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Probiotics have been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until recently that people have started to become interested in using probiotics in skincare.
This is why probiotics are so important - they bring back the good bacteria and now that we know almost 80% of our immune system is located in our gut, we need to focus on building a healthy gut for a healthy life.So what is a probiotic? People have been eating yogurt, kefir, and other fermented foods for hundreds of years, and many studies have shown health benefits such as improved digestion, reduced inflammation, enhanced immunity, and increased absorption of nutrients (because of improved digestion).
Filed Under: Ask Amelia, Nutrition← Delicious Ways To Eat Leafy GreensIs Organic Food Making You Fat? I personally believe that it’s better to get probiotics from real foods like kefir than from a supplement.
I’m Amelia Winslow, a nutritionist, chef and busy mom who believes healthy eating should be simple and enjoyable, not stressful or overwhelming. With seven to ten billion CFUs of 10 strains of bacteria, plus ProBoost, our exclusive pair of clinically proven probiotics, our Lowfat Kefir balances your bodys ecosystem, supports digestive health and immunity - thats 12 live and active cultures per cup. Lifeway Probiotic Low Fat Raspberry Kefir, 32 Ounce -- 6 per case.Kosher32 Ounce Food items cannot be returned.
The truth, according to the class action lawsuit, it that “Lifeway’s ProBoost products are not clinically proven to be effective for the benefits Lifeway represents in its media and advertising of the ProBoost products. The Kefir ProBoost class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all purchasers of mislabeled ProBoost Products in the United States. I buy a rediculous amount of the stuff (by rediculous, I mean if I continue buying as I have, it will cost me thousands of dollars a year).
In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by millions of toxins and free radicals, which is why it’s so important to load up on antioxidants in fruits and veggies as well as replenish the good bacteria in our gut with probiotic-rich foods like kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi. Believe it or not probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are actually good for your health, especially your digestive system.

I take RAW (Garden of Eden) Womens probiotic with 80 million live cultures (or something like that) in it and Im also thinking about starting to drink one cup of Kefir daily. None of what you read here should replace the advice of your doctor, dietitian or other medical provider. It is seeking restitution and punitive damages for violation of the Magnuson-Moss Act, unjust enrichment, breach of warranty, misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment and fraud. Top Class Actions is a legal news source that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. A decade of chronic illness along, with the trials and tribulations of those ten years, opened my eyes to how important probiotics are for our bodies - and their impact on our skin, as well. Not only does it keep digestive and immune systems intact, it also helps prevent common side effects from taking antibiotics, helps with lactose intolerance and weight loss. Top Class Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the status of any class action settlement claim. Lifeway Kefir is a tart and tangy cultured milk smoothie that is high in protein, calcium and vitamin D. You must contact the settlement administrator or your attorney for any updates regarding your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are expected to be mailed out. I found the advertising claims on the bottle and on the lifeway website, twitter etc to be false and the product has gelatine in it, which should never be in a milk product. The big pharmaceutical companies won’t allow anything out on the market that works unless they get some money in their pockets.
I had no idea that tap water contains chlorine (to kill harmful micro-organisms floating around in our water) along with other chemicals.
The chlorine also kills the good bacteria that are found in our gut, which doesn’t do us any good.

We need a healthy digestive system in our gut to break down food, eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients.
When this doesn’t happen and your gut is full of bad bacteria and yeasts (such as Candida and SIBO), you start to see symptoms in your body such as chronic inflammation, which results in acne, rosacea and eczema along with arthritis, bloating and many other more serious health issues.
The newest trend with probiotics is applying them directly to your skin, not only ingesting them.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “Probiotics applied topically sit on the skin’s surface and prevent the skin cells from seeing the bad bacteria and parasites that can cause this immune system response”.
This is known as “bacterial interference”.What I’ve learned from working with hundreds of Integrative MD’s is that if you drink tap water, have taken antibiotics, have acne, eczema, rosacea or have digestive issues of any kind, that you talk to your doctor about adding in probiotic-rich foods into your lifestyle to remove the toxins that have built up in your system and replenish the good bacteria to help support your immune system. As I mentioned, Lifeway Kefir offers a variety of flavors and products, from ice cream to milks - including a line of products for kids that taste amazing. I recently discovered their beauty kefir recipe for making a probiotic-rich face mask, which I’ve listed below.Remember, beauty starts from the inside out. It’s important to work with your Integrative MD to heal your gut and remove the toxins that cause unwanted symptoms. Then, it’s time to focus on adding in good bacteria from probiotics and probiotic-rich foods, such as kefir is the best way to ensure overall wellness.

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