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I should probably start this review by making it clear that I don't normally blog about children's food supplements or health products for kids - worrying about the food my children eat isn't part of my Mellow Mummy mantra. Having spent almost a fortnight off work looking after Holly (because she couldn't attend nursery due to her symptoms) it felt like fate when I was contacted to review Bio-Kult Infantis.
Given Holly's sensitive tummy, I was happy to try out Bio-Kult Infantis as an addition to Holly's normal food and drink. When I first started using Bio-Kult, I was a bit freaked out, I accidentally got some on the end of my finger and it felt funny - a bit like popping candy!

I'm a first-time mum to preschooler Holly, and independent KS1 schoolgirl Lara and approaching motherhood the mellow way - PMA, positive mental attitude! Extra Strength Probiotic- 30 Billion CFU Biovia 30 includes a complex of synergistic probiotic strains to give you the most comprehensive and potent Probiotic formulas currently available.
I've mixed it with Holly's breakfast cereal and she has never noticed it so I assume that it mixes well! Biovia 30 provides the gut with healthier strains to greatly help multiply the good bacteria and keep carefully the bad germs out.? BE CONFIDENT INSIDE WELLNESS!

Understand that you are taking care of your self and taking action to aid the body to its fullest.
Your family and friends will secretly wonder what you are really doing!? ASSURED RESULTS or receive the full reimbursement on your own entire purchase.

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