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Some people get wounds due to accidents while some get it while working with kitchen equipments like knife.
If you have a wound, you should clean it by rubbing it with alcohol, iodine and other medicines. If you have cuts and wounds that bleed, you should apply cayenne pepper powder on the wound. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic which is usually used in the medicine for treating the dental infection, wound infections and other types of infections. Amoxicillin comes in very different varieties such as Amoxicillin suspension and Amoxicillin 500mg usually coming in capsules and tablets shapes. Amoxicillin is widely prescribed because it is easily absorbed by the body than other antibiotics.
Amoxicillin is the type of antibiotic which is fighting with the bacterial infection from the human body, because there are cases in which the white cells are overwhelmed and the only way to eliminate the infection from the body is by administrating Amoxicillin. This type of antibiotic is prescribed for treating the bacterial infection from ears, throat, oral cavity, lungs and some skin infections.
Amoxicillin is also used for prevention of infection after surgery or reduction of risk of duodenal ulcer. Before starting an Amoxicillin treatment, an individual should go for a set of analyses in order to see if his body is accepting the antibiotic in his body. Amoxicillin may be passed to the nursing baby although in small amount through breast milk and may cause diarrhea or allergy to the infant. These are not the complete list of  medicines that may interact with Amoxicillin, it is important to inform your Doctor what other medications you are currently taking to avoid the increased risk of complications.
It is interesting to know that the first antibiotic that was introduced in the field of medicine is penicillin. The first antibiotic that appeared and was used for treating infections was the penicillin. After ingestion, the bacteria invade the mucosa of the small intestine and take up residence in the lymphoid tissue. 1)Week 1: Patients usually present with fever, chills, myalgias, a dull frontal headache, dry cough and diffuse abdominal discomfort.
However, in the majority of patients, typhoid is a mild, non-specific, febrile illness which resolves either without treatment or which can be treated on an out-patient basis. Helicobacter pylori is a special kind of bacteria, which sustains its life in the HCL acid formed by your stomach. Raspberries are highly concentrated with ellagic acid, which is very powerful in disease fighting.
Fresh ginger is an effective medicine for bacterial dysentery, bites from poisonous snakes, etc.
Salt is one of the best fundamental dental cleansing agent which used to replenish the lost mineral content of teeth and help them to regain their whiteness.
Charcoal is one of the best ingredient which helps to replenish the lost mineral content of the teeth to bring them white. If you have wounds and cuts, you should treat it immediately as there can be infection if you delay in treating it. If the cuts and wounds are not treated in proper time, there is formation of painful sores. A wound can cause injury to the deep tissues.
You can grind onion in a blender, add some honey to it and apply it on the sore for maximum one hour.

You can apply clove oil on the wound or you can crush the cloves to make a powder and sprinkle it on the cuts.
Vinegar has antimicrobial properties and does not allow the bacteria in the wound to spread. The Amoxicillin was branded with different names such as Amoxil, Dispermox, Trimox and other names.
Also, Amoxicillin is used for treating the throat infections such as laryngitis and lung infections like pneumonia. Amoxicillin is also used for the treatment of Anthrax infection affecting the skin and will likewise be used for the prevention of Anthrax infection after certain exposure. The most frequent dosage used in the advanced medicine is the Amoxicillin 250mg dosage which is the minimum dosage. For children who have been prescribed suspension or pediatric drops, the medication may be taken directly by mouth or maybe mixed with formula milk or juices to hide the smell of the medicine and to make it more appealing to children. However, Amoxicillin it’s not recommended for those who have suffered of diarrhea after following an antibiotic treatment, those who are suffering from asthma and those with kidney diseases.
However there are instances when allergic reactions could develop especially to patients who are allergic to amoxicillin.
Medicine interactions will increase the risk of side effects that is associated on the use of 2 incompatible medicines. With research and medical evolution ampicillin was introduced as penicillin-related antibiotics. Because of the medical evolution and research, the penicillin evolved to ampicillin and these days the best antibiotic which is used for treating the bacterial infection is the Amoxicillin. After an incubation period of 7-14 days, they are ultimately released into the bloodstream and disseminate widely to such sites as the liver, spleen, bone marrow and gallbladder. The fever is classically “stepwise” – a rising temperature over the course of the day that drops by the following morning.
The relapse is usually milder than the original disease and the organism usually has the same antibiotic susceptibility pattern as the original pathogen. Asymptomatic carriers of typhoid are usually successfully treated with a prolonged course of antibiotics (eg cipro 500 mg PO BID x 2-4 weeks.) At times, the gallbladder (gallstones can harbor salmonella) must be removed. Located in the town of Milot, the 125 bed hospital has provided uninterrupted service for almost 30 years.
If you are suffering from h pylori infection, then you are suggested to have some antibiotic treatment. This bacteria lives in hydrochloric acid and if you dilute your abdomen, it won’t be able to stay alive. You should consume a daily glass of cranberry juice which is very useful in many disorders.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
As lemon contain vitamin c in high quantity which is the source for calcium and make teeth strong.
Charcoal posses powerful crystal based chemical which give instant whitening of teeth and also kills germs present in mouth.
If the skin is punctured due to knife and nail, the wound can cause pain along with bleeding. Close the wound while having bath and doing any activity in which the wound is exposed to water.

Apply honey on gauze, apply it on the wound and wrap a bandage around it. You can change the bandage in every six hours. However, the dosage should be offered by specialists only and as long as an individual is following the doctor’s prescription he or she will solve the medical condition in just a few days. It is worthwhile to inform your Doctor if you are pregnant for purposes of safety and precaution.
The usual side effects that appear from Amoxicillin are: headaches, diarrhea, nausea, light head and vomiting.
Now, with the rise of modern types of antibiotics, Amoxicillin has remained to be widely used to treat anti-bacterial infections. This has been used as a remedy for various types of gastro- intestinal disorders in Greece for very long years. If you are suffering from h pylori infection, and if you consume cranberry juice regularly, within a few months it will kill the bacteria causing h pylori infection.
Take one cup of cold water and mix one table spoon of baking soda in it and have mouth wash thrice a day.
Take few drops of lemon teeth and mix pinch of salt in it and rub it like paste on your teeth it will help to make teeth white and then rinse your mouth with cold water.
Take power of charcoal and mixed it with regular toothpaste and gentle brush twice a day, the result will be fast.
Apart from burns, you can use honey on scrapes as well as lacerations. Honey has antimicrobial properties, which helps in preventing infections in cuts and scrapes. You can also apply honey on other types of wounds. Honey helps in stopping the pain and blood flow. This type of antibiotic should be prescribed by the doctors only and no one should try to take Amoxicillin without visiting a doctor. The Amoxicillin 250mg dosage is usually offered to kids and rarely is prescribed to a kid a treatment with 500mg of Amoxicillin. But some people avoid smiling in public because of their yellow teeth, which are not shining and become reason of embarrassment. It decreases pain by making the nerve endings inactive and dull, and messaging the brain not to give out pain impulses.
These are lymphoid tissue which is found in the distal small bowel (the terminal ileum.) They are responsible for immune surveillance of the intestinal lumen. Yellow teeth can be due to so many reasons like improper dental hygiene, excess use of tea and coffee, tobacco and cigarette. Their inflammation (and resulting bowel narrowing) also explains the phenomenon of constipation in typhoid. Yellow teeth also cause because of some antibiotic reactions or infections, which cause discoloring of teeth. These are crops of flat, salmon colored, blanching spots 2-4 mm in diameter on the chest and abdomen. So to overcome from this problem there are few tips which help you to get the shine and whiteness of your teeth.

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