out both.
Our member Carolina used a yeast-based probiotic to treat her cats for a Clostridium infection. Your veterinarian can evaluate other possible causes and help you decide whether Probiotics could be beneficial to your cat.
Supplements are used especially for cats who have shown dietary problems like the inability to absorb all the nutrients in food. Alinovi says for a simpler way to add probiotics, give kitty keiffer or a spoonful of yogurt. Read more about why you should become an active member of the largest online community of cat lovers. I would make the suggestion however, that when first introducing probiotics, to do so in small amounts (part of a capsule) to avoid initial problems with vomiting, diarrhea or gas as the system gets used to the action of the probiotic.
Disclosure: I use affiliate links in this post, and if you click through this site and buy any of these products, I will receive a commission, and you will be supporting this website and all the hard work and research I do.
Can they take an adult probiotic supplement, or do they need one specifically formulated for children? They ask me if there are any powdered supplements they can mix up for their kids or anything chewable. Kefir and Yogurt, for example, according to the National Yogurt Association, contain more than 100 million living bacterial cultures per gram. You can just mix this small amount of powder into your infant or child’s food, and get a decent amount of probiotics, albeit a tenth of the amount they would get from a 4 ounce cup of yogurt.
If your cat eats grass or happens to get stressed it can mess with the gastrointestinal track.
Which is why most pet owners pay a little extra for flea and tick treatments, heart worm medications, and high quality food.
A human diet and nutritional needs are significantly different from a cat’s needs, so the bacterial mix would be significantly different as well, as listed in the article. If you choose the liquid form, the probiotics can be dropped directly into your child’s mouth and does not have to be mixed with anything else.
It is also important to check the label of your baby’s formula (if your formula feed) as some formulas have now been fortified with probiotics.
Colic is a condition in which a child cries for lengthy periods of time without being able to be consoled.
It may sound odd to encourage the growth of bacteria in the digestive system but like with cholesterol, there is a good kind and a bad kind.
She says 85% of all ailments she sees at her clinic can be improved or cured by a change of diet.
His holistic vet put him on probiotics among a number of things (he had chronic diarrhea), so he's been getting probiotics daily since October 2010. Be sure to get the kind that advertises “active cultures.” If your cat is lactose intolerant, a supplement is the way to go. As noted, all my cats were treated with Sacharomyces Boulardii for toxic Clostridium perfringens with great success; they were not only cured, but also we didn't need to use any antibiotics which is always a gamble with Bugsy's IBD. The poor thing could really use the suppliments to boost his immune system after all the meds this last 2 months. Also, for kids that are old enough, I get asked if they can take an adult probiotic supplement without adverse side effects, or if the dose should be lower. If you consider a 4 ounce container, which is over 100 grams, that is 10 billion cultures in a very delicious format.
There is no proof that a kid formulated supplement is any different from an adult formulated supplement, that I can find. This is great for infants who are still drinking formula or breastmilk – yes you can mix it into that! I have not read any evidence that children’s probiotics need to be any different from adult probiotics, and it has fewer strains, which is why I recommend using the adult version for kids, unless your child is having difficulty tolerating supplements.

How To Use Probiotics To Treat Bv dangers taking probiotics Terbinafine hydrochloride 1% Cures jock itch (tinea cruris) Relieves itching burning cracking and scaling which accompany this condition.
However, dogs have experienced improved quality of life from the use of probiotics.If you’re here looking for answers to your dog’s health problems, you may find a solution by learning more about probiotics.Can I Give My Dog Probiotics? Like people a cat’s diet is important which is why they need good bacteria in there gastrointestinal tract. This condition has been studied for years, and most researchers cannot come up with a reason as to why it starts or why it stops. While they are safe, your child’s doctor may not want your child to be given a supplement every day. The intestines make up 65% of the body’s health systems; probiotics keep things in balance by providing beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines. Sharing her experience in our forums, Carolina reported that "after only one dose, the very next morning Bugsy had solid poop, and Mac had cow's pie poop. I give all my cats, my recently adopted dog and myself probiotics daily, and will continue to do so.
In addition to that, most cultured products contain 5 or more strains of bacteria, and kefir usually contains up to 12. You could also mix it into juice (although I do not recommend much juice), mashed sweet potatoes (not too hot, or else you’ll kill those good bugs!), applesauce, or any number of other foods.
If the above product is the cadillac of probiotics, this iFlora product is the Rolls Royce. Just remember that eventually you’ll have to change the battery but they are easy to find too!
There’s no placebo effect possible when giving medicine to dogs which means they’re a perfect candidate for such a relatively safe treatment. The scientific research isn’t conclusive but many people, including dog owners, vouch for probiotics.
They will probably also want to see your child again after probiotics have been started to tract their success. The number of cultures is important because you want to put as many bugs in as possible to give them the best chance at survival. Sugar alcohols have been linked with intestinal symptoms due to … bacterial overgrowth!!!
More than ever, probiotics are looked at as a form of nutrition which can benefit you and your dog.How Probiotics Help DogsThere is no question that a dogs’ digestive tract is constantly in a battle between friendly and harmful bacteria.
This is appropriate for children ages 0-5, although it could be used for adults or seniors, even.
Also, don’t be afraid to stick it in the fridge to keep the cultures as fresh as possible.
This gastrointestinal system is intertwined with the immune system, also critical for dogs. The number of strains is important because there are millions of different types of bacteria and they all have different functions within our gut. Also, this contains milk, so if you are feeding probiotics because your kid can’t have yogurt due to dairy intolerance, avoid this one. Both of these can be strengthened with the proper use of a good probiotic.Your dog is probably not being exposed to much harmful bacteria which is actually causing them to be more susceptible when they do come into contact with these.
An environment with good hygiene actually weakens your dog’s ability to fight harmful bacteria. It’s a generally accepted theory which further advances the use of probiotics for canines.Most kinds of digestive disorders can be improved with the right probiotics. You could also possibly improve your dog’s bad gas and bad breath issues, even stress!Safety of Probiotics for PetsThese types of microorganisms are generally safe for dogs, but there are some things you’ll need to know in order to effectively use them.
Never use human probiotics on your canine especially if you have a small dog.If you see looser stools after use this may be a sign to reduce the amount. In such a case, talking to a veterinarian may be the best course of action.Best Types of K9 ProbioticsScience has identified several kinds of healthy bacteria best fight specific health problems. Sometimes they are combined with other medicines.Besides Dinovite, the most popular type for canine are Enterococcus faecium which occurs naturally in a dogs’ gut.
Other kinds such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus are given to K9s but are less conclusive in their effectiveness. It’s important to note that some types require refrigeration.
If they’re consumed without being refrigerated they could be harmful or ineffectiveThe trend is to provide a mix of the best known bacteria which is marketed to pet owners as a canine health supplement.Conclusion on ProbioticsCertain dogs may need good probiotic plan but sometimes it has to be tailored for them by a vet. More often than ever, probiotics are being prescribed to assist with infection recovery, antibiotic therapy or surgery. There are many great probiotics supplements available specifically for pets.
I am keeping them on a rice and chicken diet and beef vegetable soup and also human yogurt with a human probiotic added in for now. The older one is already doing better.Reply Andrea June, 2015My older dog of 8 years has a licking and scratching problem. A probiotic may help but I wouldn’t expect it to be a cure-all for habitual licking and scratching. Long story short, I read an article that said that some dogs get lose stools from FortiFlora. Can I give him a probiotic for his indigestion?Reply Kit January, 2015When my dogs have this problem, I feed them cooked rice with chicken until their digestive systems settles down.

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