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A strain of probiotic bacteria that can fight harmful bacterial infections in poultry has the ability to change its coat, according to new findings from the Institute of Food Research.
The researchers at IFR, which is strategically funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, had previously found that the probiotic Lactobacillus johnsonsii, when given to young chicks, prevents the colonisation of C. The researchers noticed when examining the bacteria that a small number of them appear smooth. By turning off one or more of the coat genes, they could see what effect this had on its ability to stick to gut tissues. Understanding the role of the slime capsule coat will inform the commercial development of this strain as a preventative treatment for C. As there is a growing pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics in farming, new products are needed to maintain animal welfare standards, reduce the huge costs of necrosis in poultry and help keep our food safe.
IFR is one of eight institutes that receive strategic funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.
The institutes deliver innovative, world class bioscience research and training, leading to wealth and job creation, generating high returns for the UK economy. The institutes’ research underpins key sectors of the UK economy such as agriculture, bioenergy, biotechnology, food and drink and pharmaceuticals. IFR’s MissionOur mission is to be an international leader in research that addresses the fundamental relationships between food and health, food and the gut and the sustainability of the food chain in order to further the production of safe, healthy foods.
The IFR is one of eight institutes that receive strategic funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Our premium produce is carefully grown and delivered to the customer, wherever they are in Australia.
With flavour as the number one priority, you can always be confident of a great tasting product when you see the Flavorite brand. As they are picked directly into the tray at the optimum harvest time, Flavorite tomatoes are not subject to harsh handling, so they will maintain their shape, aroma and freshness for longer once at home. We harvest only the best tomato bunches fresh from the vine and place them carefully on clear trays, which are then wrapped to ensure the delicious natural flavour gets locked in, each and every time! The sweet burst of intense flavour as you bite into a cherry tomato is a delightful addition to any meal, taking food from everyday to extraordinary. Cherry tomatoes are an easy way to add extra vitamins and nutrients to your diet if you add them to meals, salads or even if you tuck into them on their own! Grown in a fully controlled and heated glasshouse environment Flavorite’s Cherry Burst tomatoes are only harvested when the fruit has reached full maturity making them sweet, firm and juicy, all year around. The stunning purple-black outer skin you see on our eggplants is a result of being grown in our fully heated greenhouses. Because we pick by directly inserting the eggplant into their cartons, there is minimal handling to ensure the product reaches you in premium condition.

Whether they’re served raw, stir fried, grilled, baked or preserved, our capsicums pack a flavour punch. With grading, packing and dispatch all completed on the same day as picking, there is no question our capsicums arrive fresh and bursting with flavour. August 11, 2014 by sti Leave a Comment When you sweat too much it can make you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and smelly.
Excessive underarm sweating will lead to sweat stains soaking through the shirts you wear, which can make living a social life very challenging. The alkaline in baking soda can help stop excessive underarm sweating by counteracting with the acid your sweat contains and making it evaporate.
Check out this quick video below of how to make homemade baking soda paste,  She is making the paste to treat stings and bites, but obviously you would use the paste to help you sweat less. To make this home remedy more effective make sure your armpits are shaven so the baking soda can coat the sweat glands better. Not only is vinegar great for stopping underarm sweat, but it will also get rid of the odor that this condition is known to cause. It’s best to apply driclor and block your sweat glands when they are not very active, which is during the night while you sleep. Since this deodorant can cost some money it’s best to start off with 1 to 2 applications each day until your excessive sweating stops.
When you armpits sweat excessively another problem that commonly comes along with it is foul body odor.
You can get rid of this bacteria causing the pungent odor by using treatments with high acidic levels.
Vinegar is one of these acidic treatments that can help you fight off the odor associated with excessive underarm sweating.
Another acidic treatment that can neutralize the body odor coming from your armpit area is lemon juice. They identified genes responsible for making a special coat, or slime capsule, which the bacteria surround themselves in.
It also receives funding from government agencies and departments, the EU, charities and industry, from the UK and overseas. Flavorite vine ripened tomatoes are famous for that home grown taste, which is the perfect complement to dishes like a classic salad or a hearty soup. The Flavorite 500g tomato prepack combines this great taste with the convenience and hygiene of a pre-pack. With no bitter seeds and a longer shelf life, our eggplants are the perfect versatile addition to any Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Asian dish.
Because they are allowed to fully ripen on the plant, our red and yellow capsicums have a far superior appearance, quality, taste and shelf life.

Definitely one of the worst areas on your body where you can experience excessive sweating are your underarms.
To use baking soda as treatment you need to combine equal parts of baking soda and water until it creates a paste. Apply this paste to your underarm area and allow it to stay there for a half an hour before removing. If you’re using any kind of prescription antiperspirant you can use baking soda along with it for great results. When you wake up in the morning the vinegar would have been soaked up by your skin already and give you extra protection from excessive sweating.
When you apply driclor on your underarm it will block the sweat glands so that they don’t produce perspiration. The medical name for this problem is Bromhidrosis, and in order to prevent this problem you need to kill the bacteria that develops in the underarm area due to the excessive sweating. When you apply the vinegar it will help dry up the area and also the acidic content in it will eliminate the bacteria.
The citric acid lemon juice contains will help to kill the bacteria that’s causing the odor problems. Now, in research published in the journal PLOS ONE, they have found that the probiotic bacteria have the ability to alter their coat. This protects the bacteria from stomach acids and bile salts, and helps them come together to form biofilms. This competitive exclusion could be one reason why the probiotic strain prevents the growth of other harmful bacteria. Through the technology transfer company Plant Bioscience Ltd, the strain has been patented and is now in large-scale farm trials to assess its efficacy. Because they are grown in heated greenhouses, their shelf life is improved and the deep green skin is consistently developed.
If you use a combination of these treatments listed here you should be able to at least reduce how much you sweat. You can also use this product on your hands and feet if you experience excessive sweating on those areas too. As these bacteria have previously been used in the food chain and are considered safe for human consumption, this probiotic strain could become new way of controlling C. The natural appearance of smooth mutants could be a ploy used by the bacteria to introduce variation into its populations, making them able to take advantage of different environments.

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